Effective Tips to Keep Your Feet from Sweating

Your feet crave for fresh air and sadly most shoe designs don’t offer this kind of luxury. You will always experience sweet and smelly feet while they are constricted all day in your tight shoes. Walking around barefooted is definitely not always an option to keep away from sweat. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat your feet right, with or without shoes, in order to stay away from sweaty soles and get rid of embarrassing foot odor.

How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Shoes

1. Hygiene Habits Changes

  • Wash your feet daily

Wash your feet thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap. It will lessen the bacteria and fungi around your feet and those thriving in your sock’s warm and damp shoe environment.

  • Dry your feet

Be sure that your feet are completely dry before putting on your socks or shoes. This will lessen the potential growth of bacteria in the feet. Use a hairdryer to make sure that your feet are super dry.

  • Keep toenails clean

Always keep your toenails clean and short. Also, remove any hard skin present with the use of a foot file. These hard skins can become soggy especially when damp, which is an ideal area for the growth of bacteria.   

  • Use breathable shoes

Choose the perfect type of shoes in order to minimize the problem of sweating. You should get a pair that allows continuous airflow and should be made from breathable materials such as canvass and leather. Try using sandals, slippers, and open-toed footwear on warmer or summer days. Go barefoot during nighttime when you are just inside home. Daily change of shoes can be done to ensure that every pair is completely dry before using.

  • Wash shoes regularly

How to keep feet from sweating in shoes? Clean your shoes regularly in order to eliminate the bacteria and irritants present in your shoes. Be sure to wash frequently used shoes at least once a week. You can use soap and water and be sure to dry them completely before using them again.

  • Change socks every day

Never use the same socks for more than a day to prevent bacterial growth, causing odor. Be sure to wash your socks regularly and change them at once when they become too damp with the sweat. Always bring with you an extra pair of socks in case the need to change arises.

  • Choose breathable and absorbent socks

Choose the proper types of socks. This should be made of polyester and synthetic materials to allow more air flow, better absorption, and removal of moisture from your feet. Socks made from natural fibers such as bamboo or hemp can also be used to keep feet more comfortable and less sweaty.

2. Home Remedies

  • Apply antiperspirant deodorant

Other than the underarms, deodorants can also be applied in your feet. Try spraying it on your soles before wearing socks to lessen sweating. Before purchasing the product, check the active ingredients used. Aluminum zirconium and aluminum chloride are the best options.

  • Use cornstarch

Cornstarch acts as an antifungal powder that keeps feet dry for a longer period of time if you are wondering how to keep feet from sweating in shoes. You can apply or rub some on the bottom of your feet before putting on your socks. Another option is to sprinkle cornstarch to your shoe for an added absorption.

  • Soak feet in apple cider vinegar solution

Make a mixture of ½ cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 quart of water. Keep your feet soaked for about 15 minutes in order to reduce perspiration.

  • Stuff your shoes with baking soda

Baking soda helps lessen sweating and removes bad odors. Try stuffing your shoes with it when not in use. You can also put it directly on your feet for better protection against bacteria.

  • Use detachable medicated insoles

Try using detachable medicated insoles. Put these in your shoes as this will help lessen sweating and offer a deodorizing effect to your feet and shoes.

3. Medical Help

  • Use antifungal creams, powders, and sprays

Several antifungal products are available in the market. You can use them in order to protect your feet against infection and other ailments. Try using products like clotrimazole (cream), tolnaftate (spray), or miconazole (powder).

  • Seek medical help

Severe cases of sweaty feet need to seek help from the experts. Ask a doctor or a dermatologist about the condition to discuss symptoms and possible treatments. Several tests and checking of medical background may be done to know the underlying cause of the condition. There are medications that need prescriptions, thus medical advice is needed.

  • Use topical drugs

Topical medications can be used, as prescribed by doctors, to prevent too much sweating. A common topical drug is the Drysol, a strength antiperspirant. Be sure to follow the instructions in using this drug to prevent complications.

  • Try undergoing iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a medical procedure that sends small electrical currents in the water before coming in contact with the skin. This is used primarily, as prescribed by doctors, to treat cases of excessive sweating and sports injuries. Based on records, this procedure has around 91% success rate as observed on patients suffering from excessive sweating on hands and feet. Continuous treatment should be done to ensure that the condition will no longer recur.

  • Consider using Botox

How to keep feet from sweating in shoes? There are times that people suffering from excessive sweating are recommended to undergo Botox injections. This procedure has been effective in hindering signals between the sweat glands and the nerves, which often leads to reduced sweating. It is important to seek doctor’s approval before undergoing the procedure. Botox is an expensive option with results lasting only for a few months. 

4. Last resort: Sympathectomy

Sympathectomy is a surgical procedure that regulates the body’s fight or flight through the cutting or clamping of the spine’s nerve chain. This procedure aims to prevent the body from sweating and reacting to different temperatures. Keep in mind that this option is the last resort to prevent excessive sweating. 

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