How to Sleep When Scared

If you have watched a horror film or a terrifying TV show in the evening, or have read some scary stories at bedtime, you might feel a bit scared and going to sleep can become difficult. Sometimes strange things can happen and these can frighten you and the fear can keep you awake. This type of sleeplessness or insomnia is not uncommon. There are a few simple things you can do to calm yourself and get sound sleep.

How to Sleep When Scared

1.      Create  a Soothing Environment

comfortable sleeping envoironment

A comfortable environment is essential for peaceful sleep. Make sure that your room temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. There should be no bright lights because they can make your body think that it is still day time and you may find it difficult to go to sleep. Have a dim light on like a night bulb. You can have a green or blue bulb for a more soothing effect. If you are scared of darkness you can keep a flash light on your bed side table so you can just grab it and turn it on if the darkness is distressing you.

2.      Sleep with a Pet 


Having a pet bed side or on your bed at night can be very comforting. If you feel alone and think a pet can give you company, do consider having one. Dogs are very comforting and you can train them to sleep at the foot end of your bed.

3.      Distract Your Thoughts

think about something else

If you get frequent nightmares or are feeling frightened and are curious about how to sleep when scared, try to focus on something cheerful or think about some happy memories. Recalling some sweet childhood memories or thinking about some great time you had at a holiday can calm you down and can divert your attention from the frightful feelings.

If you find this difficult try to focus on some object in your room and think about it. Like how it is made, what is the shape and size of it, if you have to tell a stranger about it how you are going to describe it. Engaging your brain in some creative and constructive thinking can be very helpful if you are feeling scared.

4.      Enjoy Some Soothing Music


Soft and soothing music is another excellent way to calm your nerves and it can help you to have peaceful sleep. Silence can be pretty scary and if it is bothering you can turn on some soft music. If you know how to play any instrument think about how the music is composed and played, and if you have to play it how will you do it.

5.      Keep Good Luck Charms Nearby

good luck charm

If you have a lucky charm or any object which you find comforting, you can keep it under your pillow or on your bed side table. It can be a toy, a trinket or any other thing with some fond memories. If you follow religion or spirituality you can keep the religious symbols close to you or you can chant soothing verses.

6.      Read Something

read a book

Many people who look for ways on how to sleep when scared find reading books very effective. A good book is the best way to take your mind off so many things and being scared is definitely one of them. You can get absorbed in the characters and stories and the scary thoughts just disappear. Try to select something light to read and do not read anything scary or terrifying. Reading something boring or uninspiring can help you to fall asleep quickly.

7.      Sleep with Someone Else

sleep with someone else

If you are feeling alone and scared you can try to sleep with someone. If you have a sibling or you are very young and living with parents, you can share their bed. If you have a partner, ask them to hold and hug you while you sleep. This can be very reassuring and you won't feel scared.

8.      Practice Deep Breathing

Feeling frightened can be very stressful and it can cause a lot of anxiety. If you are feeling scared and can't sleep try some relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises are very effective in calming the nerves and can be tried. If you take slow and deep breaths, your body will get more oxygen and your heart rate will slow down.

If you are feeling very anxious and fearful, sit in your bed and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few seconds. Then slowly exhale. Try to do this breathing exercise for ten to fifteen times and you will feel much relaxed.

9.      Write It Down

keep a journal

Having fears or being scared is not uncommon. Nearly every human being goes through these emotions at some point or other of their lives. If these feelings are haunting you and you want to understand exactly how to cope and how to sleep when scared, first you need to understand your fears.

A very effective way is to write down all your feelings in a journal. Just take a paper and pen or type on your computer whatever comes to your mind. Write about the things that you are afraid of, fears that are bothering you and how you try to cope with them.

There is no set format of recording these thoughts; you can just scribble in any way you want. Also write down the things that make you happy or things you want to do. Read your thoughts and it will be easier for you to understand and cope with your anxieties and fears.

10.  Make Your Home Safe

lock doors

Safety always comes first. Make sure that the locks of your doors are secure. The windows are closed and curtains drawn so no one can sneak in or snoop around. If you are concerned about the safety and security of a place and you can't sleep peacefully, it can aggravate your fear. If everything is safe and secure but you still feel frightened you can keep something for your defense in close proximity. Avoid keeping any knives, guns or other dangerous objects which might cause accidental damage. A heavy book or paper weight can serve the purpose.

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