How to Prevent Chafing While Running

Skin chafing is a common problem for athletes and people who are full-figured. Your clothing or even just your skin rubbing against skin can cause this painful and annoying problem. The groin, underarms, thighs, and nipples have more risks to suffer from chafing than most other parts. If not treated, chafing may become open wounds. Because men and women wear different apparels, so they seem to have different chafing spots. There are also a few spots in common. Luckily, we can learn how to prevent chafing while running by following these tips. 

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How to Prevent Chafing While Running

1. Choose Right Clothes

  • The compression short is a great choice to prevent chafing. You can wear them under your regular shorts, and the seams won’t bug you so much when rubbing against your thighs. A longer pair of shorts may do just fine.
  • Fabric choice is crucial as well. Cotton is a bad idea considering that they stay wet when they get wet. Synthetic fabrics are better choices since they have moisture-stopping components. Lycra and Spandex are good materials to choose from.

2. Apply Lubricants, Gels, and Balms

If you want to know how to prevent chafing while running, petroleum jelly on your thighs can work wonders! It protects your thighs by keeping friction down while running. Chafing can become a thing of the past since there are many other gels and creams in the market that may be a little easier to deal with than Vaseline.

3. Use Powder

Gels and lubricants can be replaced with powders if they’re not for you. Baby powder or Anti-Monkey Butt powders work beautifully. There are many powders that can be great for protecting your body from chafing.

4. Cover with Bandelettes

Soft synthetic microfiber bands that go around your legs are specially designed to prevent chafing. They won’t slide down or cover too much skin. They cover what they need to, and are super comfortable. They’re perfect for warmer weather for being breathable.

5. Keep Dry

It is recommended to keep dry on areas that have previous chafing problems. If you wonder how to prevent chafing while running, this may help you. Talc-free and aluminum powders applied to the worst areas can really help keep them dry, which in turn prevents chafing from happening. Baby powder or Anti-Monkey Butt powders also can work beautifully. Besides, you'd better to change out of your wet clothes immediately after running.

How to Treat Chafing If It Already Happened

1. Clean the Area

  • Remove any dirt or sweat gently from the affected area. Don't scrub. Just use a mild soap and warm water to wash gently.
  • A soothing tea added to the tub could also be used for cleaning the chafing area. You can boil 1/3 cup of tea, preferably green, 1/3 cup of marigold, dried, and 1/3 chamomile in 2 quarts of water. Cool it down and add it to your bath.

2. Soothe It

  • Aloe Vera is a very good choice to soothe your chafing skin. Putting some on your skin will help calm and heal it. Remember to check what the ingredients are in the gel you buy. Extra additives are not necessary and not wanted.
  • Tea tree oil can also be good for this. Drop a few tree oil on a cotton swab or ball and apply it to your skin. It will help fight infection and heal the problem place more quickly. It can be another way to solve the problem of how to prevent chafing while running.

3. Apply Ice Packs

Putting ice packs on the area immediately after running. Don't forget to wrap the ice pack in a towel because direct contact can harm your skin. Leave the ice pack on the chafing area for 20 minutes. The cool and pressure will provide instant relief.

4. Let the Skin Have a Rest

Letting your skin heal after treatment is crucial. If the problem area keeps receiving friction, the condition will become worse. This can even lead to infection. Chafing may not go away with these methods and if so, see your doctor.

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