10 Things to Bring Your Friend After Surgery

Finding a right gift for someone can be a tricky decision, especially when you have to decide what to bring after surgery. While it may seem that your options are quite limited, the truth is that you can select from a wide range of gift options depending on the unique situation. Finding a right gift will help show compassion and even make it easier for your hospitalized friend to recovery quickly. Let's find out more about your options.

What to Bring Someone after Surgery

While it is natural to feel a bit confused when looking for a gift for someone who has just had their surgery done, you can be creative and select something that your hospitalized friend can use during recovery. Here are some "post-surgery gift ideas" to consider:

1.    Get a Mini Fridge

One simple yet highly impressive way to make post-surgery healing a bit convenient is to gift your hospitalized friend a mini fridge. It can be a highly practical post-op surgery recovery gift that can be used for water, ice, juice, and much more. A mini fridge will make recovery easy by keeping the patient from getting out of the bed to get water, icepacks, juice, and even snacks.

2.    Give Them Gift Cards

Undergoing a surgery can be physically and mentally demanding but it can hit someone financially too. Instead of giving money to someone, you can help them in a subtle way by giving them gas, grocery, or Amazon gift cards. An Amazon gift card is a great choice because it allows your hospitalized friend to shop for toiletries, groceries, and everything else without having to go out of their home.

3.    Offer Post Surgery Transportation

A very thoughtful gift is to offer post-surgery transportation to your hospitalized friend. It will be difficult for them to travel soon after surgery to attend physiotherapy sessions, follow-up appointments, or take part in support groups. Your willingness to drive them to the hospital or anywhere they want to go to accelerate recovery will be an extremely thoughtful and practice gift for them.

4.    Buy Them Some Supportive Pillows

If you are wondering what to bring someone after surgery, try supportive pillows. This will be an extremely useful and practical gift for someone who has undergone back surgery. These pillows provide patients with the much-needed support to keep their neck and spine in the right position. These pillows will stay usable even after the patient has recovered completely. Your friend can use them while lounging in the backyard or even watching a flick. Be sure to talk to the surgeon about the best gift because sometimes a memory foam wedge works better.

5.    Buy Them Some Satin Sheets

It is natural for someone to find it difficult to slide in and out of bed after back surgery. However, comfortable, fitted satin bed sheets will make it a tad easier for them. These sheets look beautiful and promote easy sliding. Just be very careful when buying them because they will be quite useless if they do not fit properly.

6.    Bring Someone Heating Pads

It is natural that your hospitalized friend will be in some pain after the surgery, and one simple way to relieve pain is to apply heating pads. You can make it easier for them buy bring them heating pads after surgery. While it depends on the severity of the surgery, heating pads usually work great to alleviate pain and discomfort. Some high-tech pads now include "moist heat" option that makes them more effective for pain associated with muscle spasms, muscle strains, joint pain, and inflammation.

7.    Gift Something to Make Them Laugh

One great way to help someone recover fast is to help them laugh. Studies have confirmed that laughter releases euphoria-producing and pain-killing endorphins in the brain. You can achieve the purpose by buying some comedy movies for your hospitalized friend. You can also consider giving away some nice comic books that would help keep them entertained while recovering from their back surgery.

8.    Buy Them Some Nice Games

It is natural that your confined friend will feel bored while recovering from surgery. Something that would help add some fun to their life will work great. That is when you can consider bringing them games like crosswords puzzles or Sudoku. It is also a good idea to gift them some mentally stimulating games. It may also make sense to buy video games to keep them occupied.

9.    Find Gifts to Reduce Restlessness

It is natural for your bedridden friend to feel restless and bored, but you can certainly find some nice gift ideas to make things easier for them. For instance, you can choose calming aromatherapy scents, such as chamomile, lavender, bergamot, mandarin, or sandalwood. Similarly, you can also buy relaxation wraps and even lavender scented plush toys for the younger patients. A vibrating head massager will also help relax your friend and make them less restless after the surgery.

10.   Give Them Some Uplifting Gifts

When you find it difficult to decide what to bring someone after surgery, try a simple uplifting gift. You can always bring them flowers or a plant to look at. Studies have found that looking at shades of green can greatly enhance motivation and creativity. Therefore, flowers and plants can significantly reduce the time required to heal.

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