How to Be Seductive

When you observe women like Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Jolie, one thing you notice is how these women radiate sexual energy. They seem to completely understand the art of being seductive. What you may not know is the fact that this is an art that is often learned. It is important to understand that it takes time to learn. It will take even longer before it becomes part of your personality. In this article, you will find tips you can apply that will make you look sexier and more attractive. This will instantly earn you his attention.

How to Be Seductive

1. Make Prolonged Eye Contact

When it comes to becoming seductive, one thing you should master is the art of prolonged eye contact. It is important to understand there is a big difference between staring and maintaining eye contact. Staring will only scare the man you’re eyeing. Sexy eye contact, on the other hand, will only lure them towards you.

To be seductive, give them just enough eye contact to bring their attention to you. Once they look your way, look away and carry on with what you are doing. Ensure you hold contact for a few seconds. And before you look away, you can shift your focus to their lips, and let it stay there for a few seconds. This will likely send the message home.

2. Bite Your Lips

This is yet another timeless move when it comes to seduction. Sensually bite your lower lip as you gaze at them. Only do this once you notice you have gained their attention. Having a man look at you while you bite your lips will drive them wild and make them burn with passion and desire for you.

3. Show Your Collarbone

You can get a man’s attention instantly without having to apply other seductive techniques. Showing the collarbone sends visual cues to men and is an instant turn on. When you reveal your collarbone, you send a message of vulnerability. This is also a sign that you’re interested in the man. This leaves him room to make a move. The good thing about it is the fact that men do not even realize when it’s happening because this is something men notice with their subconscious. So, don’t be shy to hold your hair up and reveal that collarbone. This is how to be seductive.

4. Ensure Your Scent Is Seductive

There is nothing quite as inviting as a nice smelling perfume. Take your time to select a pleasant scent for yourself. Splash some on your wrist and behind your ears. This will definitely earn you their attention. Ensure you should avoid too strong scents such as floral ones and vanilla. Strong scents can be a turn off sometimes.

5. Let Them Smell You

While giving them a taste of the scent you’re wearing is sexy, it is even sexier to allow them to smell your pheromones – the smell your body releases. However, you are not able to smell it consciously. The good thing is that, it is easy for the subconscious to pick up on this smell. Once this happens, the brain will chemically process the smell and will dictate if the man likes it. Be patient enough for them to decide.

6. Tilt Your Chin Down and Look Up

This is an all-time art of seducing a man. You have definitely noticed a girl doing it. It makes them look shy and works wonders on the man’s subconscious. Men are wired in such a way that girls who are childlike and look young appeal to them. This move makes the eyes appear larger and makes your face appear childlike.

7. Use Low Tones When Uttering Their Name

When you use someone’s name, you automatically shift their focus to you. People normally love it when you use their name to get their attention. To make this more seductive, use a low voice when uttering their name. This makes it feel secretive.

8. Compliment Them in a Subtle Way

If you want to win in seduction, you must learn the art of complimenting him. To make this work, try and not make the compliments obvious. Don’t go just complimenting their looks, instead focus more on the most their personality, career and the like.

9. Red Is a Seductive Color…Dress to Kill

While there is no universal standard when it comes to seductive clothing, it is important for you to take your time to think about what to dress in. People have different body shapes, and it is important for you to choose clothing that fits your body type. Go for something that accentuates your best features. This will definitely grasp the attention of the one you’re eyeing.

10. Use Soft Lipstick

You should avoid using too dramatic and loud lipstick colors if you are trying to seduce. This is because dramatic and sharp colors can be a drawback. You stand the chance of attracting his attention if you use soft colors on your lips. Wear a soft pink colored lipstick as opposed to a shouting red or black color.

11. Clean and Moisturize Your Hair

How to be seductive? Take care of your hair. Different hairstyles will look different on different people. This is based on different factors like face shape and even the color of your hair. However, a common factor that will make your seductive agenda a success is cleanliness. Regardless of what style you use on your hair, ensure you keep it clean and moisturized. Always wash your hair before stepping out and use oils on it to give it a glow.

12. Reveal Some Skin

When trying to be seductive, showing off a bit of skin just to make the person curious can go a long way. Show a bit of your stomach, lower back or your shoulders. By bearing a bit of skin, you get to attract his attention subconsciously. While at it, ensure you keep it classy.

13. Give Cheeky Smiles

One of the sexiest accessories you can wear is your confidence. By using a mischievous or coy smile, you let the guy know that you know what you’re doing. Being happy with a bubbly personality is seductive. It makes them curious of what you’re about, which draws them towards you.

14. Use Your Fingers on Your Hair

Wondering how to be seductive? Running your fingers through your hair will get the man’s mind running wild with ideas. Having slightly messed hair can completely turn a man on. Instead of holding your hair up, wear it lose and let the breeze blow it away. Just sit back and have fun, you will have him running after you in no time. 

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