How to Use Condom (with Pictures)

It's a fitted, thin plastic cover that a man wears on his penis during sex. There are a lot of different types.Most people use condoms made of latex. If you’re sensitive or allergic to that material, you can use ones made of other types of plastic: polyurethane or polyisoprene. Plastic condoms can protect you from STDs, such as  HIV, herpes, chiamydia, and gonorrhea during any kind of sex -- vaginal, oral, and anal. “Natural” or “lambskin” condoms are made of material that comes from lamb intestines. They prevent pregnancy, but like human skin, they’re porous. That means they don’t protect you from STDs.This article will show you how to use condom with pictures.

How to Use a Male Condom

  1. First ensure the condom has not surpassed its expiration date. Check the package for any signs that the condom may have been damaged (and therefore be ineffective).
  2. To apply, carefully tear the package using the easy-tear sides, remove the condom and determine which way it is rolled. Gently roll the condom to find out which way it rolls down, ensure to not unroll too much of the condom, as this can make it harder to put on and less effective. There is a tip at the top of the condom which catches the ejaculate, this should be pointing outward.
  3. Place the condom onto the tip of fully erected penis, and pinch the tip at the top to squeeze all air out of it, eradicating the possibility of the occurrence of air pockets.
  4. Begin to roll it down the penis whilst pinching the tip of the condom. If you have properly ascertained which direction it is supposed to roll in, then it should easily roll down the erect penis. If you have rolled it the wrong way, throw the condom away and use another one. Flipping it around may lead to ineffectiveness.
  5. If the condom seems difficult to apply, use lubricant to make the process easier. For those with an uncircumcised penis, great care should be taken when applying a condom. Gently roll the condom slightly over the head of the penis, and pull the foreskin back. Roll the condom down the shaft, and push the foreskin forward.
  6. Continue to check the condom to ensure that no splits or breaks have appeared during intercourse. If you are alternating between different types of sex (such as vaginal, anal, and oral) then it would be highly advisable to switch condoms as well.
  7. Remove the condom immediately after ejaculation. It may be wise to tie a knot in the open end to ensure that none of the semen escapes. You should never flush a condom, instead, wrap it in tissue and throw it in the trash.

How to Use a Female Condom

  1. Ensure the package is complete and the condom is within its expiration date.
  2. Pinch the inner ring of the condom and proceed to insert it into your vagina, much like you would insert a tampon. Once you experience resistance, it means that you have reached your cervix.
  3. Ensure that the condom is straight, and not twisted, then pull your fingers out, leaving the condom in place.
  4. Gently remove the condom after intercourse. Always dispose of the condom properly, do not flush, and never re-use.


  • Using more than one condom, or a male and female condom at the same time, will likely do more harm than good. This can create friction and cause damage to one or both condoms, making them ineffective.
  • Condoms should never be stored in wallets as this will make them prone to breakage. Condoms are best kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight (such as in a drawer). Only remove the condom from its wrapper when you are about to use it.
  • The condom is designed for use on genitalia only, do not attempt to put one in your partner’s mouth during oral sex, as this may lead to asphyxiation, suffocation, or death.
  • The use of oil-based lubricants can cause latex to weaken, making them more prone to break, meaning these types of lubricants should be avoided.

It should also be noted that even if you have ascertained exactly how to use condom with picture, videos, experience, or other mediums of learning, condoms can be ineffective on some occasions.

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