How to Turn a Man on Sexually

It is usually easy to seduce men and get them in mood. A sexy look can work wonders. If you talk about having great time in bed, you can learn how to turn a man on sexually by stimulating certain feel-good zones on his body. Some of these zones are loaded with sensitive nerve endings. Besides knowing the secret places that will make your man crazy, you should also learn those naughty triggers that will turn your partner on in no time.

How to Turn a Man on Sexually

You just need to learn a few techniques and understand what makes men excited. Here is more about how to turn a man on.

1.      Be a Good Kisser

If you think kissing is a boring foreplay technique, you need to think again. Just add some passion to it and it will be incredibly hot. You also need to take the initiative and kiss your man before he gets the chance to do it. Add some aggression to your kissing by squeezing one of his lips, gently biting him, and touching his tongue with yours. You can also make it even more exciting by kissing on his neck or sucking his earlobe.

2.      Use Your Hand Well

While kissing, use your hands to caress your partner's body. Touch him passionately and hold him tight in your arms. Use your hands to caress his cheeks, inner thighs, neck, ears, and the back of his head to ignite a sexual spark in his body.

3.      Give and Take

While it is important to use your hands on your partner's body, you should also encourage him to reciprocate in the same way. Let him touch your breasts for starters. This alone can turn him on sexually.

4.      Try to Be Naughty

To learn how to turn a man on sexually, you need to learn how to be naughty in a relationship. Do not shy away from trying out new things. Show some confidence; confidence is sexy. You may experiment by initiating a new position.

  • A simple move like making out in front of a mirror where you both could see each other will add spice to your sexual act.
  • Wearing sexy clothes, especially sexy lingerie will prove better than being nude because it makes him wish for more.

5.      Build Anticipation

Anticipation makes you feel excited, and you need to build it even before you two get into the act. Send him text messages about what you have planned for the night – just make sure that he always keeps his phone close to him. As he enters the house, give his nether region a caress and this will be enough to turn him on. Flirt with him. Whisper something sexy in his ear. Use a husky voice to build some sexual tension. Tell him how bad you want him. Ask in sexy voice what he wants you to do. Make it intimate, make it sexy, and it sure will turn him on sexually.

6.      Tease Him

Just like building anticipation helps, making him wait before the real act begins will also build sexual tension that will make lovemaking even more fun. Spend some time kissing, run your lips across his chest and make some real tongue and skin connection before taking it a step further.

7.     Work on the Fantasy

Consider fulfilling one of his sexual fantasies. It is one of the best idea for anyone want to learn how to turn a man on sexually. While you need to know your partner well, this always works great. If he desires a sexy nurse, you can be that nurse for one night. If he likes fetish, get read with cuffs and whips to give him a surprise. It is not possible for him to resist the temptation when he sees you in his favorite character. It will be a huge turn-on for him.

8.      Pleasure Yourself

You may think you are here to learn how to turn a man on sexually, so why would you do anything to pleasure yourself? Believe it or not, but men love to see women enjoying the sexual encounter. If you are enjoying it, his level of excitement will go up as well. This will turn him on and at the same time tell him exactly how you would like to be touched. This information is going to spice up your sex life and make things even more pleasurable for both.

9.      Watch Others Doing It

Watching porn can be quite stimulating for men. The problem is that some women just do not like the idea that their partner is into porn. You need to understand that men are always visual. It does not mean that they want you to be or act like the woman they watch on the TV. They just want to see sex. You can make it even more exciting for him by watching porn with him. Even better, try those moves that you see in the movie on your partner to turn him on and have a great orgasm.

10.    Explore New Positions

What's more, you need to understand that repetition will make your sex life boring. To learn how to turn a man on sexually, you need to learn how to vary things in bed. A slight change in pressure, speed, or position will make things more interesting and pleasurable. You may also get intimidate and touch him down there with a lube on your hands. Move your fist up and down with long, smooth strokes. Add your other hand to the play as well. Once he is ready, be sure to experiment with sex positions because variety keeps both of you aroused throughout the sex session.