How Can You Stimulate Prostate?

Prostate massage or also called prostate milking is a practice of stimulating prostate gland for sexual and medical benefits. You can do it internally or externally, but you should do it only when you understand the process and know that you can damage the prostate if you do it incorrectly. Keep reading to find out more about how to stimulate prostate without facing any issues.

How to Stimulate Prostate for Maximum Pleasure

There are a number of ways to achieve the goal. Here is how you should proceed for maximum effects.

Step 1: Prepare the Things That You Need

You need to pay attention to certain things before you even think of stimulating your prostate internally or externally. If you are have someone massaging it for you, then he/she should make the preparations. For instance:

  • You should trim your nails and use a filer to get rid of any sharp edges. You will be using your finger to learn how to stimulate prostate and sharp nails can hurt your sensitive tissues.
  • You should wash your hands thoroughly using an antiseptic solution to reduce the chances of infection.
  • You should get a good quality lube and lubricate your hand properly. You may even consider lubricating the anus.
  • You should spend some time massaging your perineum and anus from the outside before taking it to the next step.

Step 2: Prepare your Body and Sexual Organs

You need to understand that rushing through things may lead to complications. You need to be patient and always start with an external massage. The perineum, the area located between the anus sand the scrotum, should be massaged lighting from the outside. Even though you don't feel your prostate when massaging the perineum, you're still giving a massage to your prostate in an indirect way. Maintain a rhythmic, circular motion when massaging the anus – it is fine to gently push on your anus without inserting your finger in for now.

Step 3: Find the Prostate

Your next task is to find the prostate, which is located about a couple of inches inside your anus. It feels like a walnut-shaped bump and you will know when you touch it. If you fail to find it yourself, you can ask someone else find it for you.

Step 4: Stimulate the Prostate

You can try different techniques and options to learn how to stimulate prostate. You can do it on your own or ask someone else to help you with it. Here is more about the process:

Option NO. 1: Ask Someone Else for Help

1. Doing It Face-to-Face

You can ask someone to help find your prostate and stay face-to-face for greater intimacy. Here is the procedure:

    • Get in a comfortable position. You can sit in a chair with your back supported by a firm pillow. Pull your knees towards your chest while keeping your back a bit reclined.
    • The person giving you an anal massage should be positioned in a way to have unobstructed view of your genitals and anus.
    • It is important for the giver to never use fingers to poke the receiver's anus. When someone's giving you a massage, ask them to apply gentle pressure first while adding the lubrication. Ask your partner to insert their finger while crooking it in the upward direction and look for a roundish oblong protrusion, which should be about two inches from your rectum.
    • Once your partner finds it, ask them to apply more pressure on it to produce various sensations. By changing the amount of pressure, your partner can help control the sensations.
    • Maintain eye contact with your partner for greater intimacy. While applying pressure, your partner should maintain eye contact, especially when they are stimulating the super sensitive nerve endings around your anus.

2. Doing It While Facing Away

When you are receiving a prostate massage in a facing away position, you need to kneel with knees apart elbows on a surface and your buttocks elevated. Make sure to be in a comfortable position. Your partner who is giving you the massage should sit with their legs spread behind you. This way they can access your anus with ease.

Option NO. 2: Do It By Yourself

When you know the basics of how to stimulate prostate, you can also try to do it on your own. Here is how to proceed:

  • Lie flat on your back with your feet on the bed and legs bent. Feel free to try a different position that feels more comfortable.
  • Watch some porn or think of something that gets you excited. Your rectum walls should be relaxed for painless penetration.
  • Use as much lubricant as possible when trying to insert your finger in your anus. Only insert your finger until the second knuckle. Trying to force it too far may damage your sensitive tissue.
  • Bend your finger inside your anus as if you are indicating someone to "come here". Look for a small gland.
  • Once you find your prostate, massage it gently and increase the pressure as slowly as possible.


When learning how to stimulate prostate, you should keep the following tips in mind.

  • Try different positions and different kinds of touch for better effects
  • Experiment with how much pressure makes you feel good. You can try vibrations or exert some pressure gradually. You may even want to squeeze your PC muscle to change sensations.
  • Use latex gloves if you're not comfortable using your finger
  • Make use of sex toys like a dildo for proper stimulation
  • Take a sitz bath or simply take a hot shower to relax your pelvic muscles prior to any stimulation

More helpful tips from an experienced lady:


While it is easy to locate your prostate, you may have to spend a bit of time when doing it for the first time. You should also bear a few important things in mind when trying to stimulate your prostate. For instance:

  • Not all men feel pleasure when stimulating the prostate. Everyone is different. Some men may just get orgasm, while others may experience intense pleasure. Do not assume it will always be pleasurable for you, especially when doing it for the first time.
  • Your rectum and anus are very sensitive areas and any mishandling can lead to injuries. Be very gently and use enough lubrication before stimulating your prostate gland. 
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