How to Be Mysterious

When you like someone or fall in love with a guy, it is important that you do not look desperate and behave properly to get his attention. You may have heard that men are more interested in women who are always unpredictable and mysterious. Just, be mysterious in the right way and get the man of your life follow you like crazy. You can also use certain techniques to behave mysteriously and spice up your relationship. Let's find out more about it.

How to Be Mysterious

There are ways to change the way you appear and using those ways properly can help make your relationship more passionate. The idea is to look mysterious to amaze and intrigue the person you love. If you do it right, your man will never interest in another girl.

1. Always Look Confident

It is important to be yourself in every situation, and this requires self-confidence. You need to understand no matter what men say they always love confident women. Confidence makes you look charming and magnetic. If you want to look attractive, persuasive, and admirable, be sure to work on looking confident in front of the man you love. After all, what is mysterious about having low self-esteem or self-worth?

2. Keep Your Emotions in Control

You have to learn to be calm by controlling your emotions. Do not show how excited you are to see someone. By looking calm all the time, you will make the other person guessing about you and they will keep pushing them hard to know exactly what gets you going. That is exactly what you want to make them desire your companionship.

3. Avoid Going into Detail

No matter how talkative you are, you need to learn how to answer questions in the right way without having to go into detail. If the man you admire asks a question that can be answered in "yes" or "no", just stick with it. When you have to talk more, ensure that you summarize it factually without truly getting into it. You just need to avoid explaining too much because it makes you less mysterious.

4. Be There But Try Not to Be There

One way to learn how to be mysterious is to learn how you can be mysteriously absent while being in a public gathering. When you are at a party and you know people like you, try to be mysteriously absent and let people wonder where you are. You can make them talk about you by coming late or leaving early without giving an explanation, but of course, you do not have to be rude here.

5. Do Not Share Your Past

One way to keep the intrigue up is to keep your past a secret, especially if you are still new in town. Make mysterious statements when people ask you about your past. Tell them it does not matter where you are from but what matters most is where you want to go. If you really have to answer, keep it straight and short. You can always cultivate a different image of you by telling interesting stories, but that is only when you have a hard time keeping your past a secret.

6. Take Time to Respond

If you want to look mysterious to someone you are talking to, be sure to take your time to respond. Even if you like that person, do not quickly respond to every text message he sends. Not receiving his calls or replying to text messages immediately is a great way to appear mysterious. Take some time – a couple of hours would do – and then go back to that person. This will make them understand that you are independent and confident and are living your life freely.

7. Try to Be Unique

Yet another way to learn how to be mysterious is to work on how to be unique in everything you do. Having a unique sense of style will always help make you look mysterious. You have to be confident enough to be unique and be able to set your own stage. Ensure that you do not do exactly what others are doing. It is not about blending in but it is more about standing out from the crowd. Wear something stylish, change the color of your hair, and do not shy away from expressing an unpopular opinion. There may be people not agreeing to your opinion, but they will certainly get attracted towards you for having an opinion at least.

8. Make Use of Your Sense of Humor

You have to be reserved, do not talk too much and avoid expressing your true emotions too soon, but at the same time you need to learn how to use your sense of humor in the right way. Everyone loves a person who can make them laugh. If you already think you are quite witty, let your talent shine. Just avoid being sarcastic and do not make jokes all the time because it will be annoying and make you look like a joker, which is certainly not what you want. Just the right amount of humor in any conversation can make it memorable for the other person and that is exactly what you should try to do. You can also resort to one-liners and make yourself look more mysterious.

9. Break the Patterns

It is quite similar to look unique, but it is more about '"NOT" doing what you have always been doing. If you have been living your life as per a specific pattern, you may start to think out of the box and behave differently. This is surely going to add a touch of mystery to your personality. Try to be unpredictable and unreadable. Behave randomly but try to behave strategically at the same time. Just keep in mind that you will have to educate yourself about the world around you to be able to break the patterns. You need to expand your creativity and imagination to stop being boring and predictable. So have you learned how to be mysterious to get what you want?

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