Thinspo Before and After

Thinspiration, often known as “Thinspo”, is the inspiration to help those who want to lose weight and keep it off. Thinspo might sometimes be seen as a bad thing, because there are numerous pictures shared as “thinspo” which are actually of those who are severely underweight. However, there are some healthy thinspo pictures of celebrities who have lost weight and kept it off, and look fantastic while maintaining that healthy weight. These thinspo before and after pictures are excellent to use when finding inspiration for the toughest days of your diet plan.

Female Celebrities Thinspo Before and After

1. Christina Aguilera

This once tiny celebrity bulked up quite a bit until 2013, when she took control of her life again through serious diet and exercise. In fact, she dropped 50 pounds to get back down to a healthy weight, and she has never looked better. The secret? A well-balanced diet, yoga workouts and hiring a personal trainer.

2. Beyoncé

She put on 60 pounds of baby weight but went on to lose it without resorting to extreme measures. Her solution was to simply eat at least one vegan meal per day, work out like crazy and limit her snacking to just a handful of good things, like edamame or a green apple.

3. Kim Kardashian

This reality television star lost 50 pounds of baby weight through all the natural ways, which included hard work in the gym, eating right and going with only low-carb foods. She was able to drop the weight and get back into the game within five months of the birth of her first child.

4. Raven Symone

As a child star, she suffered from a great deal of anxiety and stress, and that was what caused her to overeat. By getting a handle on that stress, working out a great deal and eating only healthy foods, she became a true thinspo before and after inspiration for staying healthy and happy.

5. Carrie Underwood

This country music sensation packed on the pounds at the beginning of her career. Now much thinner, this vegetarian credits hard work with getting her down to a smaller size. However, she was never all that heavy to begin with, which makes a point that we should all remember: Camera angles can be manipulated to make individuals look much heavier than they really are!

Watch this video to view more thinspiration before and after pictures of ordinary people.

Male Celebrities Thinspo Before and After

1.Chaz Bono

This inspiring son of Sonny and Cher weighed 250 pounds at his heaviest, but after visiting the show ‘The Doctors’ and learning just how much his weight could affect him, he cut out all grains and dairy from his diet. The result was a loss of 85 pounds, and now he looks better than ever – and most importantly, he feels great.

2. Chris Pratt

The sexy star of Jurassic World didn’t always look or feel so attractive. He was a rather hefty man in the earlier days, but when he played the lead role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ he toned down to become the superhero Marvel fans wanted to see. The result is a buff, toned body he got with a strict diet (no beer for six months!) and lots of weightlifting.

3. Jason Segel

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star was pretty heavy during the show’s run, but when he was offered a role that required him to take his shirt off – among other things – he decided to buff up. He no longer eats late at night, has been exercising and eating the right things to drop a substantial amount of weight.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal

He was incredibly buff in ‘Everest,’ and that body was hard-won. He dropped thirty pounds for his role in ‘Nightcrawler,’ and he did it by running a great deal, as well as dieting like mad, eating only healthy foods. The weight just dropped away.

5. Matthew McConaughey

Already known for his awesome body, this hot actor decided to lose a great deal of weight for his role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’ He lost over 50 pounds to play the role, though he did frighten friends and family by doing so. Such extreme weight loss came about with strictly healthy eating and the proper exercise; it is important not to go for this thinspo before and after inspiration without consulting a doctor.

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