Best Sex Moves to Drive Him Crazy

It is true that if a man is with you, he is already deeply into you. Still, there is nothing wrong in learning some best moves to drive him crazy. Women always do things unintentionally to drive men wild, but you can learn a few tricks and tips to drive your man wild in a positive way. Keep reading to learn more about it.

10 Best Sex Moves to Drive Him Crazy

You can try many different things to make your man feel passionate about you. Here are some of the very best sex moves to drive your man crazy. These moves will add spice to your romantic life and will also help strengthen your relationship.

1.  Make the Right Use of Lingerie

Always keep in mind that men are visual. It means that what they see is what makes them feel excited about the opposite sex. If you want to make him go nuts about you, all you have to do is show some skin. There is nothing better than wearing lingerie to give him what he wants to see while concealing the most important parts of your body. Try it, lingerie works!

2.  Make Yourself Smell Good

Men are always attracted to the scent of a woman's body. Citrus smell is associated with productivity and office settings, whereas floral scents are linked to femininity and friendship. Keep in mind that your smell says a lot about you, and if you smell great, it will be easier to draw a man towards you. Scents such as vanilla are quite irresistible to men. Try them!

3.  Take Shower Together

Getting into the act and turning up all messy is fun. It is even more exciting to make the move and clean up together. Take showers with your man and this is sure to drive him crazy. You can make it even more exciting by cleaning each other. Remember, you two are not having sex but exploring and cleaning every inch of each other's bodies will bring more intimacy to your relationship.

4.  Take Control of Things

Women are often shy about taking control of things because they think it will be annoying for their partners. This is actually the opposite. Men like women who are confident and like to take control. It is common for women to over-think when it comes to men and sex. Just like women, men also want to feel loved. Even if you do not do it all the time, try it once in a while to surprise him. Make decisions all by yourself, telling him that you already know what he wants. This may well be among the best sex moves to drive him crazy.

5.  Try the Dessert

Make your sex sessions even tastier and sweeter by introducing some ice cream, chocolate syrup, or even sushi, if that is what you like. It may be messy, but messy is great when it comes to having sex and driving your man crazy. Men love yummy, light, and playful things, and whip cream is something you can always trust in this situation. Use it and go crazy on each other's body!

6.  Let Your Fingers Do the Trick

You may not know, but you have magic hands, at least for your man. You just need to understand where to touch your partner to make him go crazy. Touch his testicles, rub your fingers between his anus and his testicles, and explore the rest of his body with your other hand. If you let your fingers explore all the right areas of his body, this is sure to make him go wild.

7.  Try Dirty Talk

You need to understand that foreplay begins before you two actually enter your bedroom. There are always ways to turn your man on without even touching him or showing anything to him. Just learn to talk dirty – send him some raunchy short messages, call him and say something exciting, and raise anticipation. You can continue with that dirty talk once he is back and in bed with you.

8.  Make Use of Props

It is easy to find sex toys these days. You can always make use of a few. You may even make your fantasies come true by using some sex toys and props, such as whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, chains, etc. Just handle everything with confidence and your partner will love what you do.

9.  Give Him the Best Lap Dance of His Life

One of the best sex moves to drive him crazy is to give him the best lap dance of his life. Let him sit in a chair and get on top of him. Straddle him, touch him, and caress his body to make him want you more. Stay close to him and always maintain eye contact to add more intimacy to the act.

10. Fulfill a Fantasy

It is all about getting close to your partner and knowing exactly what he wants. Listening to him will help you know what excites him most. You may have overheard him talking to one of his friends how he wants his sex life to be. You can make him go crazy over you just by making a move and fulfilling that fantasy. Just be sure to avoid going overboard with the idea – do not put yourself in any danger and never do anything against your own moral standards.

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