Can Vegetables Make You Fat?

Many people believe that you can eat as many vegetables as you want because they are healthy and can even help you lose weight. But others think that eating too much of anything can cause weight gain. Can eating vegetables really make you fat? Read on to find out the answer.

Can Vegetables Make You Fat?

Vegetables are unlikely to make you fat. Eating more vegetables does not necessarily mean consuming much more calories, but watch out for starchy vegetables. Stick to the non-starchy veggies, like lettuce, radish, kale, bell peppers, spinach, and asparagus which contain lots of fiber and water and just a few calories per serving. These vegetables are low in energy density and may help you lose weight.

On the other hand, starchy vegetables, such as corn, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are high in calories, and each serving may contain between 90 to 110 calories. So don't eat too many starchy vegetables.

Watch for These Vegetable Products

Can vegetables make you fat? Only if you eat too many of starchy vegetables and the following vegetable products.

  • Vegetable Tempura – This delectable, seemingly healthy dish is actually vegetables coated with flour and fried in oil. One serving of tempura contains 11 g fat and 230 calories.
  • Veggie Chips – Vegetable chips are just as bad as potato chips because they are deep dried in oil and seasoned with tons of salt. The small pieces of vegetable incorporated in all these unhealthy ingredients do not add much to their nutritional value.
  • Vegetable Juice – People have been joining the craze on vegetable juice because they believe that it can help them lose weight. However, most of these products are packed with sugar and flavorings which could be just as wicked as a glazed doughnut.
  • Vegetable Smoothies – Although they may contain lots of fiber, they may also contain as much sugar and calories as a Coke does. Instead of juices and smoothies, you will be better off eating whole vegetables or fruits.
  • Vegetable Dips – Can vegetables make you fat? Yes, if you eat too many vegetable dips. Though they may seem much better than a sour cream dip, you will be consuming at least 110 calories from two tablespoons of Marzetti Dill veggie dip, which are mostly from fat.

More Foods That Will Not Make You Fat

Normally, vegetables will not make you gain weight. Neither do the following foods.

1.   Eggs

These are one of the best sources of protein. That’s why many fitness buffs like athletes and bodybuilders eat them all the time. Aside from being a cheap source of good quality protein, eggs (both yolk and white) contain many other nutrients such as good cholesterol and vitamins B and D.

2.   Quinoa

It contains all the essential amino acids you need to fulfill your dietary requirements, just like those found in lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy. Vegetarians/vegans will need to include this food in their diet to obtain more proteins. But aside from that, quinoa also provides lots of fiber, 12 grams per serving, which can help lower cholesterol levels, promote colon health, and make you feel fuller for longer periods.

3.   Salmon

Doctors often advise their patients to include fatty fish like salmon in their diets, but you might wonder, isn’t salmon rich in fat? Sure, but the type of fat it contains is the healthy type of fat –omega-3 fatty acids. These are beneficial to both your mind and body.

4.   Soy

Can vegetables make you fat? No, neither is soy. Research shows that soy is effective in building muscle as well as burning fat, just like whey protein, a favorite of fitness buffs. It is a plant-based protein that provides all the essential amino acids you need in the diet. Soy products help reduce appetite, increase satiety, maintain weight, and improve mood and mental abilities.

5.   Chicken

This is one of the best protein sources because it is lean, so you won’t be filled with unhealthy fat. It helps boost your metabolism to help you burn more calories. The best way to prepare chicken is to grill or bake them, instead of frying.

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