Learn How to Look Depressed

Under normal circumstances, you should be doing everything you can to avoid stress and depression. Clinical depression can cause all sorts of health issues, but there can be situations when you really have to "act" or "look" depressed. It could be for a play or you may have to do it for some other performance. Whatever the case, you should do it respectfully and accurately. Just by paying attention to certain points, you can look depressed. Let's find out how you can accomplish the goal.

How to Look Depressed

You can learn to act and look depressed by creating a rather gloomy atmosphere around you. Here are a few suggestions to help you act better.

1. Wear Darker Colors

Just by wearing darker colors, you can create a sense of being depressed. This works better when other characters are generally wearing bright colors. Simply switching to browns, blacks, and grays will do the trick. You could also wear old-fashioned clothes to look different and depressed. It is important that you do not just wear those clothes on rehearsals, but you should wear them at home as well to trick your mind into thinking that you are not happy. 

2. Avoid Taking Showers

Do it at least for a few days before your performance. The idea is to avoid looking clean and sharp, as this will make you feel that you are in a bad mood. You may also consider rumpling up your hair a little to make others feel that you do not bother fixing your hair because you are under depression. 

3. Try Some Isolation

It is natural for people to isolate them when they get depressed. You can try the same to learn how to look depressed. On the day of your performance, be sure to maintain some space between you and other characters. It conveys the visual message that you are not interested in hanging out with others because of your state of mind. It is even better to pick a corner, go there, and sit on the floor.

4. Try a Grimace 

To look depressed, avoid looking excited before your performance. You should consider making your concentrating face and show as if you are busy solving an important problem. You look depressed when you do not really listen to what others are saying and stay engrossed in your own little world. Just avoid overdoing your frown because your aim is to look depressed and not look like a sad clown.

5. Use Some Props

You can make your character look even more impressive by using the right prop. You can choose from a number of depressive signifiers, including a cane to help pick yourself up, depressive books such as The Bell Jar or Perks of Being a Wallflower, or a tattered stuffed animal.

6. Listen to Depressing Music

Sad and slow music can have a great impact on your emotions, and it can certainly make you feel depressed. 

7. Resist the Temptation to Laugh

Under no circumstances should you be laughing when trying to look depressed. If you laugh, it will change your mood altogether and make all your efforts to look depressed go down the drain. Anyone can tell that you are depressed when you do not laugh at things you usually find funny. It may be difficult, but you have to resist the temptation and start thinking about something more depressive in nature.

8. Whisper and Mumble

To learn how to look depressed, you should learn how to change the way you communicate in general. When people are depressed, they find it difficult to carry on conversations. It is a good idea to say your lines quietly, and with slight difficulty. When coupled with the right outfit and prop, your dialogue delivery can really help make you look depressed. Not giving answers to some questions may also help. Instead of answering, simply shrug your shoulder and have your focus fixed at the ground.

9. Look for the Dark Side

You will feel more depressed when you start looking for the negative side of everything. The idea is to make others notice that you just cannot find the positive in anything. Try to be a downer to convey the message.

10. Use Your Body Language Properly

By using your body language properly, you can easily convey sadness and show that you are under depression. For instance:

  • You should slump your shoulders and look dejected. The idea is to show the exhaustion to feel sad.
  • You may turn your body away from someone you are talking to, as this shows how insecure you are feeling.
  • You should not let your arms hang loose by your sides; instead, fold your arms to show you are not open to suggestions.
  • You may also touch your face to show you are sad and depressed; this also tells you are finding comfort in your own company only.

11. Make the Right Use of Make Up

How to look depressed? You can use your makeup carefully to show you are depressed. You should keep your cheeks and lips as colorless as possible. It is also a good idea to use a nude lipstick to make your face seem less alert and vibrant.

Alternatively, you can decide to perform without wearing any makeup. Not spending any time on your makeup may send a signal that you are pulling back from your regular routines and do not care much about how you look in public.

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