Benefits of Eating Neem Leaves

The neem tree has been an important part of traditional Asian medicine for ages. Practitioners use neem leaves to treat a variety of gastrointestinal problem. These leaves also help prevent infection and serve as insect repellent as well. The benefits of neem leaves come from the compounds they contain, like nimbolide, nimbinen, nimbin, ninbinene, nimandial, and more. These compounds give neem leaves antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of Eating Neem Leaves

Neem leaves offer various health benefits and can actually help you in more ways than you might know. Here are some reasons to start eating neem leaves.

1. Get Rid of Intestinal Worm

If you or your kids are dealing with intestinal worms, a simple remedy will be to eat neem leaves. There are many biochemical substances in these leaves that make them effective against intestinal worm.

Simply boil some neem leaves, strain it, and give that water to your child for relief.

2. Get Toned Skin

To help tone your skin, you can always rely on neem leaves. Boil some water with neem leaves in it and then apply the mixture to your face with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it there overnight and wash your face in the morning. You can also use this remedy to clear scars, acne, blackheads, and pigmentation. Alternatively, you can make a face pack by boiling neem leaves and adding some honey, yogurt, milk, and segments of orange peel in it. Apply this paste to your face and wash it once it becomes dry.

3. Relieve Diarrhea

One of many benefits of eating neem leaves is that it can help relieve diarrhea. A good way to include these leaves in your diet is to add 5 neem leaves to 3 glasses of water and then boil it for a couple of minutes. When cold, add some honey to it and drink for relief.

4. Treat Your Cold

To treat a cold, you need to boil ginger and 7 pieces of neem leaves in 3 glasses of water. Keep boiling until you are left with one glass of water. Now, strain it and drink slowly. Drink it twice a day for relief.

5. Treat Fungal Infections

Neem leaves have strong antifungal properties, so you can always use them to treat fungal infections and diseases. They may also prove beneficial against fungus that causes bronchi or lung infections. You can also use neem leaves against oral thrush and fungus responsible for infecting your skin, hair, and nails. Some studies show that consuming these leaves on a regular basis may also help suppress cancer cells.

6. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Benefits of eating neem leaves also include lowering blood sugar levels. Some studies have found that consuming oil from 14 pieces of extract oil for 14 days can help regulate blood sugar level. That is mainly because the extract has hypoglycemic activity that helps lower blood sugar levels. Boil a few neem leaves with 2 glasses of water. Strain it when you are left with 1 glass and drink it slowly twice a day.

7. Treat Your Joint Pain

If you are suffering from joint pain or arthritis, you may benefit a lot from eating neem leaves. Neem leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it reduces inflammation in the body and eases symptoms of arthritis. They may also help relieve muscle aches and alleviate osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

8. Keep Leukemia in Control

One way to heal leukemia is to consume neem leaves. All you have to do is boil some neem leaves and drink the water thrice a day. Be sure to drink it regularly for at least a month to see some amazing results.

9. Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Neem leaves are good for your heart. They prevent inflammation and are therefore beneficial for your cardiovascular system. Neem leaves also lower your risk of having a stroke by improving the supply of oxygenated blood to your brain. Regular consumption may also lower risk of coronary heart disease, which is quite common in obese patients. Neem leaves improve blood circulation in the body and lower the risk of heart disease.

10. Strengthen Your Immune System

One of many benefits of eating neem leaves is increased immunity. With a stronger immune system, you are less likely to worry about common infections. Neem leaves help improve blood circulation, and an easier availability of oxygenated blood will also help improve your immune system.

11. Treat Psoriasis

With their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, neem leaves are extremely effective against various skin conditions, including psoriasis. Dealing with psoriasis is never easy because it can be very itchy and leave you with red crusty skin. Neem oil can help relieve pain and inflammation caused by this condition. Regular use of oil will keep your skin moisturized and keep your condition from becoming worse. For faster healing, consider making a mixture of yogurt, milk, rose powder, and neem powder. Apply it to the affected skin and wash after 15 minutes.

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