People Taking Ecstasy: Effects and Dangers

MDMA is more commonly known as ecstasy, or might be known as “Molly.” This drug is a psychoactive, which means that it stimulates the brain to make you feel a certain way. People taking ecstasy often report feeling euphoria, emotional warmth toward others, problems with the perception of time, sensory perception issues, and increased energy. In fact, people who take ecstasy often use the drug in order to stay away and be more social during rave parties. Here’s what people taking ecstasy need to know about the drug.

People Taking Ecstasy: How Does It Feel?

MDMA or Molly can make people feel as though they are stimulated, full of energy, but it can also lead to hallucinations. The usual dose is between 100 and 125 mg, and it typically stays in the system for four to six hours.

When taking MDMA, it tends to go straight to the brain, where it increases the activity of certain neurotransmitters. Serotonin is dumped into the system in large doses, which makes you feel warm and happy, as well as affectionate. Some people become very physical when they are taking ecstasy. However, the effects afterward are not as pretty, because the drug depletes the reserves or serotonin and certain hormones, leading to a “crash” that includes sleep problems, depression, confusion, anxiety, and craving more of the drug.

People taking ecstasy might experience more intense colors and music, and might feel as though they are “in love” with those around them. They can become very talkative, but some will become a little panicked and afraid. Physically, those on Molly or MDMA will have dilated pupils, a faster heart rate, a higher body temperature, a tightening of the jaw muscles, and a tingly feeling all over their body.

People Taking Ecstasy: Dangers

Physical Harms of Long-Term Use

Long-term users might suffer other effects, including depression and anxiety, as well as lethargy when “coming down” from the drug. It has been linked to liver and kidney problems, and can lead to heart issues as well. Temperature control is not as easily regulated by the body. In addition, mixing ecstasy with alcohol or other drugs can lead to even more severe side effects.

There have been many deaths attributed to people taking ecstasy. This often happens when the drug is mixed with something else, especially harder drugs or too much alcohol. Sometimes the deaths occur because the users had an underlying medical condition, or because they overdosed on the drug.

Legal Issues

Ecstasy is a very illegal substance. Considered a Class A drug, it is illegal to own, use or sell, and can lead to up to seven years in jail for possession. Supplying someone else with the drug can put you into jail even longer. If you drive or operate machinery while on ecstasy, you could be charged with many things, including reckless endangerment and driving under the influence.


But one of the most frightening aspects of Molly or MDMA is the potential for overdose. It is important to note that some of the signs of overdose are subtle, and the user might not realize they have taken too much until it is too late. For instance, a dangerous increase in body temperature might lead to dehydration, which can then lead to serious problems, such as kidney failure. Sudden anxiety and confusion can also be signs that things are going downhill fast.

Those who have overdosed and made it through might experience permanent damage. For example, long-term users often suffer from some sort of brain injuries, including cognitive defects and issues with their memory. Confusion might last for a very long time as well. 

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