What Can Be Used as Lube?

Lube or lubricant is an agent which can be used to reduce the friction between different adjoining surfaces. For example, lubricants are used in bikes and cycles to reduce their friction when all parts are in moving operations. Similarly, lubes are also used during intercourse to reduce the friction between genitals, which may otherwise lead to pain. There are many different types of lubes and lubricants which are easily available in the market. They may differ in their chemical nature: some of them are water based, some are oil based while others are silicon based lubes. But what to do when you need a lube and none of these types is available at the moment? What can be used as lube? Read on to find answers.

Things That Can Be Used as Lube for Sex

The ingredients of which lubes are made may differ from each other, but the basic concept is same, i.e., to reduce the friction and provide ease during the act of intercourse. Discussed below are some of the common ingredients which can be easily used as lubes that you can find easily at home.

1. Egg White

Egg white is composed of albumin which is pure protein in nature (just like that of a sperm).

Caution: Egg white may contain salmonella species which may cause infectionsin vagina, so make sure that whenever you use egg white as lube, the eggs must be fresh and refrigerated.

2. Household Oil

For the question "What can be used as lube?" different oils used as household products such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, etc., can also be the answer. Vaseline and baby oil are considered as first choice when opting for this decision because of their mild nature.

Caution:However, you should never use these oils with condoms because they won't mix well and actually, the oils can make condoms break easily.

3. Saliva

Saliva is one of the oldest method and ingredient that can be used as lube from centuries. The only problem present with the use of saliva is its water composition which makes the surface dry out very quickly.

Caution: One must ensure that he does not have any sore throat or mouth/gum infection when using saliva as lube, as it can be transferred to the partner.

4. Women’s Fluid

Make the partner sexually responsive with foreplay like kissing, caressing, hugging, etc. As a result of foreplay, a clear fluid is released from the vaginal lining cells, which is the safest and most comfortable lube for sex.

As for the answers to "what can be used as lube", always remember that whenever you want to try anything new, experiment it first before use. Do not choose any shampoo or synthetic ingredient for use as lube, as they can cause severe irritation and damages the skin.

Just Go Out and Buy Great Lubricants

If any of the above discussed items are not available at home, then they can be easily available at most of the shops around the corner. Or you can just buy the different lubricantsoutside.

1. Water-Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are easily available and most popular because of its high safety and limited risk of side effects.They are safe to be used along with condoms and sex toys. It contains water as a primary ingredient; thereby it is mostly non-irritating in nature. Flavored water based lubricants have also gained a lot of importance because of its unique glycerin and sugar composition.However, some minor potion of glycerin may cause irritation and can be a probable cause of yeast infections for some people.Some of the examples of water-based lubricants include Liquid Silk and K-Y Ultragel.

2. Silicone-Based Lubricants

They do not dry off easily like that of water based lubricants, so they are considered longer lasting.They can also be used with silicone based sex toys. However, it should be noted that some women may develop an allergic response because of silicone, so it has to be tested over skin first. Commonly used silicone based lubes include Uberlube.

3. Oil-Based Lubricants

Oil based lubricants are considered as best when doing hand job, but they are not preferred along with condom as they have the ability to break it. Thus, oil based lubes are more used by people in monogamous relationships. However, their thick nature makes it hard to remove from surfaces. One of the examples of oil based lubes is vitamin E oil. Be sure not to be allergic to it before using.

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