10 Effective Ways to Increase Your Concentration on Study or Work

If you find yourself in “scatter-brain” situations more often than you would like, then you are needing to increase concentration. People who have a hard time concentrating, usually have similar characteristics: unfinished projects, incomplete ideas, challenge focusing on one thing for more than a few minutes, and attention that keeps shifting from one thing to another. Such people may have constant regrets because they never get things done on time. Sometimes, they can’t get things done at all. But are there ways to increase your concentration?


How to Increase Concentration

1.       Start with a Plan

Having a plan will keep you disciplined since it provides a clear road map from start to finish. Starting out with a plan also gives you expectations for a finish, and you will work well if you visualize the result and the feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a project.

In the plan, allow yourself a coffee-break of about 10 minutes which you can use to check your emails. You can even set time apart just for browsing and social media, and concentrate on work in the rest time. With enough practice, you will find that it is not too hard.

2.       Sleep Well and Rest When Needed

Getting the required amount of sleep (which is about eight hours) is paramount if you want to learn how to increase concentration. Scientific research shows that concentration is affected most by rest. The more you are well rested, the better your concentration and vice versa.

Keep in mind that resting is not to be confused with being lazy. It means that you should sleep for the recommended amount of time while maintaining a regular schedule of sleeping and waking up. Oversleeping produces a counter-effect.

3.       Practice the Art of Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool to increase concentration. You will need patience and practice, but in the end, it will be worthwhile. Meditating disciplines your mind and thereby helps you to focus. You can start with 15 minutes of meditation every day and work to increase this time as you get better at it.

4.       Allocate a Specific Place Where You Will Practice Concentration

To improve the effectiveness of your effort on how to increase concentration, it is best that you have a particular location so that you are not distracted. Libraries and lounges are pretty quiet, and there are not many distractions. You can also have a special place in your working place or in your house to concentrate. Clear out anything that can distract you such as magazines.

If you are at work and you want to avoid distractions from your colleagues, you can put on a headset or earphones and make them think that you are on the phone.

5.       Set a Time for Your Mind to Wander Off

Interesting? Absolutely! Set a time during the day when you can allow your thoughts to flit away. This way, you get more disciplined and will keep yourself in check in case your mind tries to wander off during unscheduled hours. It will also be something to look forward to when you are working or studying.

6.       Accomplish One Task at a Time

Practice concentration by finishing what you have set out to do. For instance, if you have set out to arrange your desk, ensure that you complete that task before setting out on the next task, maybe answering your mail. Practice this with every task, even those that you consider mundane such as to finish reading one book on your Kindle before jumping to the next one.

7.       Eat Healthy

It is paramount to maintain a healthy balanced diet that will increase the capacity of your brain function. Eating foods that are rich in omega-3 will help boost your brain power and concentration. Also eat green leafy vegetables, blueberries, flax seeds, avocados and nuts which are rich in vitamin E.

You should also drink plenty of water, usually, the recommended eight glasses per day. When your body is well hydrated, your brain will function. Dehydration tampers with your short-term memory and makes it hard to pay attention. It also causes brain fatigue and headaches. 

8.        Maintain a Regular Exercise Regimen

Keeping fit physically is essential to the maintenance of a healthy brain and also boosting brain power. An unhealthy physical life puts a strain on your whole body and concentration is highly affected. You can also practice playing mind training games such as Sudoku in your free time.

9.       Take Breaks

Breaks are necessary in how to increase concentration. Take five-minute breaks before embarking on new tasks. It is unhealthy to focus on one thing for too long without taking a break to rest your brain.

10.       Arrange to Reward Yourself for Completing a Task

This is especially important for those that you have a challenge concentrating on. Keeping a reward for yourself to enjoy after completing the task will motivate you to work towards finishing it. The expectation will help discipline you, and keep your mind focused. A little reward like dark chocolate which is also great for boosting your attention, will go a long way in keeping you in check.

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