Is Lucid Dreaming Real?

Due to the easy availability of the internet, the concept of lucid dreaming has become quite popular. The idea became more popular when there were movies covering these topics. So many people today have experienced lucid dreams and even help others understand how to achieve this phenomenal state. You can even find websites as well as apps for cell phones and tablets to achieve this lucid dream state. While the concept has become quite popular, there are people who still wonder whether this lucid dreaming is real or not. Keep reading to find the answer.

Is Lucid Dreaming Real?

The simple answer is, yes, it is for real. In fact, it has been a scientifically proven phenomenon for the last 40 years. While many people still think it is just psychological, it is not. It is physical too.

The concept was first validated in 1975 in the UK, but researchers at Frankfurt University conducted a research in 2009 and confirmed that lucid dreaming is real and is actually a hybrid state of consciousness. They also found that there have been measurable and definable differences from the waking state and from the rapid eye movement dream state.

Another latest research conducted in 2012 helped answer the question, "Is lucid dreaming real?" Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry found that activity in brain areas concerning self-perception and self-assessment increases when someone attains lucid consciousness within the dream.

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

A dream is the most intriguing and mysterious states of consciousness. You lose consciousness when you enter sleep, but you regain it in a different way when you enter a serious of private realities. Scientists have always been interested in learning more about these air pockets of inner experience. The lucid dream is basically the hole between the two worlds of consciousness. This is a state in which a person knows he/she is dreaming and has the ability to make changes to his/her self-generated world.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Lucid Dreaming?

Now that you know the answer to your question, "Is lucid dreaming real?" you may also want to know how exactly it feels to have a lucid dream. Different people have different things to say about their experiences. Some say they had an out-of-body experience, while others say that lucid dreaming has a religious side. Here is what people say about their experience:

"When I sleep, I somehow have a feeling that I am dreaming. I find myself running, flying, and playing in a virtual reality where I can make changes to the scene and setting. The interesting thing is that I can vividly remember those scenes and settings when I am awake. I find it extremely powerful, and it is all in my mind."

"It is quite fascinating to experience a state when you find yourself walking down a street with life all around you – you see cars driving down the street, you hear birds chirping in the background, and you notice people moving around. Then all of a sudden, you realize it is just a dream – it is all in your mind. That is what I find lucid dreaming like."

"I experience these dreams all the time. I believe any dream is a lucid dream if you are aware that you are dreaming. However, I have little control over what I see in the dream. It feels as if I can make changes to the dream but I cannot. At the beginning of a dream, I conjure up a man like Channing Tatum, but the next moment I notice Dean Gaffney walking by. It is so amazing, really."

Can You Take Control of What Happens in Lucid Dreaming?

When you know the answer to your question, "Is lucid dreaming real?" you may also be interested in knowing if you can take control of what you see in your dream. What you should understand first is that your mind already has a "blueprint" about the way reality should work, and it uses the same in your dreams. That is why you notice birds flying overhead, gravity, a room being filled with certain objects, and rain falling from the sky. Your brain uses these realities in your dreams as well.

To make changes to your dream world, you need to understand first that you will be making your subconscious mind to do it for you. For this to happen, it is important to change your expectations from the real world because your subconscious mind will use your memories to create dreams. If you enter a room and try to move a chair with your mind powers, you just need to expect it that way. It is important that you "really" expect it to happen, and your mind will help turn it into virtual reality.

If you'd like to give lucid dreaming a try, here're some easy ways to do it: How to Lucid Dream Easily

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