Alcohol Poisoning Cure

For people who are prone to binge drinking, or drinking a lot of alcohol within a short period of time, their blood alcohol content may be so high that it is dangerous due to toxicity. That means alcohol poisoning can occur. If a person is extremely confused, disoriented or fails to respond to those around him or her, an alcohol poisoning cure may be necessary because if untreated, alcohol poisoning can lead to death. Therefore, it is important to know how to handle a situation involving alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol Poisoning Cure Step By Step

1. Call Emergency Services

There are several indications that can occur when alcohol poisoning is affecting someone who has had a lot of alcohol. If these symptoms are present, it is time to contact emergency services. There are no remedies that can be found in the home that will cure alcohol poisoning. Therefore, you'd better know these symptoms to call for medical intervention timely. These symptoms include:

  • Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin. Skin can also be blotchy
  • Person does not rouse when pinched, shaken or talked to
  • Breathing stops for 10 seconds or longer
  • Seizures, spasms or convulsions occur
  • The victim appears confused or is in a stupor
  • Vomiting occurs while the person is unconscious

People who are unresponsive, exhibit mental confusion or have blue skin, erratic breathing or are gasping for air require immediate attention. They need medical help, so call 911.

2. While Waiting, You Can:

Once the call has been made to bring in emergency services, there are something you can do that can help alcohol poisoning cure.

  • Turn the person on their side, particularly if the person is unconscious and vomiting. This is important to help avoid choking. Vomiting helps the body get rid of some of the alcohol, so that is a positive sign. However, when a person is lying on his back, he can easily choke on that vomit.
  • Place a blanket or coat over the victim. This helps the individual stay warm. Their blood vessels are constricting due to the high levels of alcohol, and this can cause hypothermia.
  • If the person is conscious, it is a good idea to give them lots of water or other non-alcoholic fluids. This helps them flush the alcohol from their system, decreasing the effects and symptoms.
  • Make sure to watch the victim and keep him awake while waiting for emergency services to arrive. People who fall into a coma may die if the alcohol poisoning is severe.
  • Finally, if they are capable of swallowing, consider supplements like vitamin B complex and milk thistle. These supplements can help the liver detox and better handle the massive influx of alcohol.

3. But Never Do the Following:

  • Leave the person to “sleep it off”: As mentioned above, a person can fall into a coma and die from alcohol poisoning. Leaving them alone to sleep is definitely not an alcohol poisoning cure.
  • Force them to drink black coffee: Coffee does not help them rehydrate or flush their system of the alcohol. This is not a good beverage to give someone who has had significant amounts of alcohol.
  • Force them to vomit: If the person is vomiting naturally, this is helping their system get rid of excess alcohol. However, if it is forced, their system may not function properly and may cause choke instead.
  • Help them walk around: The person's brain is not functioning at proper levels. Therefore, making them keep moving increases their risk of falls or injury.

4. When Emergency Services Arrive:

The paramedics will take control of the situation. They are trained to evaluate the individual and determine what is needed to stabilize the victim. In most cases, the person will require a trip to the emergency room at the local hospital. Monitoring and sometimes an intravenous drip will be required. Sometimes, the individual will have their stomach pumped to remove excess alcohol.

Some people will require a tube to be inserted into their windpipe to assist with breathing. For young children who accidentally ingested methanol, kidney dialysis may be required.

Alcohol poisoning is a serious condition. Emergency services and medical intervention are always advisable as soon as possible. This can prevent any more serious symptoms from developing when more and more alcohol is processed into the body.

What Will Happen If a Victim of Alcohol Poisoning Is Left Untreated?

Alcohol poisoning cure is necessary when you find someone is under this condition. If left alone, it can lead to many tragic consequences. For example, the breathing and heartbeat can both slow and even stop when a victim is left alone. Someone with alcohol poisoning can also choke on his or her own vomit. Someone left alone in this condition can also have seizures, suffer permanent brain damage, suffer from hypothermia or drastically low blood sugar. All of these conditions can lead to death.

Therefore, it is never advisable to leave someone alone who you believe is suffering from alcohol poisoning. Even someone who is not exhibiting symptoms of alcohol poisoning but has ingested high amounts of alcohol should be watched to make sure they will sober up and not have any health issues related to the alcohol they have ingested. 

You will get more facts about alcohol poisoning death from the video below, which makes you know the importance of remembering what has been talked in this article.  

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