What Are the Most Sensitive Areas in Women?

Arousing a woman can be considered an art because the methods vary for different women and there are always new ways if you are creative. Seductive moves range from stroking their ears to gently massaging their thighs; however, there are some erogenous zones that will dominate over all others. This article will discuss the 5 most sensitive parts on the female body that should be explored which can make your woman have an orgasm she will thank you for.

5 Most Sensitive Parts of Women

Every man hopes to understand the mysteries of his partner's body, but it is important to understand that there can be no end for this quest as well. Developing a routine to pleasure a woman will amount to digging a grave for your sex life. On the contrary, it is not very hard to be creative in the bed, especially when you know which parts of the body to explore. Given below are 5 parts of the female body that are most likely to react to sexual advances.

1. Ears

The ear is covered with abundant nerve endings and is one part of the body that experiences the least amount of physical contact in a day, which adds to its intrigue.

How to do: It would be wise to start slow by gently exploring the shape of the ear before caressing the earlobe with your lips. Slowly combine these moves and penetrate the ear with your tongue to both surprise and pleasure your partner. Low guttural sounds or whispers are another way to leverage this sensitive part.

2. Lips

There is a reason why couples find it imperative to kiss because it is not just some romantic convention but a stimulation of the countless nerve endings on the lips. This can cause secretions that affect the whole body and make you feel good.

How to do: Kissing, however, is only one of the ways to exploit a lady's lips. The tongue, teeth and fingers can also be used to induce the same secretions in your partner. Simply brush those lips while catching your breath!

3. Nipples

Nipples are one of the most well–known places among the 5 most sensitive parts on the female body. There are ways to utilize them to their maximum potential.

How to do: Cupping a breast in your hand while gently touching or licking regions around the nipples will slowly stimulate the body. Then turn your focus to the nipples by holding it with your lips and rubbing it with your tongue. Studying your partner's reaction can help you judge the nuances that work for them.

4. Clitoris

If you ever doubt the importance of pleasure in sex, then let me tell you about the clitoris, a part of the woman's body that is custom made for pleasure.

How to do: The slightest touch can set it off, and it is important to understand just how much gets your partner going. Gently work it with two fingers or your mouth, varying the type of motion and speed to see what she likes. It is important to be gentle and even use lubrication if needed.

5. Inner Thighs

The last of the 5 most sensitive parts are the inner thighs. These are extremely sensitive to touch and are best stimulated gently with the tongue or fingers.

How to do: Down here, blowing over parts that are moist is another way to excite your partner. Caressing the thighs will increase the flow of blood to the genitals and will make oral sex that much more pleasurable, if done simultaneously.

Other 5 Sensitive Parts of Women

Besides the parts that we have listed as the 5 most sensitive parts, there are a few others that could help you find more creative ways of giving your partner an orgasm.

1. Brain

While men are aroused by things they see, women are stimulated through sound and touch. Moreover, these senses are routed directly to the brain and arousal actually occurs because of how the brain perceives thing that is heard.

How to do: Women don't mind repeatedly hearing sweet words. Simply whispering about the depth of your love during sex can achieve a far quicker climax.

2. Neck

The neck is an interesting erogenous zone and stimulation of the neck occurs mostly due to a psychological effect. Massaging the neck can make a woman feel dominated, delicate and feminine, while making the man seem powerful, talented and masculine. Such a sexual expression gives some women a powerful sensation. It is important to experiment and understand just how much your partner is comfortable with before mastering this particular region during sex.

3. Hand and Feet

Caring for parts of the body that face regular wear and tear can show the tender and attentive side of a relationship.

How to do: Gently massaging callouses on the feet with oil can stimulate the sensitive parts of the feet. Simply touching these parts can produce waves of pleasure in some women. Hands as well have sensitive points that can be stimulated. They can be massaged gently to relieve the tension in the muscles and relax a woman. Loving care for these parts can go a long way to attest to your devotion and love, and in some cases can aid orgasms far better than that of the above 5 most sensitive parts.

4. Stomach

The stomach is a special part of any woman because there is where she carries a child. As a result, your partner could be sensitive here and protective of this region.

How to do: Licking or touching this part can produce feelings of arousal, as well as show just how careful you can be. Exploring this region above the vagina can indicate promises of pleasures to come. It could also be surprising for a woman to see the attention you lavish to this often neglected part.

5. Forehead

The forehead is a generally forgotten part of the body, but a kiss here can have a great psychological impact on a woman. A forehead kiss shows your compassion and how much you care. When a man is able to hold a woman close, kiss her forehead and avoid further sexual advances, it shows control and reassures a woman about his ability to take charge. This will stimulate her and cause her to desire the man sexually.

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