How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How many times have you been told you should wash your hair every day? But then again, you might have heard that you should only wash it once a week. So, how often should you wash your hair? It's a question that almost everyone has an opinion on, but it all comes down to a matter of your particular hair type and style. Here's what you need to know to make the right choice.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Most people turn to a daily shampoo to keep their tresses clean and soft, but many experts are now saying that is not the way to go. Washing too often can strip out the oils that your scalp and hair need to stay healthy. On the other hand, for some people, washing too often can make your hair create too much oil, which leaves it dull and limp. So how often should you wash your hair? The answer depends on your scalp and your hair.

1.  Scalp Type

What is your scalp type? If it is considered oily or dry, your washing regimen will be different than that if it is considered normal. The information below should help you determine how often you should wash your hair.


How often to wash

How to choose shampoo and conditioner


If your hair is brittle, wash once a week, possibly twice a week if necessary. This will help keep the hair smooth and silky.

Use a moisturizing shampoo that will keep your hair supple and smooth. You can also use a conditioner. Try leave-in conditioner if you want to use that in between shampoos to keep your hair looking good.


If your hair is usually oily, you can wash every day. This will help keep the oil down and keep your hair healthier. However, washing too frequently is not good so try washing every other day. 

A lightweight shampoo meant for daily use is best. When you use conditioner, be sure to use one that is designed for oily hair. It's usually best to skip the conditioning altogether.


Once or twice a week is just fine for those who have normal hair, which is not too dry but not too oily, either.

With normal hair, you're in luck – you can try out a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners to determine which one works best for you. A typical, everyday shampoo is usually the best one.

2.  Hair Texture and Styling

What's your hair like? How do you like to style it? These questions can then help you answers the most important question of how often should you wash your hair. Here's what you need to know about texture and styling in order to make the right choices.


How often to wash

How to choose shampoo and conditioner


Very fine hair will be clean with a shampoo about three times per week.

Use a shampoo that pumps up the volume and is made specifically for thin, fine hair. When you use conditioner – which should be rarely – use it only on the ends.

Thick and straight

Never wash more than every other day with thick hair.

Use a shampoo that has smoothing qualities, or look for one that has an anti-tangling agent.


Shampoo your hair twice a week.

Look for a shampoo that is designed for curly hair or one that has moisturizing qualities. You can also use a conditioner that promises to work on curly hair.

Chemically-straightened or relaxed

Once a week is just fine for your hair.

Use a very gentle, all-natural shampoo to give your hair the clean boost it needs without going overboard.


Shampoo every other day, but only with a certain product.

Look for a shampoo that specifically says it is safe for hair that has been treated with keratin.


Twice a week is enough shampooing for this type of hair.

Use a shampoo designed for color treatment.Remember that the dye makes hair more porous, so never shampoo too often.

3.  Special Hair Conditions

Some types of hair require very special treatment. Here are a few scenarios and the answer to how often should you wash your hair in these conditions.


How often to wash

How to choose shampoo and conditioner


Wash at least once every ten days.

Look for a shampoo and deep conditioner that are designed specifically for African-American hair. Never use products that are designed for any other type of hair.


Wash your hair on a daily basis.

You should look for a shampoo that is designed to handle dandruff or similar skin problems. Use it religiously every day in order to eliminate flakes.

Now you have known how often to wash your hair and how to choose the right shampoo and conditioner, you can learn how to wash the hair rightly for the best result by watching the video below:

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