6 Causes Behind Eyes Watering and Burning

Having a burning sensation in your eye along with itchiness and discharge usually means you have an infection. You may also notice your eyes burning and watering due to an eye injury or some foreign object in the eye. An allergic reaction can also cause the same symptoms. It is important to see your doctor to have your eye treated or it could lead to serious consequences.

Causes of Eyes Watering and Burning

So many factors contribute to watery eyes, and you should not leave it untreated or it could damage your sight. Here are some of the most common causes:

1. You Have an Eye Infection

When you experience a burning sensation along with discharge, it usually indicates an eye infection. You can develop an infection because of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Other causes include wearing unclean contact lenses, using expired eye drops, wearing contact lenses for too long, and sharing eye makeup with someone who is already infected.

Conjunctivitis is the most common type of eye infection and affects the thin membrane along your eyelid, which is called the conjunctiva. There are tiny blood vessels in the conjunctiva that can become inflamed due to an infection. Viruses and bacteria usually cause this contagious condition, but allergies and a foreign substance entering the eye can also lead to the same issue.

2. You Have Something in the Eye

Having a foreign body, like a piece of dirt or sand can irritate your eye and leave you with eyes watering and burning. Some common foreign bodies that may cause these symptoms are pollen, plant material, spices, and insects. It is important to have foreign bodies removed from your eye as quickly as possible because they can damage your vision by scratching your cornea. Do not rub your eyes and let your doctor help remove the particle.

3. You Have Eye Injury

Eye burning and itching may sometimes be the result of an injury to the eye area. You can injure yourself while walking around chemicals or playing certain sports. You should wear protective eye gear to avoid getting hurt in the first place.

4. You Are Dealing with Eye Strain

It is common to have a sensation of heat in the eye due to eye strain, which may be due to several causes. You may develop this problem when watching TV, looking at computer screen, or reading a book for long hours. Reading in dim light and exposure to bright lights can also lead to eye strain.

5. You Have Allergies

When you have eyes watering and burning along with a runny nose or sneezing, you may have an allergic reaction. You develop an allergic reaction when you are exposed to a substance that your immune system mistakenly takes as an intruder. You may also have a condition, called allergic rhinitis, which can affect your eyes, throat, and sinuses. Any exposure to pollen, pet hair, dust, air pollution, and mold can trigger an allergic reaction.

6. You Take Certain Medications

You are likely to deal with watery, itchy eyes when you take certain medications. Some drugs can make your eye to become dry, which in turn increases your risk of developing eye infections. The most common drugs with such side effects are atropine, antihistamines, beta-blockers, diuretics, painkillers, nasal decongestants, tricyclic antidepressants, and sedatives.

How to Deal with Burning Eyes

  • When you have eyes watering and burning, you need to consider the underlying cause first. Have you accidently put a household product in your eyes? If that is the case, check the label for specific instructions. Generally, it helps to rinse your eyes thoroughly, but it is still important to check the product label for any specific instructions.
  • If you have irritated eyes because you are an allergy sufferer, talk to your doctor who will prescribe specific eye drops to minimize the irritation. Keep in mind that some allergy medications can actually cause your eyes to burn. If that seems to be the case, be sure to ask your doctor for assistance.
  • Sometimes, your burning eyes are the result of a dry eye condition. You can relieve it by using lubricating eye drops. The use of artificial tears certainly helps, but be sure to opt for a brand that does not contain any preservatives.
  • While taking homecare measures certainly helps resolve the issue, you may sometimes require medical assistance. You should talk to your doctor immediately if you have burning eyes along with excessive light sensitivity and pain. Seek immediate medical assistance if you have other symptoms, such as blurred vision, eye discharge, double vision, and flashes of light.

How to Prevent Eye Watering and Burning

In case of an eye infection, be sure to wash your hands often, especially when you touch your eyes to avoid spreading the infection to others – doing this will also help keep you from spreading the infection from one eye to the other. You should also practice some care when someone you know has an eye infection. Never share contact lenses, bedding, sunglasses, and eye makeup with someone who has an eye infection.

In case you wear contact lenses, you should ask your doctor about how to clean and care for them. Here are a few tips:

  • Be sure to wash your lenses often and disinfect them after every use.
  • Wash your hands properly before and after touching your contact lenses.
  • Do not use eye drops and solutions if they are expired.
  • Replace your disposable contact lenses as per the directions of your doctor.

What’s more, you should also practice special care when playing sports. Wear protective gear to avoid damaging your lenses or hurting your eyes. The same holds true when working around chemicals or certain type of equipment that shoots out debris.

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