17 Easy Ways to Remove Static

Static electricity can be a real problem at times. When two surfaces susceptible to this issue rub together, the electrons (subatomic particles with negative charge) may transfer between them, causing a charge to be left on one of them, like your clothes. Static may seem relentless and unavoidable, particularly in the winter when the weather is dry, but it is possible to get rid of static.

How to Get Rid of Static

There are dozens of suggestions as to getting rid of static, with some working better than others. Next time you are giving off shocks, try one of these methods.

1. Use a Safety Pin to Prevent Static

A simple way to get rid of any static charge and prevent the dreaded static cling is to put a safety pin along the inner hem of your clothing. Since the safety pin is made from metal, it discharges the static within your clothing and grounds it.

2. Touch Grounded Metal

You don’t need a safety pin for grounded metal. Any other grounded metal, such as a spoon or lamppost can dissipate static electricity in your hair and clothes. This works since metal conducts electricity well and the charge goes to the metal.

3. Get Help from a Damp Towel

As mentioned, the static charge is due to clothes rubbing against each other. To stop this from happening in the dryer, you can put a damp cloth or towel within the dryer and then dry it using the lowest heat setting. This should decrease the risk of static electricity.

4. Hang Your Clothes Dry

Instead of using the dryer where the clothes rub against each other and create static, opt for line drying your clothes. Find a nice location in the sun or with plenty of moving air so they dry quickly.

5. Separate Synthetic Fabrics Before Washing

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are the biggest culprits behind static.So a simple way of how to get rid of static is to wash and dry them separately. In this way, they won’t spread static to anything else.

6. Make Homemade Fabric Softener

Some homemade fabric softeners can do wonders for preventing static on clothes. Vinegar, for example, is great at reducing static and softening fabric. Just add it to the rinse cycle. As soon as the clothes dry, the vinegar will no longer smell strongly. Alternatively, you can spray vinegar on a washcloth and place this in your dryer with regular load. Baking soda is another homemade fabric softener that helps with static.

7. Invest in Soap Nuts

Place soap nut berries inside muslin cloth and put them in your washing machine to take advantage of their saponins, a natural surfactant. They will also absorb the static charge thanks to their anti-static properties.

8. Use an Aluminum Ball

Roll up a piece of aluminum foil and shape it in a ball. Putting this in the dryer with your clothes will let the aluminum absorb the static, leaving your clothes free from it.

9. Use Wool Dryer Balls

How to get rid of static? A similar concept, wool dryer balls will maintain a humid environment by absorbing moisture in the clothes. At the same time, they absorb static electricity.

10. Throw in a Tennis Ball

You can also just add a tennis ball to your laundry. It will also do wonders at absorbing the static charge from your garments.

11. Target Clothes with a Metal Hanger

If there is just a single piece of clothing with static, put it on a metal hanger. You can also rub a metal/wire hanger over whatever you are wearing if it has static.

12. Put on Lotion

To reduce static cling on clothing you put on, apply moisturizing lotion first. By moistening your skin, it stops clothes from sticking.

13. Get a Humidifier

A humidifier is another method of how to get rid of static by increasing the humidity in a room. Since static is a bigger problem in dry atmospheres, this should produce the desired results.

14. Change Shoes

If you currently wear shoes with rubber soles, consider swapping these out for ones with leather instead. Rubber serves to build electrical charges which cause static cling. Leather shoes, on the other hand, will keep you grounded as the material doesn’t build electrical charge as much as rubber.

15. Shake Clothes After Drying

After you take your clothes out of the dryer, rapidly shake it out. For it to work, you need to pull the clothes out right when the cycle stops. Shaking it at this time will stop the static so it doesn’t set in.

16. Use an Anti-Static Chemical on Your Carpets

Lightly spray your carpet using a spray with an anti-static component; then wait until it completely dries. It should dramatically reduce static electricity when walking on your carpet. You can also make a similar spray yourself by combining a capful of your favorite fabric softener in a full spray bottle of water. Mix it well and apply this lightly to your carpet.

17. Don’t Dry as Long

Over-drying clothes is a common cause of static since no moisture remains, making it easy for static to accumulate. Instead of excessive drying, just let clothes dry until they aren’t wet. This will also save you money on your electric bill!

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