Why Am I Breaking Out?

Dealing with skin care issues is something that you might expect when you are a teenager, but once you're an adult, it becomes a serious annoyance. Even if you always wear sunscreen, avoid smoking, and do everything you can to take care of your skin, you might still wonder, why am I breaking out do much? Here are some hidden reasons why you might be dealing with skin problems at an older age.

Why Am I Breaking Out on My Face?

1. It's Genetic

If your parents broke out a lot, your skin is likely to break out a lot, too. There isn't much you can do about genetics other than embrace it and determine that you will be kind to your skin from here on out.

2. Workouts Make You Sweat

Sometimes sweat is good for you, but sometimes it clogs your pores, leading to – you guessed it – breakouts. Use a clean towel every time you work out and clean your face often!

3. It's Period Time!

For females, if you wonder 'why am I breaking out,' look no further than the calendar. Hormone shifts before and during your period can make your body do all sorts of awful things, such as bloating from water retention, ridiculous headaches, and yes – breaking out.

4. You're Tired

When you don't get enough sleep, you are bombarded with stress. That raises the levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. What is the result? As your guess, all those hormones lead to breaking out.

5. You're On the Go

The air in a plane is not constantly circulated, so it's quite dirty and dry, which does havoc on your skin. Combat this with a good moisturizer applied before you fly, providing a shield against all that nasty air.

6. You're Drinking Too Much

Besides giving you massive hangovers and causing other problems with your body, the more bottles you go through, the more breakouts you will have. Sometimes the answer to 'why am I breaking out' is just booze.

7. Your Diet Sucks

Depending upon what you are eating and drinking, you might be destroying your skin. Look to culprits like caffeine, dairy, peanuts, sugar, soy and seaweed. All of these things can lead to skin eruptions.

8. You Are Seriously Stressed Out

Worried about things? Upset about work? Or get relationship on the rocks? You are likely to have a breakout that makes you even more stressed out. Stress hormones really do wreck havoc on your body.

9. You Go to Bed with Makeup

Do you wear your makeup to bed? That means you didn't wash your face. All that built-up dirt and grime now has the opportunity to weasel its way deeper into your pores, and then turn into serious breakouts.

10. You Changed Skin Products

Sometimes a change of skin care products can lead to breakouts because your skin, well…freaks out. If you notice a bout of acne right after you tried that great new cleanser, then it's not that great, is it?

Why Am I Breaking Out on Other Body Parts?

1. Chest/ Décolleté

Your chest is actually a very delicate area, even though it doesn't seem like it is. It contains less sebaceous glands, which means that icky stuff can build up there, and that leads to pimples. What's worse, those pimples tend to hurt worse, because they are in such a sensitive area. To help avoid this, use the same cleanser on your chest as you do on your face, and use the same type of moisturizer, too.

2. Back

Acne on your back typically comes from the tiny hair follicles there, which can be infected and inflamed. Use a scrub brush on your back to get rid of those tiny blemishes. But if you have deep or large acne, it's time to see a dermatologist. Sometimes what appears to be acne can turn into cysts, and that's not something you want to handle on your own.

3. Bum

Got pimples on your butt? This is often from tight-fitting clothes; so the answer to 'why am I breaking out on my butt' might very well be those sexy leggings. Besides that, the buildup of natural sweat during the day eventually settles back into the pores, and the little hair follicles there get irritated, too. Use a good antibacterial soap every day and yes, exfoliate your rear on a regular basis.

4. Hairline

Your hairline is often covered in hair product, or you are dealing with hair that has captured sweat during a workout. The result is breakouts that run along the line of your hair. To avoid this, wipe down that area throughout the day with a simple product like witch hazel. You should also take care to exfoliate the area on a regular basis to get rid of the nasty buildup and open up the glands a bit.

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