How to Change Your Personality

There is no ideal personality type because they all have strengths and weaknesses. However, there will be times in your life when you would wish to have a different personality. Is it possible to change your personality? And how to do that? Well, it is possible. It may take time, but can be done. You can change the way you think. You can be more outgoing, more organized, and more in tune with your senses if you proceed in a systemic way. Let's find out more about it.

How to Change Your Personality Type

You can certainly make some improvements to your personality and be a better person. Before going any further, it is important to ask yourself if you really want to change your personality. Will this be okay for you to be a fake imitation of someone you admire? Sometimes, you do not want a complete personality makeover but you just want some positive traits embedded in your personality. Be sure to determine what you want and then proceed. Well, if you have decided to change your personality, here are a few tips to help.

1. Know What Traits You Do Not Want

It is also about awareness first. You need to be clear about any traits you do not want in "new" you. A trait can be anything that you do all the time, like being angry, being serious, or even being miserable. Once you know what you do not want, it will become easier to determine exactly what traits you would like to install in your new personality. It means that if you know you do not want to be angry all the time, it also implies that you need to take steps to be a calm person. This information will serve as a foundation and help you move in the right direction.

2. Select a Right Process

The next step of learning how to change your personality is to write down all those traits you want and then choose a saying for each trait. It means that if you do not want to be angry all the time, your saying could be, "I am a calm person." To be more confident, you can keep saying, "I am confident person in every field of my life." Then, you have to select a process to accomplish your goal. For instance, if you want to be an outgoing person, simple sayings would not cut it. It is also important to take other steps, such as talking to people, socializing with them, spending more time out of your home and so on.

3. Share Your Feelings with Someone

It really helps to tell someone about the changes you want to make in your personality. The idea is to have your friend, family member, or someone you trust hold you accountable for your actions. This will help keep you on tract. Those people can also motivate you when you feel like giving it up.

4. Change the Environment Around You

It is important to understand that you cannot do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results. You have to do things differently to get desired results. If you want to change your personality, it is important to change your surroundings and throw yourself into a new environment. Those new challenges will push you to use your new skills and be a better person. Simple steps will help here. Consider joining a club or get a job not directly related to your skill set. Educate yourself about your favorite subject and then condition yourself to deal with different situations.

5. Be Ready to Wait

It is possible to learn how to change your personality, but know that it is not going to happen overnight. Even if you do everything right, there will be problems and you may again revert to your old personality traits. This is natural and do not let it frustrate or dishearten you. Understand that you have developed your personality traits in 20-30 years and you just cannot undo everything overnight. Be sure to have the determination to overcome all obstacles and little failures that will come during the process.

6. Try to Fake It

While you will not change your personality overnight, you can certainly start faking it from the word go. Stand in front of a mirror and imagine yourself to be the person you want to be. The idea is to tell your mind what you want to be and you will be amazed to see how your mind adapts to it. If you want to be more confident, just start pretending that you already are and you will soon be there.

7. Give Yourself a Short Break

What it means is that you should rely on power of thought and habit to make positive changes to your personality, but there will be times when you will not feel like following those rules you have set. It is okay to take a short break and just freak out for a few minutes. By doing this, you will have more motivation to go back to your rules and follow them to the dot. Just do not let things escalate – a short break means just a few minutes of illogical non-productivity and nothing more.

8. Change Your Appearance

One way to learn how to change your personality is to change what you wear. This can really help. Dressing like someone you admire will help you feel more connected to them. It will not change your personality overnight but give you more control over things and help you change your thinking a bit. Do not just follow the way someone you admire dresses up but also try to pick up their habits as well. Take small steps and you will eventually be there.

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