How to Shave Your Pubic Area

Shaving pubic hair is an increasingly popular trend these days. If you are interested in following the trend, you should do it with care. The task requires some finesse or else you will end up dealing with irritation and itching. Keep reading to learn more about how to shave pubic area.

How to Shave Your Pubic Area

There are a few things to bear in mind to shave your pubic area properly. Here are the steps to follow for a perfect shave.

1.        Get the Right Razor

Go to your local drugstore and select the right razor for the job. You can even find small shavers for your bikini line. A men's beard trimmer may also help if you do not want to be completely bare. Using a trimmer is a better idea if using a razor or shaving cream leaves your skin irritated.

2.        Wet and Warm the Area

Take a hot shower. Simply soaking in a warm bath before you start shaving will make your skin soft. This will make shaving lot easier.

3.        Trim Your Hair Down

You can use a bikini trimmer or simply a scissor to trim down the edges. Do not trim your labia though. Some women feel happy with the length of the hair after trimming and simply drop the idea of going completely bare.

4.        Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin lightly to help hair pop up a bit. This makes shaving easier and also reduces the chance of ingrown hair. Just avoid using anything harsh for this. Cooled coffee grounds, a soft exfoliating mitt, or a loofah sponge will all do the trick.

5.        Look for a Gentle Shaving Cream

You should opt for an unscented cream or else it will cause irritation. You can also use some oil-based alternatives to creams, such as olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, or mineral oil.

6.        Use the Right Technique When Shaving

  • Shave in the right direction. The right direction is the one in which your hair grows. This keeps you from dealing with ingrown hairs.
  • Glide your razor lightly over your skin. Never press it down on your skin while you shave or you will have your skin irritated.
  • Take as much shaving cream as required. If you rinse off your cream accidentally, take some more. Be sure to cover the entire shaving area with cream.

7.        Moisturize Your Skin Afterwards

Once you have understood how to shave your pubic area and finished the task, you should rinse it properly and pat dry first. Then use oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizer to make your skin stay smooth.

In addition, you should wear cotton underwear because it is breathable and prevents irritation. Use an exfoliating pad when the stubble starts to show again. What's more, you should change your razor regularly to have a great shave. The following video has helped more than 2 million viewers to master the art of shaving down there:


You already know how to shave your pubic area properly, but it is still a good idea to keep a few tips in mind to get a smooth shave.

  • Always make sure you use shaving products on the outside of your skin.
  • Avoid shaving your pubic area during period because the skin is usually more sensitive in period.
  • Make use of a vaginal shield if you are going to shave all of your hair. This keeps you from cutting your inner vulva.
  • Make use of a mirror when you are going for a close shave.
  • Try to shave your hair while taking a shower because it makes things easier since you can prop up legs easily.

What's more, you may want to consider a Brazilian wax instead of shaving because waxing help keep hair away for several weeks. If you prefer shaving, you should carefully learn the techniques explained above.

How to Shave Your Pubic Area: For Men

Many men want to shave their pubic area because the growth of hair could be prolific. Whatever the reason, you should follow some certain steps to understand how to shave properly.

  • Start above your penis. It is relatively easier to clean that area because you can use your trimmer with ease. Use scissors to first trim the hair down.
  • Jump in the shower to help make your skin feel soft. You can also use a lubricating gel while in the shower.
  • Get a razor with new blades and make downward movements while shaving your hair. Make sure to move in the direction of your hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation.
  • Place your leg up on a chair or something high to gain access to the area around and below your penis. Pull your skin a bit and bend down to shave the area.
  • Use scissors to trim the hair on your scrotum before using a razor. Avoid using an electric shaver on your scrotum because the hair is too thin to be effectively shaved by an electric device.
  • For a better shave, you may want to stack a few pillows on your bed and lie on them. Now, bend your legs out and pull your penis towards your stomach. This will tighten up the skin and let you shave the area with ease. 
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