Avocado Seed Benefits and Uses

The very popular Mexican dish guacamole is made with avocado. It is also used in salads and sandwiches and is getting very popular. Most of the times, the pulp is used. However, the avocado seed, or pit, also has many nutrients and it can be used in many ways. You can turn it into a powder in a food processor and use it in smoothies or other recipes.

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Avocado Seed Benefits

1.      Reduce Inflammation and Ease Joint Pain

Many chronic diseases like heart disease, arthritis, stroke and even cancer are caused by excessive inflammation in the body. Antioxidants are very effective in reducing inflammation and avocado seeds contain a lot of them. Two main antioxidants found in avocado seeds are catechins and procyanidins. These substances are very effective in reducing inflammation and can ease the joint stiffness and pain. These also improve circulation and promote heart health.

2.      Optimal for Digestive Health

Avocado seed was used to treat gastric disorders like gastric ulcer and dysentery by ancient South Americans. They believed it played a great role in maintaining digestive health.

For a healthy body it is essential to have a healthy gut. The intestines have a lot of useful bacteria and they play a vital role in fighting with harmful bacteria and viruses and provide the first line of defense against them. One of the most important avocado seed benefits is its ability to contribute to a healthy gut. It is rich in fiber and antioxidants which help the healthy intestinal flora to thrive.

3.      Banish Cravings and Shed Fat

The high fiber content of avocado seeds helps to keep you full for longer and reduces cravings. Avocado seeds also keep the blood glucose levels in check and there are fewer chances of junk food cravings with a steady blood sugar level. When you eat fewer calories your extra fat will start to melt away.

4.      Get Radiant Glowing Skin

If you are looking for a super food for your skin, take avocado seeds. Skin aging occurs due to lack of collagen and damage by free radicals. The potent antioxidants very effectively repair the damage and help to produce more collagen. This improves the texture of the skin and gives it a healthy glow.

5.      Heal Your Heart

Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats, which are the good fats. These, along with the fiber and amino acids, lower the cholesterol level and reduce the formation of plaques. This way they help to prevent cardiovascular disease and decrease the chances of heart attack or a stroke.

6.      Other Benefits

  • Avocado seeds are rich in specific antioxidants which can prevent degenerative diseases and tumor growth.
  • They are very effective to boost immunity and can prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infections by killing these organisms.
  • They have a lot of potassium which is a very important mineral.
  • Avocado seed tea is very effective to control and treat belly ache.
  • It is a good aphrodisiac and can reduce fatigue, tiredness and lethargy.
  •  It is useful in thyroid disorders.
  • There are some claims that it can be helpful for people with epilepsy and asthma.

Ways to Enjoy Avocado Seed Benefits

avocado seed benefits 2The taste of avocado seeds is a bit bitter and some people find it strong. You can have it in many ways.

The best way is to remove the outer skin which is dark brown and then grate it. You can then boil it on low heat and the color will change to a reddish brown.

  • You can make a tea or infusion with it. Boil it in some water and let it rest for five minutes. You can sip it throughout the day.
  • You can use this as a garnish and sprinkle it over salads, add it to pasta/soups, or mix it with stew for added flavor.

Or you can grind the toasted seed in a coffee grinder or a food processor and use the powder. The powder can be used in following ways.

  • Traditional Enchilada Sauce: If you like enchiladas you can make them taste more authentic by adding a teaspoon of this powder in the sauce. It will enhance the flavor and you will get all the avocado seed benefits as a plus.
  • Smoothie: Add it to avocado pulp, apple and cucumber smoothie and have a great green juice. You can also experiment with different combinations. This works great with pineapples, mango and ginger too.
  • Ease Toothache: Apply the powder directly on an aching tooth and do gargles with the infusion. This will decrease the pain and reduce inflammation.

Warning: Do not take it in large amounts as it can cause constipation due to very high tannin content.

Topical Use of Avocado Seeds

avocado seed benefits 3If you do not like the taste of avocado seeds and you want to get some avocado seed benefits you can use it topically.

  • Crush the avocado seeds and then soak them in some alcohol. Let it stay for a week and then use the liquid. Rub it over aching muscles and joints for instant relief. You can massage it on your temples if you have headache or migraine.
  • Mix the powder with some hot water and make a thick paste. You can apply this paste over any spots, boils or blemishes. Leave to dry for five to ten minutes then wash with water. It will make them go away and your skin will look better.
  • For shiny hair make a powder of raw seeds and mix it with some castor oil. Let it stay soaked for a day. Then apply the mixture on your scalp and hair and wrap them in a towel. Leave for an hour and wash it with a mild shampoo. You can get rid of dandruff this way and your hair will look much better and healthy after. This is not suitable for you if you have very oily hair.
  • You can make a scrub with the powder. It is excellent to exfoliate and get rid of dull and dry skin.
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