How to Stop Using Your Phone So Much

Many people feel they are spending too much time surfing the net or playing games on their phone. Overuse of smart phone can greatly affect your daily productivity and cause health problems such as short sightedness. It can also induce isolation and loneliness. So it's important to stop using your phone so much.

How to Stop Using Your Phone So Much

1. Monitor Use

Keeping an eye on your cellphone use and tracking how often you check it in an hour, can help you notice if there is an issue. This will let you know the extent of the problem, so you can come up with reasonable solutions and goals. There are apps such as ‘Checky’ to help you accomplish the goal.

2. Learn Your Triggers

Start exploring what makes you want to use your phone, or your triggers. These can be things like thoughts about a certain behavior, feelings, or situations. Do you use your phone because you’re feeling social? If so, you should consider meeting your friends and family face to face and getting quality time.

3. Plan Ahead

Make a plan and set goals for your cell phone usage. This is very important when learning how to stop using your phone so much. Many people see a benefit in simply setting an alarm for the amount of time they plan on using their phone in a day. Write these goals down so you feel more motivated and keep a log of what you accomplish. Make sure to stick to your plan.

4. Change Settings

Most phones will alert you with Facebook, email, Twitter and many other notifications. You can go into your settings and turn these notifications off, which will reduce your phone vibrating and going off all the time.

Many people have found that utilizing airplane settings is an ideal answer to weaning off your phone. For people who are afraid of not having their phones, this offers a solution where you can still use your phone, snap pictures and access files stored on the device.

5. Eliminate Apps

Perhaps you need more than just turning off the notifications. If this is the case, take the next step and start uninstalling apps you don’t really need. You should start with ones that encourage web surfing. Do you need Twitter and Facebook on your phone and laptop? What about email? Be brutal and you will be happy with the results.  

6. Go on a Holiday

Seriously, take a vacation from your phone. Choose a short bit of time, such as the weekend, to stay away from your phone completely. This could be a fun camping or hiking trip where there is no service, forcing you from the phone. You can also let your family and friends know you are taking a break.

7. Hide You Phone

At work, you can leave your phone in a drawer and only check it a few times during the day. You may want to put up a complicated code that makes you not want to get into your phone.

8. Keep Your Phone Out of the Bedroom

If you are learning how to stop using your phone so much, you will want to get it out of your bedroom. Learn to cut yourself off at night. Keeping it out of your bedroom will also help with your sleeping habits because the light won’t mess with your circadian rhythm.

9. Ease into Reduction

Don’t just try to drop it all at once. You will want to ease into it to avoid anxiety or over compensating elsewhere. Simply start with small goals, such as reducing your cell phone use to only checking it once every half hour. Try considering your phone for only important communications or emergencies.

10. Direct Your Attention Constructively

Be constructive instead of using your phone. Focus on your personal goals and what you are trying to achieve that day. Keep a small list of tasks that aren’t phone related that push you toward your goals. Every time you have the impulse to check your phone; instead, redirect your attention to goal achieving activities.

11. Buy a Simple Phone

If you struggle with how to stop using your phone so much, you should look at getting a simpler phone. This will help you not get distracted with sites like Snapchat and Facebook. There are options like Punkt MP01 which allows you to have all the functions of a cell phone without the extras like social media.

12. Seek Treatment

Though cell phone addiction isn’t recognized everywhere, this doesn’t mean you can’t get help. There are many treatment centers with counselors who help with addiction issues. Some signs to seek treatment include:

  • Interpersonal relationship trouble
  • Unable to keep up with school and work
  • Household responsibilities starting to slack

One possible treatment is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which helps with many addictions and conditions. It directs your thoughts to help focus on changing behaviors and feelings. It may be a good option should you seek treatment.

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