Healthy Food at McDonald's

It is true that you should be avoiding fast food as much as you can, but some people just cannot resist it due to price or convenience. If you are into fast food, chances are you are also in love with McDonald's and what they offer. While McDonald's is certainly the fast food king, it is quite difficult to find healthy food there, especially when you do not want to spend a lot of money. Thankfully, it is not impossible. Let's find out some of the best options.

Healthy Food at McDonald's

It is true that you will have a hard time finding some healthy food options at McDonald's, but you can still find certain options that may not be that bad. Here is what you can try and still get some nutrition.

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

You have to understand that grilled chicken is always better than fried, and white meat is a better option than red meat. Therefore, a grilled chicken sandwich is a relatively healthier option. It still has 6g of fat and 360 calories, but it provides you with 32g of protein.

2. Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken

It features a chili sauce with grilled chicken, and provides you with 31g of protein. Just keep in mind that you will still be getting 10g of fat and 400 calories. You can always opt for this wrap for your lunchtime meal. To make it even better, you can pair it with a side salad, apple slices, or a Go-Gurt.

3. Double Cheeseburger

Opt for a double cheeseburger if you really cannot resist the temptation of trying a burger. It is a healthier option because it contains protein filled double patties. It has 430 calories with about 21g of fat. To make things even better, try a single cheeseburger, as it provides you with only 11g of fat and 290 calories.

4. Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap

The snack wraps are always better than a Big Mac, but a Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap is even healthier. Interestingly, it is a lot healthier option even when the sauce is included in the mix.

5. Southwest Salad

You can order this salad if you are looking for some healthy food at McDonald's. Not only is it healthy, it is quite delicious too. Interestingly, you will like what you get even without dressing. When you opt for the dressing, you only end up adding 100 additional calories with 6g of extra fat.

6. Filet-O-Fish

It is yet another decent selection at McDonald's, especially compared to many other types of sandwich offerings. You still need to bear in mind that it provides you with 18g of fat and 380 calories. It also contains 640mg of sodium.

More Tips to Eat Healthy at McDonald's

You already have a list with you to enjoy some healthy food at McDonald's, but you can also try some other tips avoid dealing with the negative effects usually associated with fast food. Here are some suggestions:

1. Breakfast

In case you are looking for something healthy for breakfast, you may find it tempting to put your money on the Fruit and Maple Oatmeal. It includes fruits and oats, and both offer some health benefits. However, it is not what it might look like, as it contains 32g of sugar, which is more than a Snicker's bar. The Egg White Delight McMuffin is a better choice, as it only contains 250 calories and 7g of fat, but also provides you with 18g of protein and other nutrients.

2. Pick-Me-Ups

You may be thinking that snack wraps cannot hurt you, as they are quite little. However, you need to be very careful here because the type of snack wrap you select matters a lot. You will get to choose from three different dressings (chipotle BBQ, honey mustard, and ranch), and you can also decide if you want your chicken crispy or grilled. You will be better off going for chipotle BBQ grilled, as they have fewer calories as compared to ranch and crispy chicken.

3. Lunch and Dinner

You may be thinking that salads are always healthy and you can have loads of them for dinner. That is a mistake actually because some of the salads are nothing but leafy, fatty traps, especially when they include creamy dressing, crispy chicken, bacon, and cheese. It is better to do some modification.

You can order the Premium Bacon Ranch Salad, but ask for less bacon and cheese with a low-fat dressing on the side. It is even better to get with grilled chicken only. A Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken is another interesting choice, but be sure to limit the amount of cheese you order. A Premium McWrap Sweet Chili Chicken is a perfect option for anyone not interested in a salad. From McDonald's standard, it is certainly not that bad with only 360 calories and loads of protein.

4. Sides

When searching for some healthy food at McDonald's, you need to be very careful with sides. It is always better to avoid the fries. You will be better off ordering a bag of peeled apple slices instead of the fries because it provides you with loads of vitamin C. You can also order a side salad, but be sure to opt for a low-fat dressing. A Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait is another popular option, but you need to bear in mind that it does not have many calories but it is very high (23g) in sugar.

5. Drinks

After making all the effort, do not spoil it all by ordering an unhealthy drink. Buying one of their massive beverages is never a good idea, and you end up making things worse when you fill your drink with sickly sweet soda. The best option is to ask for a cup of water only – or you can go with a black coffee, if you really need something other than water.