Top 9 Benefits of Drinking Salt Water

Sole, pronounced "so-lay", is a salt water solution that contributes to the body’s natural regulation and healing processes. The benefits also include improvement of your body’s ability to eliminate waste and toxins and overall digestion. To get maximum benefits, you need to use 100 percent natural sea salt. Dissolve two teaspoons of the salt in one quart warm water. Take the resultant solution first thing in the morning for one week, stop for one week before repeating. It is advisable to talk to your doctor before taking salt water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Salt Water

1. Electrolyte Balance

While you need to take enough water, too much plain water can make the body over-dilute. This can lead to slow metabolism. Furthermore, cellular health, which depends on specific mineral and electrolyte concentration, can be negatively affected by consumption of excess water. Besides, diluted extracellular fluid can lead to release of excess adrenaline. By adding natural sea salt to your drinking water, you help your body to better absorb and use the water.

2. Better Digestion

Digestion starts in the mouth by the action of amylase, an enzyme produced by the salivary glands following stimulation by salt. Once food reaches the stomach, it is broken down further by the action of a protein-digesting enzyme and hydrochloric acid. Salt also helps in the production of other digestive secretions by the liver and within the intestines. Drinking salt water helps to regularize digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

3. Body Detoxification

Sole contains minerals that help you to detox your body system, which is one of the benefits of drinking salt water. In addition, salt water has anti-bacterial ability so that its consumption has double cleansing effects: riding the body of toxins and harmful bacteria.

4. Better Sleep Quality

Stress leads to excess production of adrenaline and cortisol hormones which contribute to poor sleep quality. However, taking sole made with unrefined sea salt provides your body with trace minerals that help calm your nerves so that you can sleep better.

5. Bone Health

It is believed that bone disorders such as osteoporosis occur when the body uses calcium and other minerals to neutralize bloodstream acidity. Salt water can help replenish minerals. Besides, the alkalic effect of sole helps to reduce bloodstream acidity and thereby improve bone health.

6. Healthy Skin

Salt water contains several skin health enhancing minerals: zinc, chromium, sulfur, and Iodine.

  • Zinc helps to hasten healing of wounds and regulate of oil glands.
  • Chromium helps to reduce scalp dryness and other skin infections.
  • Sulfur helps to clean eczema and rashes and soften the skin.
  • Iodine helps in the supply of oxygen and improves the metabolism of skin.

7. Weight Loss

Weight loss is another one of benefits of drinking salt water. When your body has more salt, your appetite is reduced. This can help you lose weight. By taking a glass of salt water regularly, you keep your appetite in check so that you don't crave junk snacks. In this case, your body can absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat. 

8. Healthy Blood Pressure

High blood pressure ailments constitute some of today’s most common health problems. Any time you urinate, you lose salt and fluid. However, in its quest for self-preservation, the body tends to retain excess salt and water which leads to elevated blood pressure. By taking a glass of warm salt water, you can help your body to stabilize blood pressure as well as the rhythm of the heart. Sole can also aid in the prevention of varicose veins.

9. Better Sports Performance

A good number of athletes have low sodium concentration in the blood stream. This is a common occurrence in long distance running and other high intensity sports, and results from excessive sweating. Low sodium in the blood stream can lead to muscular malfunction, mental disorientation and fainting. Therefore, drinking salt water before the extreme physical activity can improve performance.

Notes on Drinking Salt Water

Which Salt Works Best?

Studies carried out on various salts have found that pink Himalayan salt and Celtic sea salt are the best for making sole. Pink Himalayan salt helps to lower blood pressure, correct electrolyte imbalance, flush out toxins and improve hydration. Some cultures have used Celtic sea salt to improve their health for thousands of years. Analysis of this salt has established that it contains all 84 beneficial elements found in sea water. Its regular use helps to hasten healing of wounds, dissolve kidney stones, relieve muscular cramps, protect against fluid retention and over-acidity. Add one of the two salts to your water to enjoy the benefits of drinking salt water. 

Does Drinking Salt Water Have Side Effects?

Consumption of salt water might lead to what is commonly known as colonic diarrhea. This physiological effect is a result of sodium overload within the intestines which triggers the digestive tract to stop absorption of the water. Diarrhea can lead to discomfort, electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. Excess sodium may also result in high blood pressure and an elevated risk of cardiac disease and stroke. It is important to note that your daily sodium intake should not exceed 2300 mg, or one teaspoon (6 grams) of salt.

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