Celebrities with Bunions

Commonly referred to as hallux abducto valgus deformity, bunion is an abnormality characterized by lateral deviation of the big toe (hallux) and medial deviation of the first metatarsal.

Bunions are treatable by changing foot wear, various orthotic (accommodative shielding and padding), ice, rest and medication. However, these forms of treatment take care of the symptoms more than they rectify the deformity. If the deformity is causing discomfort or you wish to have it corrected, surgery by a podiatric surgeon or orthopedic surgeon can be effective.

Anybody can get bunions. In this article we look at some celebrities with bunions.

8 Celebrities with Bunions

Tilda Swinton

The stylish British actress during the Late Show in New York showed a bunion that looked rather painful on her inflamed left foot. Tilda was in Italy working at The Venice Film Festival and the bunion might have been a result of wearing too many high heels during that period. The 47 year old mother of 2 was in Italy promoting her new film “Burning after Reading” where she co-starts with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. She graced the red carpet with a beautiful dress and sky scraping heels. However, despite the glamour of the designer shoes, Tilda’s feet were not comfortable at all. She is rocking sandals to give her feet time to breathe.

Victoria Beckham

Six inch heels have become Victoria’s trademark over the years. However, the years spent in the towering heels have earned her a place among the celebrities with bunions. Victoria is facing a bunionectomy to get rid of the condition. Her friends have reported that she is in so much pain that she has to ice her feet and exercise daily in order to avoid the surgery recommended by her doctor. Posh says that the pain is affecting her posture. To deal with the pain, she has been exercising. She stands on a step and lowers weight onto one foot as well as rests on her back and stretches her legs. If Victoria goes through with the surgery she may have to forego high heels for 2 months.

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh has been on the ballet dance floor since she was 4 and in most of her films she showcases her talent. She has gotten several injuries while performing her stunts. She became famous among western audience throughher role in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” directed by Ang Lee. The role was quite acrobatic so you can imagine the massive pain the bunions put her through. Michelle also co-starred in the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” in 1997.



Iman Abdulmajid was born in Mogadishu, Somalia on 25th July, 1955. She has made her way up the ladder to become an actress and a producer. She is mostly known from “No Way Out” (1987), “Out of Africa” (1985) and “Project Runway Canada” (2007). All these have made her feet slaves of designer high heels. High heels being unforgiving as they are, she has developed bunions on her feet. Iman is also known for her works of charity and ethnic cosmetics. She is the wife of David Bowie.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was born on 11thFebruary, 1969 in America.  She is a businesswoman, producer, director and actress. She became popular after starring on Friends (1994-2004) as Rachel Green. This role earned her various awards including a Golden Globe. When the series was on air, her role gained a lot of fame and she ended up being recognized among the 100 greatest female characters in the US television. From then on Jennifer went on to take roles in movies. However, her life of acting and appearing on the red carpet in six-inch heels has got her painful bunions on her feet.


Known for her famous talk show the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah is also among the celebrities with bunions. Born on 29th January, 1954, Oprah is an actress, American media owner, philanthropist and producer. Her talk show was the highest rated of all times and was aired from 1986 to 2011. Referred to as the “Queen of Media”, Oprah is hailed as the greatest black philanthropist in the history of America, richest African-American in the 20th century and the only black billionaire in North America. She is also considered to be the most influential woman in the world. President Barrack Obama graced her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013. From her bio, it is clear that most of her time is spent in high heels, which has contributed to the bunions on her feet.

Christina Hendricks

Born on 3rd May, 1975 Christina Rene Hendricks is an actress and she is famous for her role in the TV series Mad Men as Joan Holloway. She has been nominated six times for an Emmy Award. Esquire magazine took a poll of female readers and it ranked Christina as “the sexiest woman in the world”. Yet despite her dashing looks, her feet fail her. She has appeared in lists of celebrities with “ugly feet” mainly because of her bunions.

Paris Hilton

Great granddaughter to Conrad Hilton, the pioneer of the Hilton Hotels, Paris Whitney Hilton was born on 17th February, 1981. She is an American television personality, socialite, DJ, Singer, businesswoman, actress, author and model. The rumors of her short lived relationships as well as her lifestyle have made her a common topic on the entertainment news.  In 2001 she was named “New York’s leading It Girl”. In addition to all these, Paris has rather serious bunions. Her feet problems have become a topic on the gossip columns because she wears designer heels that reveal her feet.

More Celebrities with Bunions and Ugly Feet

Keri Hilson – the American musician has walked the red carpet and attended dozens of event in shoes that have cause her to get ugly and painful bunions

Elle Macpherson – her feet have been photographed several times with painful bunions squeezed in closed high heels.

Kim Kardashian – the American socialite is often seen rocking high heels, but they have in turn distorted the appearance of her feet.

Penelope Cruz – the Spanish actress and model has been spotted with bunions on her feet when she was in open designer high heels.

Kate Moss – an English model from the early age of 14, most of her toes are rather deformed, possibly because of constant wearing of high heels on the run way.

Britney Spears- the American musician has rather nasty feet and even went on record saying she has ugly and fat toes.

Katie Homes – the beautiful American actress’s feet do not complement her talent and beauty. She has bunions and cones on her toes.

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