Can You Use Whiskey to Treat Baby Teething?

Teething is certainly among the most common sources of concerns for parents around the world. Usually starting at 6 months age, every child has to go through the process of teething. The eruption of teeth in babies can cause a variety of signs and symptoms, which can make parents worried. When they cannot see their baby becoming so upset, parents start looking for cures to help their baby with teething. Many parents resort to whiskey, thinking that it will help reduce swelling in the gums and make teething easier. Should you really be using this remedy? Is it going to offer any benefits? Let's find out now!


Is Whiskey for Teething a Myth or Remedy?

Rubbing whiskey on the gums of your baby is not going to help a lot with teething. It may help ease some pain, but it could prove fatal in some cases. You have to bear in mind that alcohol can be poisonous to infants, even in very small doses. A teaspoon of whiskey or brandy is usually enough to intoxicate an infant, and may also cause seizures, hypoglycemia, and respiratory failure. Therefore, it is important to avoid using whiskey for teething.

What Happens When You Apply Whiskey to Baby Gums?

After hearing it from others, many people decide to use whiskey on their baby's gums. Some people say that alcohol helps because it can numb the skin. Topical application of alcohol can give you a cooling sensation because it evaporates quickly, but it is not going to work as a numbing agent.

Some parents say that their baby feels better when they apply whiskey to their gums. It could be because your baby is actually becoming intoxicated. Our body absorbs alcohol very quickly, which is why your baby may feel the effect even when you use it in small amounts. By applying whiskey to their gums, you are actually inebriating your little angel. It can also have a direct impact on the brain's pain receptors, which may be the reason why your baby seems calmer after the use of whiskey. In any case, it does not make any sense to intoxicate your baby, especially when you know it can cause a host of other problems.

Other Teething Remedies That Aren't Worth the Risk

You may have already gathered the fact that using whiskey for teething does not make any sense, but you should know about many other potentially harmful teething remedies and avoid them too. For instance:

1. Teething Necklaces


Some teething remedies are popular not because doctors have recommended them but mainly because celebrities have embraced them. The use of teething necklaces is one such remedy. Just pick a gossip magazine and you will find photos babies wearing amber bead teething. It is thought that the amber works to ease the pain your baby is experiencing because of teething. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that the use of amber is going to help a teething child feel better. They are useless and are a choking hazard too, as those beads can break off anytime.

2. Teething Gels


Just like teething necklaces, teething gels are not beneficial for a teething child. Some parents try these gels thinking that they contain such ingredients that would numb the gums and make the whole teething process tolerable. You should avoid these gels because most of them contain benzocaine, which can cause serious side effects when used in children under two years of age. The gel can cause numbness inside the mouth and make it difficult for your baby to swallow anything. Moreover, the substance can also reduce the concentration of oxygen in the blood and lead to a condition called methemoglobinemia. Instead of using teething gels, you will be much better off talking to your doctor to get a baby-sized dose of ibuprofen or another safer pain reliever.

3. Frozen Teething Rings


It may be a good idea to give a teething toy or firm right to your baby to help them feel better, but you have to ensure that the rings you are using are not too cold or too firm. Frozen teething rings can actually aggravate the whole thing and make the discomfort even worse. Moreover, frozen teeth rings are hard enough to bruise your baby's gums.

What Is Safe to Do?

You already know that using whiskey for teething is not a great idea, but you may be wondering if you can do anything to help your fussy baby calm down a bit. Well, you can certainly try some natural remedies to reduce the pain and discomfort. For instance, you can take a small washcloth and massage your baby's gums with it for a few minutes. It may help them feel better because it soothes the sore spots. Again, you can certainly use teething rings and toys, but ensure that they are not frozen. You should also ensure that those toys or rings are made of high-quality rubber and are not painted.

Another good idea is to give your little angel some teething biscuits, cool firm slices of fruit, or frozen waffles. They may feel better while chewing on these things, but ensure that you do not let them lie down to prevent choking. And of course, you can also try some other ways to calm and distract your baby – you can try holding them and singing something they love. Similarly, distracting them with a toy may also help.

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