How to Prevent Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2.Type 2 diabetes is the more common type that most people suffer from. And since you know that diabetes is a lifelong and life threatening condition, knowing how to prevent it becomes all that much more important, especially if you’re the type of individual that leads a lifestyle which makes you prone to diabetes or has a family history of diabetes.

How to Prevent Diabetes

The following points on preventing diabetes might sound like a big change, but it’s all in your head. Take baby steps, make small changes or cutbacks and steadily, keep making those changes till you’re living the life you want to live:

1. Say no to sugary drinks

Beverages that are too sweet or sugary always have a high glycemic index. In fact, in a study once conducted, it was found out that people who drank sugary drinks on a regular basis were 80% more likely to get type 2 diabetes than those who didn’t! As an alternative to such drinks, you can easily opt for fresh fruit juice, tea, coffee or drinks like lemonade and coconut water.

2. Say no to fad diets

The thing about these fad diets is that they’re just that… fads. They are unhealthy and they do your body no good in the long run. Due to the lack of a full range of nutrients in your diet, you might end up disturbing your blood sugar levels. Avoid these diets at all costs. Instead, focus on eating more greens, minding portion controls and saying no to junk foods.

3. Opt for a low carb or Keto diet

So while fad diets have no conclusive evidence that supports them, low carb diets are actually backed by science. In fact when it comes to how to prevent diabetes, a lot of doctors encourage patients to eat lesser carbs, because that directly decreases one’s insulin and blood sugar levels. Other diabetes risk factors are reduced as well.

4. Include fiber in your diet

Foods like peas, broccoli, lentils, oats, nuts and beans have very high fiber content. But why eat so much fiber? Well, that’s because not only does it help control your blood sugar levels, but also:

  • Reduces blood cholesterol,
  • Manages your blood pressure,
  • Keeps weight gain in check,
  • Fills your stomach easily, thus preventing you from binging on junk food,
  • Lowers your risk of heart disease,
  • Regulates bowel movement.

5. Don’t forget to include whole grains

Grains also help maintain your blood sugar levels, even though it hasn’t been ascertained as to why exactly this happens. Even so, make sure that your diet includes a lot of whole grain items like pasta, bread and cereals. If you’re not sure about a food item, then check its label. If it has “whole” and “grain” written on it, then it’s good to eat.

6. Lose extra weight

Weigh yourself on a weighing machine and if you’re weights above permissible limits, then you have no other option but to shed those extra pounds off. With every pound you lose, you’re one step closer to a diabetes free life. In fact, do you know that regular exercise and losing around 7% of your body weight can easily reduce your chances of getting diabetes by 60%? So go ahead and lose that extra weight if you really want to work on how to prevent diabetes!

7. Do more physical exercise

Even if you’re within permissible weight limits, leading a sedentary life can eventually take a toll on your life. Now, being physically active doesn’t necessarily mean having to sweat it out 2 hours every day at the gym. Nah, that’s going overboard. Of course, resistance training and aerobics are the best way to maintain your physical health, but if that’s not possible, morning jogs, bi-weekly bicycle runs around the park or even self-defense or salsa classes can do the trick for you.

8. Monitor your cholesterol, triglyceride and blood pressure levels

The presence of diabetes inadvertently means a spike in your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Take regular tests and talk to your doctor about possible options that you may have in case your tests show you're suffering from one or more of the problems mentioned above.

9. Try curcumin

This ingredient is the heart and soul of all the magical properties that we have all come to recognize in turmeric. Even though there is no conclusive evidence, several studies and researches have shown positive results when it comes to the link between curcumin and diabetes. Not only does it reduce your body’s blood sugar levels, but also helps keep other diabetes related problems at bay, including decreasing your body’s insulin resistance! You can easily purchase its supplements over the counter.

10. Catch up on your sleep

If there’s one very easy way on how to prevent diabetes, then it’s about catching as many Zzzzs as you can! Lack of sleep has a much more negative effect on your lifestyle than you imagine. Its most important impact is on your diet and weight – the more sleep deprived you are, the more you tend to eat to increase your energy levels, and the more you end up gaining weight. So go ahead and regulate your sleep cycle. And say no to those unnecessarily long hours of working late or watching Netflix late.

11. Say no to alcohol and cigarettes

Drinking alcoholic beverages like beer on a regular basis can considerably increase your belly size, not to mention your triglyceride levels. If at all possible, give up drinking, especially if you are overweight and have an unhealthy diet. As for cigarettes, not only are they very harmful for your health, several studies have linked them directly to type 2 diabetes. In fact, did you know that people who smoke increase their chances of getting diabetes by over 40%?

12. Increase vitamin D intake

Studies with control groups have shown that when vitamin D deficient people are fed a diet high of vitamin D, their bodies’ insulin producing cells start functioning better, thus leading to a balance in their blood sugar levels. Foods rich in vitamin D include fatty fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon, foods fortified with vitamin D like some dairy products, orange juice, soy milk, and cereals, other foods like beef liver, cheese and egg yolks. You can also just go out more and get more sunshine.

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