7 Sleeping Positions for Couples and Their Meanings

The way we sleep is controlled by our subconscious mind and things we can't state while being awake can be easily understood through our body language while we are asleep. Couple sleeping positions and what they mean are secrets that can reveal pretty important things about the general direction of a relationship. Changes in sleeping positions can provide much more accurate information about the status of a relationship than permanent habits.

Couple Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings

The way in which a couple sleeps highlights a number of significant things about the status of their relationship. Following are some of the main couple sleeping positions.

1. Spooning

The spoon is the sleeping position adopted by the majority of couples. It is quite an intimate and sexual sleeping position with the most amount of physical contact. This position allows a partner to protect the other and also shows the trust of a partner over the other.

2. The Loose Spoon

Spooning is the sleeping position adopted by most of the new couples but as time passes on people adopt the loose spoon. The loose spoon has the same dynamic of the spoon with less physical contact. It indicates that the couple wants to be close to each other while sleeping comfortably. It shows balance and maturity in a relationship.

3. Honeymoon Hug

Honeymoon hug or the tangle is the most intimate of sleeping positions which is highly sexual. It shows that a couple is madly in love with each other and craves each other all the time. This position is adopted by couples when emotions and love for each other is intense like at the start of a relationship or after making love. Some couples keep this highly sexual sleeping position even when their relationship has matured. Although such a habit shows that a couple is incomplete without each other, it also signifies that the couple is too dependent on each other.

4. The Sweetheart Cradle

The sweetheart cradle is among the most romantic couple sleeping positions. This position involves the head of a partner resting on the chest of the other with legs crossed. The posture is mostly adopted by new romantic couples. The position shows deep love, affection and makes a partner feel safe and protected.

5. The Chase

Want to know more about couple sleeping positions and what they mean? Here comes more. This sleeping position can also be called as the illegal spooning or the pursuit. The position can be called illegal spooning because one partner wants his/her space and moves to one corner of the bed but the other is relentless and pursues him/her to the corner to spoon. Another meaning which can be derived by the position is that the retreating partner enjoys being pursued and loved by the other partner.

6. The Leg Hug

Multiple meanings can be derived from this couple sleeping position. If your partner entwines his/her leg with yours while sleeping, it can indicate that they want more sexual and emotional contact with you but are finding it difficult to say it out while being awake. The other meaning an intertwined pair of legs can indicate is that both of you care for each other and are extremely comfortable in showing love and affection.

7. The Liberty Lovers

In this position, a couple sleeps while facing away from each other with some space between them. Though there is no physical contact or intimacy in this position, it does not signify a waning relationship. To the contrary, it signifies a relationship in which both partners are confident, self-assured and secure. In most cases, couples drift to this position after cuddling and lovemaking.  

Couple sleeping positions and what they mean can help you in decoding the direction of your relationship allowing you and your partner to enjoy each other's companionship and love.

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