Deep Conversation Topics

Don't you hate it when you really want to get to know a person but the discussion topic is dull? People with cerebral personalities usually complain that most conversation topics are fluffy and superficial, which is why they don't last for a longer period of time. Needless to say that deep conversation topics and discussions are important for people who prefer quality not quantity in their socializing approach. There is no rule of thumb that rates a conversation deep and significant but you can definitely feel the difference with experience. Some ways to help you talk deep conversation topics are discussed in this article.

How to Have a Deep Conversation

Deep conversation topics can help you read the mind of the people without making any scientific efforts. But what to discuss and how to do it? Find out the ways to have a deep conversation here:

1. Start with Small Talk

Choose a simple, casual topic to start, like asking a question or passing a compliment, which helps in building a heart-to-heart conversation. The next step is to build the foundation of your deep conversation with a strong topic that can lead to much more broader topics. A broad topic can make you learn a lot about one person.

2. Make Your Conversations Emotional

One of the most important needs of people is to be heard, but many are scared to admit that. You can break the ice by asking questions about their life events to get them engaged and feel connected so that others will look forward to having more conversations with you. Shy people may start feeling comfortable once you ask them reflective questions.

3. Listen Without Judgment

You should never criticize and judge if the other person opens up. You' better show curiosity and interest in the topics and provide room to let them express more. Psychiatrists use this technique to dig into deep conversation topics by asking questions. People feel more comfortable in talking and communicating when they have room to speak and know they won't get judged.

4. Let the Speaker Be the Expert

Ask for advice to allow the individual to share his wisdom and life experiences. Ask them about their routine, business activities and experiences to learn about their views and beliefs on life, which you can either agree or disagree with. You don't have to know much about what others do to have a deep conversation; instead, you just need to let them be the expert and talk about it.

5. Try to React Honestly

It is necessary to be honest while answering questions and sharing views by asking yourself what your real opinion is, if you are hiding something, etc. To increase honesty in views, it is good to slightly push the boundaries, when the time is right. You should avoid using the same phrase or word in your responses to let others feel that you're listening carefully and react honestly.

6. Talk Things That the Speaker Loves

Let the speaker talk about what he likes, like dreams he wants to achieve in life, or what he wants people to like in him. Such deep conversation topics usually make people more excited about their plans and goals. You can also learn plenty of things by goal conversations.

7. Find the Right Person

People easily get into conversations they like, but there is no way to find if the person is right to discuss with. Sometimes people avoid responding positively to deep conversation topics due to bad mood, lack of domain knowledge or they just don't feel comfortable enough to discuss with you. It is better to gauge the mindset of person before engaging the person in deep and meaningful conversations. Don't hesitate when people don't look keen in the deep conversation topics. If one person/group doesn't show interest, try another.

8. Show Your Vulnerability

Individuals who are okay to disclose their personal choices and thoughts are much easier to engage in deep conversation topics. You might not want to discuss your love life but can easily talk about your parents. Sharing and discussing personal topics and issues with closed ones can help you find more opportunities to have a deep conversation with others.

9. Negative Subjects Aren't the Best Choices

For some people, it's easy to talk about their problems with friends or other problematic issues. This kind of topics can go really deep, but it can't last too long because talking negative things all the time can bring up negative vibes., which may easily make all your conversation stuck in negative things.

10. Conversations Don't Have to Be "Big"

People frustrated with their life only want to talk deep conversation topics and hate those superficial topics, which could be intellectual discussions or something they hate. But actually it's the frustration that is talking. Even the deepest person will talk about the daily, shallow fares. Don't let the frustration overwhelm you and don't let the need to have deep conversation make you even more frustrated.

Now you have known how to have deep conversations with others. Here are 40 deep conversation topics for you:

1. Biggest achievement

2. Worst memory

3. Greatest dream

4. Best quality of you

5. Dealing with "left alone" feeling

6. Biggest lesson life told you

7. Tell me about your most thrilling adventure

8. What is your ideal life?

9. Can happiness be earned?

10. If the truth hurts, should it be spoken?

11. Do you wear a mask on you? To hide what?

12. Should government enforce rules that are part of one's personal life?

13. What one thing you must do before dying?

14. Do animals have emotions?

15. What is the nicest deed you remember a person did to you?

16. Honesty is the best policy. Do you agree or not?

17. How do you deal with betrayal?

18. Do you believe in miracle?

19. When do you pray? What have you ever prayed for?

20. What's your opinion on eternal human soul?

21. What is the most unbearable and unforgivable thing for you?

22. Have you ever had failures? What have you learned from them?

23. If you can travel through time, what do you want to do most?

24. What would you prefer people to remember you after you die?

25. If you have the choice to live anywhere you want for your rest life, where would you choose and why?

26. What is the most dreadful thing about future and grow older?

27. What do you think about global warming?

28. If asked to summarize human race in one sentence, what would that be?

29. What are the worst and best aspects of human nature?

30. Do you think a couple should have similar characteristics or complementary characteristics?

31. Do you think our government is well enough?

32. What is the source of the war between Israel and Palestine?

33. Have you ever thought about death? What gives you that idea?

34. If death comes today, what is your biggest regret?

35. Sense and sensibility – which is more important?

36. What is the most indispensable moral in your mind?

37. Which part of the law should be improved urgently?

38. What's the meaning of our life?

39. What's your opinion on falling in love and getting married?

40. Which animal is your favorite? Do you think animals have emotions?



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