Fair and Lovely Review

Every woman wants healthy glowing skin. Fair & lovely cream was made for just that. This cream sold in over 40 countries was created in 1975 by Unilever to give skin a lighter tone and a healthy glow. Statistics show that 1 in every 10 women all over the world find fair and lovely helpful. It comes in a multivitamin formula and an herbal formula in many different sizes and prices to fit your budget. This article is a nonbiased fair and lovely review explaining the benefits, ingredients, prices, and helpful reviews from women who have used it.

Basic Information About Fair and Lovely

There are 7 variants including marks, BB cream, face wash and spot eraser pen of Fair and Lovely brand. Here we only focus on the FAL Advanced Multivitamin cream which targets fairness treatment. This analysis will help you look at this product and decide if it is for you. Here are the details on the cream:



$7.99/50g U.S. Dollars on Ebay.com


Fair and lovely comes in a basic tube with pink and white graphics. It has a cap that flips open, but stays attached to the tube for easy open and convenience. The nozzle is designed for less mess. The cap snaps closed and can be packed and taken anywhere you go. By the looks of the package it may not be attractive to the consumer, but the product inside and how it works for you is what is really important.


Fair and Lovely has a very soft smell that matches its name, fair. It does have a slight cosmetic scent, but the company added a floral tone that is very pleasant. Some women even describe the scent as “fruity.”

Consistency and Texture

Fair and Lovely cream comes in a very light pink color, but almost white. If you have oily skin, it is important to know the texture is slightly greasy. Once warmed between the fingers it turns slightly watery.

Fair and Lovely Reviews from Customers

Positive Reviews

“Fair and lovely works great. Highly recommended for dark skinned girls. I am really happy with how the cream lightened my skin after only using it for 3 ½ weeks. It is flawless and glowing. I am really happy with this product!” Margie

“I wanted to give a Fair and Lovely review because I know it’s hard to buy things off the internet and know if the product is worth it. This to me was a great deal and really cleared up the dark spots on my skin. I didn’t get results right away, but after a few days of use I noticed lightening of the spots. I will for sure buy this product again.” Ginger

“When I was looking at this product, I didn’t see many reviews. I decided to go ahead and purchase the product based on what I saw from the company. This product is an Indian face cream designed to lighten and smooth the skin. It comes in an herbal formula and a multivitamin formula. I found that it cleared up a co-existing problem with acne better than anything else on the market. It contains niacinamide that is known to clear up blemishes on the skin. I have oily skin and I felt like it dried it out a little. It also helped protect my face from the sun because it has UVA and UVB sunscreen in it. I use this cream daily. It smells so sweet and my skin looks pearly fresh when I wear it. It would be a great buy for any woman of any color and skin tone.” Ranjit

Moderate Reviews

“When I received the product, there was no safety seal on it and I was afraid to use it. The expiration date was outdated and I didn’t feel like it was safe to put on my face. However, the customer service team was friendly and cooperative. They offered me either a full refund or a new product. I opted to get a refund, but was happy with the customer service.” Sarah

“I used the product for about two weeks and it seemed to lighten my skin. The tone of my skin looked more fresh and healthy. I noticed after about the fourth week that my skin was actually getting more dark spots. I hate to give a negative Fair and Lovely review, but it just didn’t work too well for me. It could have been a reaction with my own skin. I won’t be ordering this again.” Pam

“What can I say? I actually laughed at the silly commercials on TV for this product, but I went ahead and ordered it anyways. I had some pretty bad acne marks on my face and needed anything that could possibly help fade them. My mom suggested I use this because it worked for her spots on her face. The spots faded, but I ended up breaking out in more acne from it.” Jenna

Negative Reviews

“This product is pretty crappy. I found it to be the worst product out on the market and I don’t recommend you buy it at all! It will be a total waste of your hard earned cash. It left white spots on my face and in my eyebrows. It didn’t even out my skin tone or live up to it’s name. I only bought it because I did see some positive reviews on the product. Now, I’m thinking people were reviewing a whole other product and not this one. My skin was so dry after using it and my face looked like I had a white mask on. It was gross!” Bree

 “When I first put the cream on my face, I had patches of white all over and the cream flaked right off without rubbing in. The tube had an expired date on it and when I called the company, they tried to put it off on another company. They said this was when the cream was shipped to them from the manufacturer. So who actually makes this stuff? The cream also had a horrible chemical type smell that scared me.” Maria

 “I bought this product because it had a good price. Since I am in the United States, I bought it online from Amazon. I used the cream to try and face some scars on my chin area. When the cream arrived, I immediately opened it up and put some on. It went on nice, but the smell was kind of musky and gave me a bad headache. I couldn’t imagine a face cream giving me a headache, but I think it did. This was over 5 months ago. When I was cleaning my bathroom, I found the cream and decided to try it again. I put a dab on and rubbed it into my face. I just wanted to see if I get another headache and BAM!!! Just a few minutes after putting this stuff on my face I had a splitting headache. My face was still red the next morning.” Mia