Steps for Piercing Nose at Home with Minimum Pain

Getting any part of your body pierced is a big decision, especially if it is on the face. You cannot hide them easily and of course there is pain involved. As compared to ear piercing, which are fairly common, nose piercings take longer to heal. Getting it done from a licensed person will ensure that you have there is proper preparation, the piercing is done correctly, the risk of pain is minimized and there is proper after-care done. You can do it yourself as well, but then for that you would need to learn to pierce your own nose. Here we will look at the detailed procedure given step by step.

How to Pierce Your Nose at Home with Minimum Pain

If you are planning to do this yourself, you have to know how to pierce nose with minimum pain. You can do it at home by taking necessary precautions and following the steps given below You should not opt for a piercing gun when doing it yourself, because it can be difficult to sterilize it properly and is also too big to get the exact spot for piercing.

1.  Imagine Your Piercing

You should look at various different styles of piercing and imagine what you would like and which would look good on you. Decide whether you would like a stud or a ring. Consider a professional for safety and less painful if you're afraid of doing it by yourself, but that will be expensive.

2.  Choose the Jewelry

Look online for different types of jewelries available and then choose the stud, ring or bars. You can get it from jewelry, novelty shop or tattoo parlor. Always ensure it is clean and sterile, unused piece. If possible, get a titanium or stainless steel one.

3.  Pierce on Clean Skin

Do not pierce if your skin is infected, has acne or blackheads. The rash should clear before you pierce, or the piercing will have high chances of getting infected. Wash your face with medicated scrub if required.

4.  Get Needle Ready

How to pierce your nose? A needle is a must. Always ensure that you use a fresh, sterilized needle for piercing. A hollow needle works well, but do not keep it down once removed from the package. Never use a pushpin, sewing needle or safety pin as it can damage the tissue and not pierce properly.

5.  Sterilizing

It is important to sterilize all equipment to be used for piercing. Keep the needle in rubbing alcohol and then in boiling water. Wash hands with antibacterial soap and use latex gloves. Change gloves before actual piercing.

6.  Mark the Location

This is also an important step of how to pierce your nose. You can mark the spot of piercing by using a sharpie, to place the stud or piercing. Check in the mirror and adjust till you are satisfied with the marking. You can wash it away, if it does not feel right.

7.  Sterilize the Area to Be Pierced

Use rubbing alcohol to wipe the area to be pierced. Keep away from the eyes, as it can sting. You can use ice cube to numb the area, however, it can tighten the skin, which can make piercing difficult.

8.  Use Piercing Clamp

Use a piercing clamp so that the area to be pierced is tightened securely. You can buy one if you don't have it, as it protects the inside of the nose from getting poked.

9.  Remain Calm

Relax and take deep breaths to calm yourself. Nose piercings are relatively easy, as the skin isn't too thick, it's quite straightforward procedure and the pain is also not very much.

10.  Pierce

Keep the needle in line with the mark on the nose and it should be perpendicular to the skin. Do it quickly in one go, so it slides straight across the tissue. You will feel pain temporarily, but ensure that you don't poke the needle on the inside of the nose.

11.  Put On the Jewelry

It is important to put on the jewelry as soon as you remove the needle, because the hole will begin to close and heal. The closing should happen around the jewelry, so it will fit well. If you delay putting in the jewelry, the piercing will be a waste.

You can also learn from the video where a girl shared her experience:

Aftercare of Nose Piercing

Now that we have looked at how to pierce your nose, it is essential to understand how to go about the aftercare of the piercing. Nose piercing is done through the cartilage and would take around 6-12 weeks to heal. You have to keep the area clean all the time. Follow the steps given below:

  • Ensure that your hands are washed before you touch the piercing or jewelry.
  • Soak a fresh cotton ball in saline solution and dab at the piercing. Rotating the jewelry while dabbing so that the solution reaches the hole as well. This has to be done thrice a day.
  • Clean the screw or clasp placed on the inner side of the nose, by using a fresh cotton ball and saline solution.
  • Do not scrub the jewelry as it can come off, damage the tissue or lead to an infection.
  • Using a paper towel to soak up the moisture from the area is suggested.
  • As far as possible, try to avoid sleeping on the face.
  • Germ exposure can be cut down by changing the pillowcase frequently.
  • Take vitamin supplements and ones containing zinc, so the respiratory illness are avoided which can interfere in the healing of the piercing.
  • Do not fidget with the jewelry or change it for 6 months, as it can damage the cartilage. This can lead to a granuloma, which is very difficult to get rid of.

When Should You See a Piercer or Doctor for Help?

You should check with the piercer immediately if there is swelling, which causes the nose ring to press further into the nose. A larger ring should be helpful. An allergic reaction to nickel from the jewelry can also occur, for which you can change the jewelry to titanium, bioplast or surgical steel one.

If you find the skin of the nose is hot, has red streaks around the piercing or find pus in the location accompanied by fever, it can be due to infection. A doctor will have to be consulted immediately and antibiotics might be required.

You do not have to get rid of the piercing in case of an infection. However, you should follow the aftercare routine and continue taking the antibiotics till it gets cleared up. The piercing will heal with time.

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