How to Stop Being Lazy

There is nothing in taking a day off after a busy schedule – it really helps recharge your batteries and keep you motivated for the tasks ahead. But, if you want every day to be a "lazy day", you know that there is something wrong. Sometimes, you need someone to push you and give you a nudge to help you get out of that 'lazy zone'. And, you can also learn ways to stop being lazy to make yourself more productive, but you will have to identify the underlying cause, which can be rather deeper and darker.

How to Stop Being Lazy

When you do not want to do anything after waking up in the morning and it seems to be the same every day, you need help. It is important to learn how you can stop being lazy and manage your time better. Here are some tips to help you feel better.

1.       Wash your Face in the Morning

Do not just get up and grab your cup of coffee to start your day. You should go wash your face with fresh water to 'wake' yourself properly. Use cool water to wash your face and you will be able to start the day off right.

2.       Do Some Exercise

It also helps to exercise a little after you wake up in the morning. It does not have to be a long session of weight training but even a short walk with some stretching can work wonders to keep you energized throughout the day. Exercise also releases endorphins that will improve your mood and make you think positively.

3.       Pay Attention to Your Diet

One reason why you may be feeling lazy is that your diet does not have enough nutrients. Not eating a balanced diet can lead to all sorts of health problems. Ensure that you have lots of vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods in your diet. Fruits and vegetables help provide you with important nutrients that facilitate the process of energy production. Avoid junk food and opt for a healthy snack to deal with hunger pangs.

4.       Have Productive People Around You

Getting yourself surrounded with productive people is another great way to think positively. It will also give you a sense of purpose and your competitive spirit will help keep you motivated. Being around people who do not inspire you at all is only going to make you lazier. Have successful people around you and you will want to be like them.

5.       Pick and Mange Projects Properly

It is important to pick your projects carefully or else you will be overwhelmed and fail to stay motivated. Instead of multitasking, you should focus on one or two things at a time. If you cannot make a choice regarding what you have to do, try not to handle the worst items first. Leave the unpleasant tasks for later after you have finished the ones that seem easier. If you waste your energies on things you do not like, you will not have enough time and energy to handle stuff you actually like. This will severely hit your motivation.

6.       Include Some Breaks in Your Routine

Learning how to stop being lazy is sometimes more about understanding how to incorporate small breaks in your schedule. Those small breaks of rest will help lighten up your daily work and keep you charged up. It is okay to spend half an hour doing something and then take 5 minutes of lazy time. You can then return to work and keep pushing for another hour to enjoy another short break of rest. This will make your work look less daunting and keep you from getting in a zone where you do not want to do anything.

7.       Avoid Distractions for Some Time

So many things can keep you from staying focused during your work. For instance, some people would work for a few minutes and then they would get out their smartphone and start checking social media and other stuff. Similarly, you may want to put your controller away if you have issues with gaming. If you love TV, ensure that you are not in the TV room while working on any project. By eliminating these distractions, you can really help stay focused and avoid being lazy.

8.       Work with a Motivated Coworker

If you have trouble overcoming laziness, you may consider asking a more motivated friend, coworker, or family member for help. Peer pressure can really help set things right. Enlisting others to keep you accountable often works great and helps you get moving.

9.       Make Use of a Tech Solution

To keep you on schedule, you can also make use of tech solutions. Learning to use many gadgets, apps, etc., can help you understand how to stop being lazy. You can use a goal tracker application to set goals and mark them off once you have completed them. You can use done lists to identify your habits and then change them without changing your perception about yourself. Those done lists actually serve as a proof that you have successfully built a new habit.

10.    Do Not Blame Your Lack of Motivation

You do not always have to say that you could not do something because your lack of motivation. It is better to forget about it. If you talk about motivation, it means that you actually have it. You just fail to utilize everything properly. The best thing is to stop thinking about your lazy nature and instead start taking small steps towards your goal. Those baby steps will show you that a task is very much achievable and this will push you more. When you make those steps, it gives you a sense of achievement. That daily 'win' will reinforce your commitment and make you more productive over time.

11.    Get Rid of Clutter

If your life seems too cluttered, it may well be the reason why you feel lazy all the time. That clutter around you can shut down your system and make you procrastinate more. Therefore, you have to learn how to organize things around you to learn how to stop being lazy. It is important to start uncluttering both your private time and your work hours. You need to prioritize things and learn what you can do without and what you cannot.

12.    Force Yourself

Sometimes, there is nothing else you can do to avoid being lazy other than just forcing yourself. You are lazy and there is no getting around it, but you also need to make yourself understand that you are a mature, intelligent, and talented person, and you deserve much more. Simply start pushing yourself hard. Once you have accomplished a task, take some time to appreciate your efforts. That sense of achievement will make it easier when you push yourself again to do something else.

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