Lemon and Honey for Weight Loss

People do not mind trying all sorts of fad diets and fitness programs to help lose weight. There are many ways to lose weight, but trying anything to lose weight drastically can prove extremely bad for your health. Your goal should not just be to lose weight, but to maintain a balanced diet with proper exercise so as to have a healthy weight. But what about lemon and honey for weight loss? Is it a good option?

Do Lemon and Honey Really Help with Weight Loss?

It is true that both lemon and honey do not directly offer any weight loss benefits, but they can be part of your weight loss diet because they do not add to your calorie count and still provide you with important minerals and vitamins that you may not be getting while dieting. Moreover, these vitamins and minerals can help improve digestion, which in turn plays a big role in keeping you slim.

When combined with nutritious diet and exercise, the lemon and honey tonic works amazingly well to dissolve fat deposits in your body. You have to understand that there is no magic pill to lose weight overnight. You have gained all those extra pounds over the course of several years, so you are never going to get amazing results in a week or two. Your focus should be on cutting calories and eating nutrient-dense, fiber-rich foods to lose weight in a healthy way.

How to Make the Honey-Lemon Drink

To use lemon and honey for weight loss, you need to learn how to make the honey-lemon drink. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a cup of water and boil it.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey (organic and unprocessed) once the water is just warm to touch.
  • Dissolve the honey first and then take half a lemon and squeeze it into the cup.
  • Your lemon-honey drink is ready!

Keep in mind that you should drink this tonic immediately after making it, and it is even better to drink it on an empty stomach. Never try to heat the mixture once you have dissolved honey in it because heating can make it toxic.

Other Benefits of Lemon and Honey Drink

There are many reasons why using lemon and honey for weight loss is a good idea, but you may want to include it in your diet to reap some other amazing benefits as well. Those benefits indirectly help with weight loss. Here are some of the benefits of drinking this tonic.

1. It Improves Digestive System

The tonic helps improve digestion by stimulating the production of stomach acids. It also increases bile secretion and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. In the absence of undigested materials in your digestive tract, you are less likely to feel bloated, which is going to make you look slimmer.

2. It Reduces Water Retention

You are going to look fat when your body retains excess water. The tonic helps you in this regard because it works as a diuretic and increases the production of urine. Your body may retain water and fluid in tissues when there is inflammation in the body. You are likely to have facial edema and swelling of the feet when your body is retaining excess water. Regular intake of lemon-honey tonic can help eliminate excess fluid and make you feel better.

3. It Triggers Detoxification Process

Eating food contaminated with fertilizers and chemical pesticides can create a toxic environment in your body. Your skin may also absorb environmental pollutants that accumulate in tissues, in the kidneys and liver and affect your overall health. The lemon-honey tonic can help detoxify your body and eliminate these toxic substances in a healthy way. The tonic is especially beneficial for your liver and improves its function so that it could neutralize toxins more efficiently.

4. It Clears Skin Blemishes

The mixture of lemon and honey is equally beneficial for your skin. Taking it in the morning can really help put acne to rest. Both lemon and honey have antioxidants that are good for your skin. Your skin clears within a couple of weeks of drinking this tonic. Some people believe that applying lemon juice directly to skin can help reduce acne, but the remedy is not suitable for all, especially if you have highly sensitive skin. You will be better off drinking lemon juice with honey to prevent irritation and still get its benefits.

5. It Boosts Your Immune System

Regular intake of lemon-honey tonic can significantly boost your immune system and protect you from seasonal allergies and infections. Keep taking this drink and you will notice a reduction in colds and flu. The addition of honey makes this tonic especially beneficial for people with allergies because honey usually has very small concentration of those allergens and helps desensitize your body.

6. It Treats Throat Infection

Drinking lemon and honey for weight loss makes great sense, but you can enjoy the same to help treat throat infections. Simply make a drink by dissolving honey and lemon in warm water and drink it for instant relief. Honey has disinfectants such as the peroxides that can help clear the bacterial load in the infected area. The tonic also proves effective against inflammation and pain.

7. It Relieves Chest Congestion

When you are dealing with a cough or chest congestion, you can again resort to lemon and honey drink. You can find honey and lemon lozenges to help relieve a cough, but they are not as effective as freshly prepared lemon-honey tonic. Honey helps expel excessive phlegm and at the same time reduces mucus production. Lemon makes it easier to cough up mucus, which in turn reduces any congestion in the chest. 

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