Wanna Hit Your Puberty Faster? 5 Ways to Help

Tom hates the gym class. The reason behind this hatred is not that he minds playing basket ball, soccer or any other activities. But he does dread going into locker room at the end of the gym class and showering in front of other boys. The bodies of the other guys are growing and changing, but his body seems to be stuck in childhood. He looks younger than the other guys and his voice has also not deepened. It makes him feel himself looking like a child.

So, how to hit puberty faster? Is it really the matter to be worried about? Let’s get the answers here.

How to Hit Puberty Faster

Puberty is that time of life when a child’s body matures into the body of an adult. Puberty for boys starts usually between the ages of 9 and 14 years old. The symptoms of puberty in boys include enlargement of testicles and penis, growth of underarm hair, facial and pubic hair, deepening of voices and a growth spurt. The shoulders of the boys also widen and more muscular mass is developed on their body. So, if you are still in the same age group being discussed, then there is nothing wrong with you; you may just begin puberty late than other guys. But still, if you want to know that how to hit puberty faster, then follow these measures:

1.  Accept It as a Matter of Fact

As a matter of fact, no one gets his wished things in their exact form and in exact time when wished, for example, “A” grades in tests, and the spot on the sports team. It can be related with many other things you don't know.

2.  See the Benefits of Being Young

There might be some benefits of not starting puberty just yet. You don’t have to shave, and might need not to take showers so early. So try not to dwell on when the body will change, because puberty is not very charming for everyone.

3.  Find and Enjoy the Happiness

Try to find and spend your time doing the things that you enjoy and are perfect at. This will definitely boost up your confidence and reduce the feelings of shyness. Many healthy hobbies like speech, debate, music and theater can be added to your list.

4.  Keep Your Weight

If you are overweight and you get out of the breath quickly, then these might be the underlying causes of delayed puberty. Getting in shape can help you keep up with other guys in a better way. 

5.  Excel Your Skills

In the most playing games of the world, athletes of all height and size come. If you are developing late, that doesn’t mean that you cannot excel in sports. All you need is to polish your skill and boost up your confidence in playing with other guys without shame or shy feeling.

How to hit puberty faster? All in all, your height and other puberty issues will end up normal whether you go through puberty early or late. The fact may even be:When your class fellows would have stopped growing, you will probably just keep going! So all you need to do is to be patient and wait for the changes that will happen soon.

Here is an insteresting video about boy's puberty that you may want to watch:

Should You Worry About Delayed Puberty?

In a condition in which your age has exceeded more than 14 years old and you have found no symptoms of puberty like enlargement of testicles or growth of penis and pubic hair, it is known as delayed puberty. Does that indicate the presence of some problem?

Well, the most common cause of this delayed puberty is constitutional, which you need not to worry about. That means it is inherited either by one or both parents. The mother might have had the delayed puberty if she started her periods after the age of 14 years. Or the father may have had delayed puberty as he started the puberty related growth after the age of 16. They eventually go through the puberty if enough time is given. So you can ask your parents, if they had any such delayed puberty.

Boys who have chronic illness like inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis or sickle cell disease, often mature late. In these conditions, you need only to be patient. However, a smaller number of boys suffering from delayed puberty have a lifelong deficiency of puberty hormones FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), a problem called as isolated gonadotropin deficiency (IGD). This condition is usually present from the birth and many boys with IGD are born with penile length shorter than the normal. One of the signs of IGD is the failure to start puberty by the age of 17 years. Another complication related to IGD is the Kallmann syndrome, in which the boy also loses the sense of smell.

How to Treat Delayed Puberty

How to hit puberty faster or treat the delayed puberty? For the constitutional delayed puberty, the problem will be resolved with reassurance and waiting. However, the late-maturing boys, who are impatient to wait for next 16 to 18 months for pubertal growth spurt to start naturally, are offered a brief course of testosterone by pediatric endocrinologist. The course comprises of the monthly injection given to the patient for several months. Different doses and injections can be prescribed by different doctors. For the patients of IGD, the same testosterone course is offered for a longer period. 

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