What Happens When You Smoke Too Much Weed?

If you enjoy taking marijuana, you are likely to wonder "what happens when you smoke too much weed". This question requires a quick answer if you are always high, because the knowledge will help you decide how much cannabis you can take without getting negative effects. On the mode of consumption, you are more likely to overdose with oral ingestion than smoking, because when smoking, you will notice when the psychoactive effects approach an overwhelming level. Everyone has a different tolerance level. For this reason, it helps when you know the signs that you could be taking too much weed.


What Happens When You Smoke Too Much Weed?

1. Blood Sugar Drop

Use of marijuana can lead to a drop in blood sugar level. This is more dramatic for new users who may experience green-out which is characterized by paleness, weakness, sickness and temporary loss of consciousness. When these symptoms occur, give yourself a sugar-rich drink or snack to replenish the body's sugar level. Loss of consciousness normally lasts for a few moments and poses no long-term problem unless there is injury arising from a fall or collision. Assist the victim to sit and continue feeding with the sugar beverage or snack followed by a real meal to guard against further drop in blood sugar.

2. Tremor

Studies show that cannabis benefits patients suffering from medical conditions associated with tremors including Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. However, tremors resulting from marijuana use and lasting a few seconds to thirty minutes have been reported. There are no research findings on the phenomenon, but the likely explanation is the interaction of THC in cannabis with dopaminergic signalling system or its effect on the CNS (central nervous system). Tremors can also be part of withdrawal symptoms in marijuana users who have developed dependence. To reduce the possibility of dependence, take regular breaks from cannabis use.

3. Dry Mouth and Throat

When asked what happens when you smoke too much weed, many marijuana users are likely to talk about a dry mouth and throat. This feeling can arise following the use of even a small quantity. However, heavier consumption will worsen the condition and sometimes make it so uncomfortable that even drinking several glasses of water does not take it away. The condition results from the binding effect of cannabinoid with receptors in some salivary glands, leading to reduced saliva production. If you experience this, keep seeping on water and if symptoms persist, use demulcent from a pharmacy. This coats your mucus membranes and keeps it moist.

4. Paranoia and Anxiety

Intoxication with marijuana can lead to paranoia and anxiety. Severity of these symptoms normally fall as the user's tolerance rises, although the symptoms become chronic for some users. Some studies suggest that paranoia is an escalation of existing depression and low self esteem. One study involving 121 participants established that THC in cannabis leads to a heightened occurrence of paranoia, at 50 percent, compared to 30 percent for the control group. In case you experience paranoia after using cannabis, reduce the regularity and ensure that you are emotionally calm and in a stress-free and comfortable environment when you take it.

5. Increased Heart Rate

Consumption of too much marijuana raises the heart rate. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke. It can also aggravate an existing heart condition, especially in long-term and older users, putting them at a higher risk of cardiovascular problems.

6. Poor Memory

Smoking too much weed will lower your performance in memory-related tasks. It will also lower your interest and motivation in day-to-day activities. And as if that is not enough, excess use of cannabis can aggravate symptoms of schizophrenia.

7. Other Symptoms

If you think you have seen all about "what happens when you smoke too much weed", here’s more: Excessive use of marijuana can be very debilitating. It gives you red eyes and leads to excess phlegm production, leading to persistent coughing and raising your risk of respiratory tract infections. Additionally, your reaction time increases, so does the risk of developing high blood pressure. Other symptoms include hallucination, psychosis, and lowered cognitive ability.

What to Do When You Smoke Too Much Weed

1. Splash Your Face with Cold Water

Splashing your face with cold water is calming to your nerves. It brings you back from your extreme high to the "here and now". A sink without a mirror will serve this purpose better because it has been observed that facing your "high" self in the mirror can give you a strange feeling that works against the calm you are seeking.

2. Take a Walk Outside

Take a whiff of fresh air to clear your head and let the wind blow away the smell of cannabis. A change of scene helps you to connect with the rest of the world. Don't let what happens when you smoke too much weed hold you down. Get out of your house and take a refreshing walk. Walking is mild exercise that will help you to relax and feel more alive. It also helps you to breathe in more fresh air so that your blood carries more oxygen to your brain making you feel more energetic.

3. Take a Shower or Bathe

A shower or warm bath is very refreshing. It will also calm your nerves and help you slide back to reality. To get more a more refreshing feel, begin with a warm bath or shower and finish off with cold water.

4. Enjoy a Healthy Meal

A healthy meal can help you get down from your high much sooner. Hunger can make you feel irritable and weak. Moreover, the effects of cannabis in lowering blood sugar can lead to lowered energy levels. However, if you don't feel like eating, try some snacks until you are ready for a real meal.

5. Relaxing or Take a Nap

You can get down from your high more easily by taking a nap or relaxing indoors. If you can go to sleep overnight, do so. This will give your body systems enough time to metabolize the marijuana compounds so that you get up fresh, sober and energetic.

6. Keep Hydrated

If you are still experiencing the effects of what happens when you smoke too much weed, keep water or your favorite non-caffeinated, nonalcoholic drink at hand. The fluid will keep you hydrated and reduce the effects of dry mouth. The act of sipping and swallowing will also keep you busy as you work to get back from your extreme high.

7. Distract Yourself

You can also work on getting down from your high by indulging in activities that already seem funny in your current state. These may include the following:

  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Watching cartoons
  • Playing video games
  • Lying down with your significant other
  • Talking to friends
  • Painting or coloring
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