How to Have Good Dreams

Typically, human beings spend 2 hours dreaming at night. But can you tell what exactly dreams are? Unfortunately, no one could ever. Several theories have been brought forward for dreams. Some people are of the opinion that dreams happen as a result of the brain responding to cues in the environment during REM sleep stage. According to others, they are a tool for memory consolidation and regulation of moods. How you dream at night can influence your day, for instance,bad dreams can ruin your day. Lucky for you, the article will discuss how to have good dreams.

How to Have Good Dreams

Most people do not realize that they have the ability to control what they dream about. This has been proved by scientists. The details on how to go about it depend on what dream you hope to have. It may be a lucid dream or a particular content you wish to dream about. Here are a few useful tips on how one can have good dreams.

1.  Play Good Sounds

What tinkles your fancy? Is it the roaring sound of the ocean? Would you like to dream to be in a beach? Getting a sound machine that releases the sound you fancy could trigger a dream related to that environment. However, remember to watch the volume. It should calm you to sleep, not keep you awake.

2.  Consume the Right Food

Another helpful tip on how to have good dreams is to watch your diet. It is important to avoid eating or drinking anything that may cause restlessness during the night. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. Dinners should be eaten at least 2 hours before sleeping. Do not eat foods that take long time to digest. And foods rich in tryptophan enable proper sleeping.

3.  Mind Your Pills

Some drugs mess up the sleep cycle. Taking antidepressants may give you pleasant feeling during the day. However, the nights may be worse. As a matter of fact, one side effect of taking antidepressants is that they cause nightmares. In the event that you experience nightmares, talk to your doctor. Depending on the side effects you experience, drug usage can be stopped or changed.

4.  Develop an Evening Routine

People who have a better night sleep tend to have good dreams. This is also true for those who have a consistent bedtime routine and sleep schedule. The kind of activities you indulge in before bedtime can greatly influence your dream patterns. Having a positive state of mind, listening to calm and relaxing music and cleaning the bedroom can promote relaxation and a better night's sleep. Better dreams are just an added bonus.

5.  Watch Your Sleep Position

Another useful tip on how to have good dreams is to mind your sleeping position. Sleeping on your stomach may trigger a sex dream. Sleep paralysis is triggered when you sleep on your back. Lastly, avoid covering yourself fully, especially around the nose and mouth, which may trigger suffocation dreams.

6.  Play Video Games Before Bedtime

Those who suffer from frequent nightmares and bad dreams should pick up new hobbies to distract them. Most teenage boys would pick video games. Nightmares are scare and they cannot be controlled. However, seasoned gamers may have the ability to control violent nightmares easily.

7.  Pleasant Odors

Pleasant smells trigger sweet dreams. The opposite is true for unpleasant odors. Even one is in deep sleep; they still can still feel powerful odors. One way of infusing pleasant smells as you sleep is by spraying your pillows. Another option is to have plug in air fresheners.

8.  Stress Relief Techniques

Learning some stress relief techniques can also be a good answer to "how to have good dreams". Practice some stress relieving mechanisms such as writing a journal, meditating or practicing yoga before bedtime. Simple exercises may also improve sleep quality. Massaging the scalp releases serotonin and endorphins which enhance better sleep.

9.  Start a Dream Journal

What kind of dreams do you usually have? Very few people bother to find out what their dreams mean. Writing down your dreams and whatever interpretation you may have in mind. Read more on dream interpretation and try to analyze it. When you find out possible reasons of your bad dreams, you will not be afraid and may have good ones instead. Write the lucid or scary dream you had as soon as you wake up before you forget.

10.  Consult a Doctor

Having a scary dream once is no big deal. However, if you have bad dream on a frequent basis, it is time to see a doctor. Most nightmares are triggered after an individual experiences a traumatic situation which leads to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Nightmares may affect the sleep patterns; some people may not sleep at all. Lack of sleep may take a toll in the personal and work life.

11.  Mind What You Watch/Read

Whatever you watch or read just before sleeping may trigger good or bad dreams. Watching a scary movie or reading a book with a scary story may cause nightmares. Chances are that that image will stay with you for a long time. Avoid reading frightening books or watching scary movies; just choose funny and sweet ones.

12.  Do Not Go to Bed Hungry

Going to bed hungry interrupts sleep patterns. How to have good dreams? Simple have a glass of milk or a banana. These can be ideal options for most people before going to bed. They will calm you, helping you fall asleep, dreaming about delicious foods possibly. 

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