How to Forget Something

A bad memory may stem from a traumatic incident or an embarrassing moment, but it can linger for days and even years after the event. Many people wonder if they can do something to erase those bad memories. The truth is that you can take some steps to learn how to forget something painful and replace it with exciting stimuli to live a more satisfying life. Keep reading to learn how get rid of negative memories in a healthy way. 

How to Forget Something You Do Not Want to Remember

While it is never going to be easy to erase an embarrassing or an extremely traumatic memory from your life, you can certainly take steps to limit its impact.

1. Avoid Trigger Objects

Do you find it hard to resist the temptation to think about a traumatic incident when you go to certain places or are around some specific things? Stop being around those things and avoid them if they trigger your bad memory. You have to make some changes to how you live because if you continue with your old pattern, that old memory will continue to haunt you.

2. Switch to Happy Memory

You have to learn how to tell your brain to switch to happy memories instead of dwelling on bad ones. Giving a bad memory enough time to change your mood will only make things worse. Whenever that bad memory crosses your mind, think positively and try to pair that memory with a good one. For example, if your bad memory is about how you failed to deliver a presentation and the whole class laughed, pairing it with the memory of a time when performed very well will help a lot.

3. Being Mindful

It is all about learning how to pay more attention to the present moment. Living in today will help learn how to forget somethingbad from the past. Being mindful will help relieve stress and keep you from worrying about things you just cannot change now. Don't sit idle because this will put your brain on "autopilot" and make you dwell on the past. Be more active and pay attention to small details like smells and sounds to avoid fixating on memories. Moreover, you can also practice meditation which is all about mindfulness. Learn some breathing techniques to relax your nerves and improve your mood.

4. Keep Your Schedule Full

Engage in productive activities and keep your mind stimulated all the time. This will keep you from thinking negatively. Go out with friends or spend time with family. Distracting yourself with a good book will also help. Consider taking up a new physical activity like kickboxing or soccer. Simply taking a walk or doing yoga will relieve stress and help keep your mind free of old memories. Learn to paint, sew or write to spend your free time more productively. Volunteering your time is also a great way of spending your time constructively.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

You have to avoid mind-altering substances such as drugs and alcohol at all cost. These substances increase irritability, depression and anxiety. Some people think using drugs or alcohol is the only way to forget bad memories, but that is not the case. This often leads to addiction and complicates the whole situation. You should also avoid other forms of escapism, such as overeating and gambling.

6. Talk to Someone You Trust

Talking to a friend or family member may help correct the situation. Sometimes, you cannot think straight after a traumatic experience. Someone whom you trust may offer advice on how to forget something terrible and move on. You can even find a support group and learn how others have dealt with a similar situation in their lives. You can even find several support groups online for recent breakups, divorces, chronic illnesses and so on. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your feeling, writing about it in a personal journal may also help.

7. Seek Professional Help

When you cannot seem to find a way to get rid of a negative feeling, you may consider seeking professional help. You can share your innermost thoughts with your therapist who will help identify your triggers and give advice. They will also teach certain techniques to help you learn how to forget something embarrassing or terrible.

What Do Others Say About Letting Go of Bad Memories?

"I believe the best thing is to look for new activities and keep your mind occupied. I tried gardening and it really helped a lot. You can also try playing basketball or consider getting into the role-playing or anything that works for you. Find a group of active friends and be part of their activities. Be more active and exercise regularly to sleep better at night."

"We really don't forget bad memories. All we can do is take the lessons and learn to move on. Writing worked great for me. Also, thinking about things that make you happy will make it easier to go on with your life."

"I would do something different. I would write everything about my bad memories on a paper, read it once and rip the paper. That's it!"

"Memories can trigger different emotions and these emotions create all the problems. I believe the best way to get rid of those terrible memories and emotions is to make use of therapy and meditation."

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