How to Lighten Eyebrows

If you've ever wondered why celebrities’ look differs from "ordinary" mortals, then you'll be keen to learn what they do to achieve that sculpted, pouty, desirable goddess look. Makeup, plastic surgery and professional blowouts are just some of the tricks of their trade - but there's one simple, and very affordable way to transform one's appearance: lightening one's eyebrows! Learning how to lighten eyebrows is important to acquire a stylish look. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

How to Lighten Eyebrows

Like the hair on our heads, eyebrows can greatly change the way we look. People with brown eyes can make their eyes stand out more with light eyebrows. Darkening eyebrows will make one's eye color seem darker. Eyebrows can have a startling influence on a face as a whole and if your face doesn't look like singer Rita Ora's or model Cara Delavigne's, eyebrows that are too dark in color can make your face look harsh and have therefore a rather unflattering effect.

When having your hair professional lightened, be sure to discuss with your colorist.That can be done at the same time as dying our hair. Coloring your hair at home leaves you with a number of options for safe lightening of eyebrows that are naturally dark.

Note: Before beginning with any dyeing process, you'll need to cleanse your brows, then brush them in readiness for the bleach application.

1.        How to Lighten Eyebrows with Makeup Tips

  • Trimming and Shaping Eyebrows

The current light eyebrow trend requires you to keep eyebrow growth to a minimum, but doesn't mean you have to wax it all off or pluck away until there's nothing left. Simply clean-up your eyebrow line as much as possible, until it looks thin and groomed in readiness for the next steps.

  • Coloring Eyebrows with a light Pencil

If you want to lighten your eyebrow color, buy a brow pencil that is a couple of shades lighter than your natural hair color. Dark brown hair is complemented by a warm brown for eyebrow shades. Fill in your eyebrow line with the pencil until you have covered the area completely. To achieve a softer, more natural look, try using a lighter colored eye shadow instead of a brow pencil.

  • Filling in Eyebrows with a Brow Gel

Buy a brow gel of the same shade as the pencil or eye shadow you used to fill in your eyebrows. Use the brow gel like you would use mascara, drawing the brush across from the start of your brows along the arch to the end of your brows. The blending is the most important effect you want to achieve here.

To make it look natural, you could use a clean mascara wand after you have applied the brow gel to brush through your eyebrow hairs before the gel has set and tinted your eyebrows. It works without creating a bleach effect or leaving the characteristic smell. Below is a tutorial:

2.        How to Lighten Eyebrows with Hydrogen Peroxide

You could use standard box bleach to lighten eyebrows, but there is a far safer, cheaper and more convenient method: use regular hydrogen peroxide sold at drugstores for insect bites and cuts!


Hydrogen Peroxide is less irritating to the skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin; retinoid or glycolic acids in box bleach will appear as burns on the skin surrounding your eyebrows. You'll cut out the brass effect! Hydrogen Peroxide works gradually, unlike box bleach, which won't allow you to control the color scheme quite as well.

Your eyebrow color will look more natural.

What supplies do you need?

  • Cotton Pads
  • Q-tips
  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, available at pharmacies, grocery stores and drugstores

What to do:

  • Dip the Q-tip into the Hydrogen Peroxide. Drain a little so nothing will drop off into your eye.
  • Gently comb your eyebrows with the Q-tip in their natural direction
  • Leave Hydrogen Peroxide coating on for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on thickness of eyebrow and coloring effect required. Fine and light or sparse eyebrows require only a short period of time. Darker and bushier eyebrows need more time to lighten. For very dark eyebrows a second coating may be required, as the first will dry during the 30-minute interval. Since Hydrogen Peroxide is transparent, you can see your eyebrows' natural color and what it will be when the desired tint has been achieved.
  • As soon as the desired tint is visible, wet a cotton pad in cold water and wipe the remaining Hydrogen Peroxide off your eyebrows.
  • Clear any residue by rinsing eyebrows in cold water.

3.        How to Lighten Eyebrows with Bleach

If you prefer to use the traditional bleach method, this is how it's done:       

  • Buy facial bleach from any beauty supply store. Facial bleach comes as a cream and is normally used to lighten people's upper lip hair.
    Follow the instructions for mixing the cream, but be sure not to get any on your skin. Bleach can be very harsh, so use sparingly or you'll end up with platinum blonde eyebrows.
  • Before applying to your eyebrows, do a patch test, using a tiny bit of the mixed cream along your jaw line. Allow to work for a full minute. You may feel a tingling sensation, but unless you come out in a severe burning reaction, it is safe to leave on. Otherwise, wash off instantly.
  • Follow up with a second patch test by putting a small dab of the cream on an area of hair towards the end of your eyebrows. Be very careful indeed not to get any of the cream into your eyes, or you could end up with permanent damage to your eyesight. Leave the dye to work on your eyebrow hair for one minute. If no adverse reaction such as hair falling out or burning of skin occurs, continue with the following steps.
  • Apply the cream on one eyebrow. Use a timer, as soon as you're done, setting it for one minute. Wipe off the cream mixture completely at the end of that minute.
  • Continue applying and wiping off the cream in one-minute intervals. Make a note how many times you've used the cream so you'll know what to do for eyebrow # 2. Check each time by how much your eyebrow hair has turned lighter in shade.

Notes and Tips:

  • By doing just one eyebrow at a time, you have a chance to compare the desired effect with your natural color - you don't want to lighten eyebrows too strongly or it will look very unnatural.
  • Don't leave bleach on for too long, or you run the risk of ending up with orange, platinum blonde or yellow eyebrows. Remember, most natural blondes have light brown, not blonde eyebrows. You're basically done as soon as your eyebrows turn a pleasant chestnut brown color.
  • Finally, you can repeat the number of bleach applications for the second eyebrow, leaving the bleach on for just one minute at a time.

4.        How to Lighten Eyebrows with Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice on eyebrows is as effective as it is on hair. You may have to apply lemon juice several times, since it is not as intense as the above mentioned methods. Lemon juice works by stripping off the natural melanin pigment in your hair, leaving your eyebrows a shade lighter than before. For a more intense reaction you'd have to leave the lemon juice on your eyebrows and go sunbathing.

Beware redheads and natural blondes: You were blessed with unique brow coloring and really shouldn't mess with what Mother Nature gave you, or you'll end up with ridiculous shades in orange, yellow or platinum blonde that won't suit you or anybody else.

  • If you are blonde with dark brows and want to lift the color a little, beware of going too far: soft taupe or sandy color are fine, as you won't lose contrast with your skin and hair. Anything lighter than that and you end up looking washed-out and colorless.
  • Brown-eyed brunettes can make their eyes pop by lightening their eyebrow color by a couple of shades. It creates the illusion that your eye color is actually deeper than it is, drawing attention to the eyes away from hair and the rest of the face.
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