B Positive Blood Type Diet

Dr. Peter D'Adamo, the founder of Institute for Human Individuality and a renowned naturopath, popularized a diet based on blood type. Followers of this diet believe that if you eat foods based on your blood group, you would be able to fight illnesses, lose weight and lead healthier lives. Dr. D'Adamo also says that your ability to digest proteins, like lectins, depends on your blood type. The blood type diet proposes the theory that if you eat the foods that your ancestors with the same blood type ate, you would be healthier. He states that people with blood type B originated from the tribes of the Himalayan Highlands and the B positive blood type diet plan needs to be more variable.

B Positive Blood Type Diet

If you have blood type B, you need to incorporate foods that balance the animal and the plant kingdom. Let's have a look at your recommended diet.

1. Meat and Poultry

Certain animal products contain a blood type B agglutinating lectin protein and can increase your risks of strokes or other health problems. Opt for lamb, venison, mutton and rabbit meat in your diet. Avoid chicken, pork, duck, hens, goose, quail, partridge and Cornish meats. In addition, limit the amount of beef.

2. Seafood

Due to your inability to digest some seafood, consuming them can prove to be very disruptive to your health. Deep ocean fish and white fish are helpful for people with type B positive blood. Choose from salmon, cod, sole, trout, halibut and flounder. Refrain from eating shellfish like lobsters, mussel, crabs, oysters, crayfish or shrimps. Do not include fish like barracuda, anchovies, eel, frog, snail, sea bass, striped bass and turtle.

3. Grain

Although grain the main foods for many people, with B positive blood you should be careful when eating them. You can include foods made of rice, millet, oatmeals (made from bran), puffed rice and spelt. Eat breads or noodles made from rice, brown bread, fin crisp or millet.

Avoid any processed foods made from wheat or wheat germ, rye, bran, durum, etc. Wheat and rye can slow down your metabolism considerably and reduce your ability to burn fats. Rye can settle in your vascular system, leading to strokes or disorders. Even, corn or buckwheat could cause fluid retention in your body, leading to fatigue and insulin irregularity. Wild rice, couscous, amaranth, barley, multi-grain rye bread, bagels, muffins, etc. are some other foods that you are not able to digest.

4. Dairy

You possess a sugar, D-galactosamine, on the B-antigen in your blood, which is similar to the sugar present in milk. Hence, a large variety of dairy can be included in a B positive blood type diet. Enjoy cottage, feta or goat cheese, mozzarella, kefir, milk, yoghurt, ricotta, cheddar and other such products along with your food. However, shun ice creams and cheeses like blue cheese, string cheese and American cheese.

5. Vegetable

Generally, greens are good, but some may make you uncomfortable. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables as they contain magnesium, which helps you fight viruses and certain autoimmune diseases. Certain greens with lectins can affect your metabolism, irritate your stomach lining and increase your risk for diabetes. You should steer clear of corn, olives, artichokes, tomatoes, avocado, pumpkin, sprouts, radishes and tofu, as they can affect your metabolism.

6. Fruit

Pineapples, if eaten, can help you digest food properly, whereas coconuts interfere with your digestion. Besides pineapples, eat bananas, grapes, cranberries, papaya and plums. Refrain from eating pomegranates, coconut, pear, starfruit, persimmons and rhubarb.

7. Beverage

Herbal teas do not benefit you greatly. However, ginseng can have a positive effect on your nervous system and even licorice is great as it has antiviral properties. You can also drink ginger, peppermint, green, sage, rose hips and raspberry teas.

Carbonated beverages, like soda, seltzer water or diet cola, should not be consumed. Have wine and beer in moderate quantities, and completely avoid distilled liquor for your B positive blood type diet.

8. Condiment and Spice

Warm herbs like horseradish, ginger, curry, cayenne pepper are beneficial for you. Certain sweet herbs can irritate your stomach lining and need to be restricted from your diet. Do not use black or white pepper, almond extract, allspice, gelatin and sweet spices like barley malt sweeteners, corn syrup, cinnamon, cornstarch and even condiments like ketchup.

9. Fat, Nut, Bean and Seed

They contain lectins which cannot be easily digested by you and can damage your digestive tract and interfere with your insulin production. Plant-based protein products like peanuts, sesame seeds and lentils should not be used. Restrict sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, canola and corn oil usage in your preparations. Use olive oil instead. Cashews, pistachios, pine, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, filberts, and beans like garbanzos, black-eyed peas, and other beans need to be avoided.

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