What Does Meth Smell Like?

Methamphetamine, more commonly known as meth, is a dangerous drug that provides the user with an intense rush via the release of dopamine within the brain. Meth is highly addictive and constant use can cause your body to build up a tolerance, meaning higher doses are required to achieve the desired high. If you ever come across an opportunity to try meth, don’t. If you are curious about "what does meth smell like?" Then just read on to get a clear understanding of this dangerous substance.

What Does Meth Smell Like?

Meth is made with strong-smelled chemicals, so meth also has stout smell. Now you can find out the smell of meth from the following 2 aspects.

1. Smell of the User

Meth is constructed with many non-biodegradable and/or toxic chemicals that are useless to your body and dumped into your excretory system. This leaves meth users with a sharp, chemically smelling body odor because the chemicals in the drug may leak out through their pours in sweat.

This odor has been likened to that of vinegar and ammonia. It is also very common for frequent users of methamphetamine to go long periods of time without showering, which intensifies their annoying body odor.

2. Smell of a Meth Lab

The smell of the meth lab gives you a direct impression of "What does meth smell like?" The ingredients used to "cook" meth are all legal, household chemicals that can be bought at places like supermarkets. When these chemicals are mixed or cooked, they emit powerful toxic fumes with a powerful odor, as well as copious amounts of toxic waste which requires disposal.

Meth labs have commonly been said to smell like ammonia, ether, lighter fluid, auto parts cleaner or rotten eggs. Meth labs contain many toxic and highly flammable chemicals, so if you consistently smell anything similar to what is mentioned above in your neighborhood, it is wise to notify the police and fire department.

How to Know If Someone Is a Meth Addict

Since we have known "What does meth smell like?" it's time to find out "How does a meth addict looks like?" Listed below are10 common addictive signs and it is important to remember that showing one or two of these signs will not always indicate that a person is taking meth.

1. Loss of Weight

This is a very common sign of meth addiction, as the consumption of meth causes the user to lose their appetite, which will lead to a rapid weight loss.

2. Eye Twitching

A common side effect to the consumption of meth is twitching of the eye. Users can have twitch several times in a minute, over which they have no control until the substance is out of their system.

3. Mood Changes

"What does meth smell like" may be not a very important question for those addicts because for them meth is the antidote for their suffering. They love it when in need and may hate it when they are sober.

So it's no surprise that meth can lead to mood swings due to your craving and effect of the chemicals in it. Many uses may experience extreme highs and lows; consistent use can cause irreversible depression in some users.

4. Repetitious Behavior

Many addicts can find themselves engrossed in a repetitive action, for example, dismantling an object and then reassembling it over and over again. It is not uncommon for users to have no awareness of their surroundings whilst engrossed in this activity.

5. Hyperactivity

Due to the intense nature of the high, over activity is a common sign that someone has taken meth. This would of course be hard to notice if the user was always rather hyperactive.

6. Dilated Pupils

Large, dilated pupils are a telling sign that someone has consumed methamphetamine or other drugs that give a feeling of high. This can last for up to 26 hours after the drug has been consumed.

7. Paranoid

Meth can have a harsh effect on a person's cognitive function, causing them to become paranoid without reason. Symptoms are like that they dislike public outings or they go a long period of time without communication with anyone from the outside world.

8. Itchy Skin

The use of meth can cause dry, itchy skin, causing the user to constantly scratch all over their body, so in some cases, torn or bleeding skin will occur.

9. Meth Mouth

Methamphetamine use has a serious effect on a person's dental health. Meth mouth is the term coined for when the consumption of meth has led to mouth problems, such as tooth decay. This can be very serious in cases of prolonged meth use. 

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