Onion Juice Benefits in Skin Care and How to Use It

Onions are famous for producing tears and their bitter taste. Hence, many of us avoid this vegetable either to prevent bad breath or tears. But are you aware of the fact that onion not only imparts taste to your dishes but also possess multiple health benefits? And what is more useful than raw onion? Its juice of onion! Let’s discuss in detail what are the benefits of onion juice for skin and how to prepare onion juice.

Onion Juice Benefits for Skin and How to Use It

1. It Reduces Premature Aging of Skin

Onion is a rich source of various antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A and Vitamin E and other compounds including phytonutrients etc. All these antioxidants have a key role in keeping your skin healthy and young. They destroy the free radicals; thereby, preventing the skin cells from oxidative damage caused by them. This reduces the risk of cancer of skin and premature aging. Hence, your skin will not show fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, skin blemishes, dark spots etc. Furthermore, the water content of onion helps in keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated.

You can also apply onion juice topically to improve your overall appearance of skin and to make it supple and soft.

2. It Is Effective to Treat Acne

What exactly causes acne is not yet known; however, it is believed to be worsened or caused by clogging of skin pores due to impurities such as dust, skin debris etc. and these clogged pores are infected by bacteria. Onion juice is quite effective for acne due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The antiseptic property of onion prevents clogging of skin pores, thereby, decreasing the risk of occurrence of acne and other infections of skin.

When using onion juice for skin acne, mix 1 tbsp of juice of onion with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Apply this mixture to your face. Keep it for 20 minutes. Then wash with water.

Apart from applying onion juice topically, consuming onions regularly has also been found beneficial in reducing acne.

3. It Helps in Lightening Complexion of Skin

The antioxidants, flavonoids, phytochemicals and phytonutrients present in onions help in keeping your skin healthy and young. They reduce the signs and symptoms of premature aging such as fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, dark spots etc. Onion is also very effective in improving complexion of skin and for making your skin radiant and soft. Applying onion juice topically is very effective in lightening your skin complexion.

Mix 1-1/2 tsp of fresh onion juice with two tbsp of gram flour, a pinch of nutmeg and ½ tsp of milk to form a paste; you may add a couple of drops of lavender oil for fragrance. Apply the paste on your face. Keep it for 16-20 minutes. With cotton ball that is soaked in some milk remove the paste by massaging it gently. This mask acts as an exfoliator and removes dead skin cells of face and improves complexion of skin.

4. It Helps in Reducing Skin Pigmentation and Dark Spots

Onion juice for skin pigmentation and dark spots has been found useful when applied topically.

Mix equal quantities of yogurt and onion juice and apply it on face. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to the pack for fragrance. Apply the pack on face by massaging gently in circular motion for 12-15 minutes. When used regularly, it will help you in removing skin pigmentation, skin blemishes and dark spots and keep your skin supple and soft.

5. It Acts As a Great Skin Exfoliator

Onions are great natural exfoliators of skin that helps in removing the dry and dead skin cells. They act as natural scrub and remove dry and dead skin cells and improves inner glow of skin.

To use onion as natural bleaching agent, mix 1 tsp of onion juice (fresh) with ½ tsp of milk cream and 1 tsp of gram flour. Mix all well and apply on face. Use for at least a period of four weeks for best results.

You can also use onion juice to lighten your dark elbows. Rub fresh onion slice or onion juice on your elbow.

6. It Works for Skin Rejuvenation

You can use natural face packs using onion juice for skin rejuvenation.

Add 1 tsp of onion juice (fresh) to ½ tsp of yogurt. Add a small amount of flour and mix well to form a paste. Apply it on face. Keep it for 10-15 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. This face pack will keep your skin supple, soft and rejuvenated.

7. It Is Useful in Treating Bites and Stings

Insect bites such as those caused by bugs and bees are very painful. Onions have been found to be very effective in giving relief from pain caused due to bug bites and bee stings.

To use onions for treatment of bites and stings, place a slice of onion on the area affected. This will help in reducing pain, itching, swelling and inflammation caused due to the bite. This benefit comes due to anti-inflammatory property of onions.

8. It Helps in Getting Rid of Moles

Onion juice can be used to remove moles too. The chemicals present in onion juice and its acidic nature can help you in getting rid of moles. Apply some onion juice (fresh) on the mole. Let the juice to remain there so that it can be absorbed. In majority of the cases, with this treatment, the mole has been removed within a month.

However, since mole in each person is different, consult your physician, if you don’t get positive results.

How to Make Onion Juice at Home

Things You Require

  • Onions, medium size - 2-3
  • Sharp knife
  • Juicer
  • Glass jar (medium size)


1. Peel the onion.

2. Put the onion (peeled) under running tap water so as to rinse it. This will remove all dirt from the vegetable and clean it.

3. Using a paper towel, dry the onion.

4. Use a sharp knife and cut the onion into quarters.

5. Place a quarter of the onion in the juicer. Turn the juicer on. This will extract the juice from the onion by smashing the vegetable. Extract juice from the other onion quarters by placing them one by one in the juicer.

6. After you have extracted juice from all the onions, wash and clean the juicer properly. This may require you to dip it in hot water and scrub it thoroughly to remove long-lasting, strong aroma of onion.

7. Collect the juice in a glass jar.

Note: Onion juice can also be made using a grater or a blender instead of using a juicer. While using a blender, the procedure you have to follow is exactly similar to the procedure used while using a juicer. While using a grater, cutting the onion into quarters is not required.

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