How to Clear Negative Energy

When you have to deal with some negative circumstances, you also get some negative energy. You can get negative energy from people you meet and things you touch. That negative energy can take different forms, from viruses to pollutants to bad vibes. That negativity not just affects you but also affects others around you. It keeps you from achieving success and living a fulfilling life. And of course, it has a serious effect on your health as well. Let's learn some effective ways to clear negative energy.

How to Clear Negative Energy

You need to understand that both negative and positive energy exist around you, but you have to take steps to reduce negative energy so as to boost positive energy. You can try the following methods.

1. Smudge Your Space

The practice involves burning sage or other dried herbs to cleanse an area or person. You can use sandalwood, sage, mugwort or other herbs of your choice. Light one of its corners and blow it out. You can keep it in a holder to avoid spreading the ash everywhere. Let the smoke get to all corners of the room but keep your windows open to let the negative energy go out. Letting smoke circulate through your body will also help clear negative energy.

2. Ring Wind Chimes

Any type of wind chimes or bells can serve as a feng shui tool that will help create a positive flow of energy. You can consider ringing a handheld ring throughout your house or hang wind chimes for the similar effect. You can also find singing bowls and yoga chimes to use in the same way.

3. Try Saltwater Baths

Saltwater baths will heal your body by getting rid of excess lactic acid. A healing soak will relax your nerves and bring relief to your sore muscles as well. Simply pour a handful of Celtic or Himalayan salt into a hot bath and soak in it to release all negative energy.

4. Get the Right Crystal

Find the right type of crystal for you and keep it in your pocket or simply wear it as jewelry. Different types of crystal have different healing properties, so you may have to experiment a bit before you finally find the right one for you.

5. Forget about the Past

In order to learn how to clear negative energy, you have to learn how to cut cords to the past. You can understand it by imagining that a cord comes from your solar plexus and attaches itself to everyone you have ever known. That cord is more like a connection to someone you no longer in touch with, but you cannot walk out of that relationship completely until you cut that link. Visualize those cords retracting back into your solar plexus. If you can visualize things better, consider cutting that cord with your hands like scissors.

6. Visualize a Protective Energy Field

To ensure you do not have to deal with negative energy, learn to visualize a protective energy field around your body. You have to think as if there is a white light surrounding your body. You can use the same visualization technique and imagine having the same protective field around your loved ones.

7. Make Use of Essential Oils

You can always make use of essential oils to promote positive energy and release your negative energy. Essential oils can change your mood and make you feel better about yourself. They help attain and maintain a positive state of mind.

8. Keep Things Organized

You cannot get rid of negative energy if you have unused and unwanted items around you. The best thing is to give those things to someone who really needs them. This will make you feel better about yourself and help make it easier to organize everything around you. Whatever you have left around you, be sure to organize it in a better way. Vacuum, dust, and scrub surfaces and clean window coverings and blinds for a refreshed look. Removing dirt from your house and your stuff will also help remove dust from your mind and make you have a positive frame of mind.

9. Enjoy Plants, Fresh Air and Sunshine

Keep living plants in your home or simply go out for a walk. Water your plants regularly and talk to them lovingly to transfer positive energy to them. Those positive vibrations will help them grow and make you feel better at the same time. Spend some time out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Open up your windows and let fresh air come in. The cleansing air will fill your lungs and help eliminate negative energy.

10. Change Your Way of Thinking

If you always think about yourself and your challenges, you are never going to learn how to clear negative energy. It is important to broaden your perspective and think about others too. Being part of a strong social network will help you grow and make it easier to a positive outlook. You should be open to new experiences and learn to accept things the way they are. This will help create positive energy and keep you happy all the time.

11. Do Not Seek Approval

It is difficult to keep yourself from doing something and then seeking approval. If you do not get over the need for approval, you will end up losing your ability to think positively. While trying to gain approval, you may procrastinate, feel anxious, avoid important things, and get stuck with negative energy. Stop worrying about what people would say about what you are doing. Worrying too much about people's opinions is only going to depress you and keep you from having a positive frame of mind.

12. Be Confident

Having confidence in yourself will help create positive opinions about your circumstances. This in turn will improve the flow of positive energy and you will be able to get rid of negativity. This confidence will give you the power to overcome different challenges in life without feeling depressed. So, be confident and let the real you take control of things.

13. Other Methods

  • Pay attention to what you eat because your diet will have an effect on how you feel about different things. Eating toxic junk foods will make it impossible to learn how to clear negative energy.
  • Similarly, you need to spend some time alone with no computer, phones, TV, or anyone around.
  • Also, take steps to surround yourself with positive people because their energy will give you the power to get rid of your negativity.
  • Be sure to include meditation in your life to deal with stress and anxiety.
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