How Is First Period After Abortion Like?

When you end your pregnancy at a very early stage, it is called an abortion. At this point in time, the growth of your fetus is very little but your hormonal levels are very high. Remember that an early abortion, either by surgical or medical procedures, does not affect your fertility or result in complications in further pregnancies. However, abortions that take place in the second trimester increase your health risk. The decision to get an abortion adds a lot of stress to your mental condition. The abnormal levels of stress play havoc with your body and affect your menstrual cycle, leading to changes in your first period after abortion.

When Will My First Period After Abortion Come?

If you have had an abortion in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you will normally experience your first period within 4 to 12 weeks after the procedure. However in some cases you may not experience your period for several months. Or the period may come as early as two weeks. This varies from woman to woman and depends on how far along the pregnancy had proceeded before it was terminated.

The primary reason for the delayed first period after abortion is that the body still has some pregnancy hormones and feels their effects for several weeks after abortion. The presence of these hormones reduces your chances of ovulation which indirectly means that there are no periods.

Although the average time range for first period is about 4 to 12 weeks of abortion, normally you should have your first period within 8 weeks. However if there are no periods even after this time duration, you need not worry too much. And here are some potential reasons:

  • Your body may be taking longer to heal from the abortion procedure and from the high levels of pregnancy hormones.
  • If you have been facing a lot of stress and depression, it can affect your periods.
  • The other possibilities for your lack of the first period after abortion could include another pregnancy or certain serious health issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Are There Any Changes in My First Period After Abortion?

After an abortion, you may notice some significant changes in your menstrual cycle due to the remnant hormones still present in your system. Read on to learn more about these changes:

1. The Flow May Change

If you have undergone a surgical procedure for the abortion, you are very likely to have a lighter flow and it may not last as long as your normal period. If you notice a very heavy and longer flow, you need to consult your doctor. However if you had a medical procedure to terminate your pregnancy, you may notice heavy periods after abortion.

2. Experience New Symptoms

You may also notice some new symptoms like the number of cramps which may change from period to period after abortion. These changes can last for up to 2 years after your abortion. Sometimes, you may also notice some pregnant symptoms, like swollen breasts, fatigue and pain in your lower back, while menstruating after your abortion. You are likely to experience more clotting, pain and premenstrual syndrome symptoms when having your first period after abortion.

3. Your Period Is Likely to Be Irregular

The hormonal activity in your body also causes irregularity in your periods. You will return to normal and have regular periods after the hormones have drained out from your body.

Others' Stories About Their First Period After Abortion

You may feel slight trepidation thinking about the many changes that you would undergo in your menstrual cycle after abortion. However you are not alone. To reassure you, we present you stories of 3 women who have faced similar situations:

"It has been seven weeks since my termination. I have got my first period this morning. Before my pregnancy, I never had any stomach cramps before my periods. But since yesterday evening, I had very severe cramps and even low back pain. My flow is very heavy today and I had to change my pads three times already! I am feeling very tired and have noticed many new symptoms as compared to my regular periods."  – EM

"Due to abnormalities in my fetus, I had to end my pregnancy when I was five weeks pregnant. This was around nine weeks ago. The procedure was normal and I faced no problems during it. I got my period almost a week ago and it was very heavy on the first day. However the flow reduced the next day and stopped completely within 3 days. I faced none of my premenstrual syndrome symptoms. That is a first for me as my periods could last up to 5 days and be very painful.” –VR

“Around 3 months back, I had a surgical abortion and had to put an end to my pregnancy when I was eight weeks along. I had the first period after 1.5 months of the procedure. The flow was very light and I didn't notice any clots. However since then, I did not get my periods. I am usually as regular as clockwork and this irregularity in my periods is disturbing me. My doctor had already warned me about it and I am waiting to check when my periods would be regular again.”—CJ

When to Worry About Your First Period After Abortion

You need to consult your doctor if you are having heavy periods after a surgical abortion, as already mentioned above. Moreover, if you do not get your periods after eight weeks of the procedure, you need to talk to your doctor. However, don't take a pregnancy test during this period. The pregnancy hormone or hCG may be still present in your blood, which can give you false positive results that can cause further stress and anxiety. Remember, that your ovulation starts one week after abortion and you may get pregnant again if there are no periods. So take appropriate birth control after consulting your doctor to decrease your chances of getting pregnant.

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