How to Make Your Period End Faster

It is never easy for women to deal with their period, which often makes you look for ways to stop or even shorter the periods. It is obvious that your plans to travel, have sex, or even participate in sports will suffer a lot if you have your period. Even if you're staying at home, it is quite annoying to deal with unpleasantness that comes with menstruation, such as back discomfort, cramping and headaches. No matter what makes you think about ending or shortening your period, the good thing is that you can actually find many answers to how to make your period end faster.

10 Ways to Make Your Period End Faster

1.  Do Exercise

Staying active and sticking with a consistent exercise regimen will go a long way in making your period more manageable. This may even help shorten the duration of your period. Strength training, cardio exercises and anything else will make it as long as the exercise keeps you active. Some women think they should not be exercising on their periods, but that's not the right thing to do. Exercise will help your period end faster and even make your cramps less painful.

2.  Use Pill and Hormonal Supplements

You may think that hormonal supplements and pills are effective only when you don't want to become pregnant, but you can take those pills or supplements consecutively to shorten your period. Some hormonal pills can even make your lining to shed quickly, which will make your menstruation to happen faster. However, you should discuss this option with your doctor first and ask him/her to prescribe right supplements and pills in your case.

3.  Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another answer to how to make your period end faster. It is an alternative medicine technique that involves pricking needles into specific pressure points in your body for pain relief. This technique will also help you deal with your period. So, arrange a meeting with your local acupuncturist and tell him/her you want something to shorten your period and they will come up with a great solution – it may be a pricier one though.

4.  Take Vitamin C

Taking large doses of vitamin C will decrease the amount of progesterone in the uterus, which in turn will help break down the walls of your uterus faster. This will help your menstrual period to end faster. Be sure to drink plenty of water while taking vitamin C, and ask your doctor if you can take larger doses of vitamin C or not.

5.  Drink Herbal Teas

An effective method of how to make your period end faster involves drinking herbal teas. Emmenagogues are specific herbs used to induce menstruation. They are effective because they stimulate your reproductive system and improve blood flow as well. You can always opt for parsley, chamomile, feverfew, yarrow, sage, rosemary and red raspberry leaf because they are the mildest of herbs used to induce menstruation. Other stronger herbs include pennyroyal, juniper berry, asafetida, angelica, black cohosh, tansy and saving. Be sure to consult with your doctor because these herbs can affect your hormone levels and may create some other side effects. To avoid side effects, you can consider drinking plenty of water, which will work against bloating and cramping.

6.  Eat Certain Foods

It is important to pay attention to your diet to learn how to make your period end faster. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

  • Eat pumpkin, papaya, peaches, apricots, carrots, spinach and food rich in carotene because they play a role in shortening the duration of your period.
  • Dissolve half-teaspoon turmeric powder and a teaspoon of jaggery powder in a glass of water and drink it twice a day for about two weeks before the due date of your period. Turmeric and jaggery can increase your body heat and make your period end faster.
  • Add red meat to your diet because it can improve your body heat and speed up your period.
  • Reduce or at least limit the intake of salty food because excessive sodium will lead to fluid retention that will make bloating worse.

7.  Take Ibuprofen

Taking ibuprofen proves beneficial because it reduces the pains caused by your period and even reduces the flow to 50%. In some cases, ibuprofen puts an end to the period. Just be sure to avoid taking more than 3-4 pills within a 24-hour period, and always talk to your doctor to confirm you can take a heavy dosage of ibuprofen.

8.  Use Sanitary Pads Only

Be sure to use sanitary pads only during your period. This ensures the blood flows freely out of your body. These pads usually absorb fluid outside of your body, so they don't block blood flow. Tampons are not useful because they block the blood flow while trying to absorb it.

9.  Have Sex

It may sound strange, but yes, you need to have sex to learn how to make your period end faster. Orgasmic contractions will ensure that the fluids go out of your body faster, which will end your period more quickly. Just keep in mind that having sex during period can be quite messy first, so be sure to discuss it with your partner first. Ask him to use protection.

10.  Speed Up the Flow in Abdominal and Uterus Areas

Here are few tips that will help increase the flow in uterus areas to end your period more quickly.

  • Take a heating pad and place it on your lower abdomen to ease menstrual cramping and dilate the blood vessels in that area, which in turn will help make blood flow quickly.
  • Massage your uterus to ease cramps. This will help move the linings quickly. Do it when you're alone.

Enjoy a hot bath to speed up your period. Soaking in hot water is a great way to increase your body heat and relax your abdominal muscles. This also encourages dilation and increases the flow of blood to your uterus.

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